11 Surprising Benefits of Kumquats in Your Child’s Diet


Home to China (South East), Kumquat is a citrus fruit replicating an orange in a lot of ways. A sour pulp with a sweet skin are features of this fruit, which means you can consume it in raw form. No wonders it is an obvious choice for jellies, jams, cocktails and deserts. The juice extracts of Kumquat are very much part of liquors and it is blessed with medical properties.

There are varied assortments of Kumquats, but Kumquat variety happens to be the most popular. It resembles a small orange in size and shape. The small herbs or trees restricted itself to the Asia Pacific domain, where it has existed for close to a thousand of years. It did not make its way to Europe or America till the early part of 19th century, but has been popular since then.

Surprising Health Benefits of Kumquats in Your Child’s Diet

kumquats fruit

Improves immunity

A rich source of vitamin C, your body is protected from flu, colds and infections (microbial). Vitamin C is important for the development along with growth of new cells and acts as body mechanism.

Regulates digestion

Being rich in fiber, Kumquats are very good for digestive health. From 8 Kumquats, around 10 grams of fiber can be obtained. Constipation, cramps and digestive anomalies are reduced with the absorption of essential nutrients.

Eye care

Rich storehouse of beta carotene and vitamin A, it has a strong relation to visionary health. The former is an antioxidant removing oxidative stress.  Kumquats also prevent cataract formation and macular degeneration.


Weight loss

Low on the calories front and a rich source of fibre, carbs and water, it is an ideal food for someone who is looking out to shed those extra pounds. You stomach will be filled up, preventing a tendency to overeat.

Skin care

Harmful rays of the sun and free radicals damage the skin causing various skin diseases. Due to harmful rays, our skin undergoes early signs of ageing causing fine lines and wrinkles.  In comparison to other citrus fruits, Kumquat increases glow and appearance of your skin.

Boosts energy

Normally fruits are low in carbohydrates, but Kumquats is a strong exception. It is an excellent source of energy being higher on the carb front. During workouts or hard outdoor activities your lost energy is replenished.  In producing superior levels of energy Riboflavin (vitamin) is important and Kumquat is abundant in that.

Antioxidant protection

A vital source of vitamin C, Kumquats wards off infections and imparts long term immunity. It penetrates deep within the cell membrane and helps the body fight infections. Vitamin C should be a vital clog of your diet as cardiovascular diseases and arthritis (osteo or rheumatoid) is kept at bay.

Stronger bones

Calcium deposits ensure strong healing, stronger teeth or bones even in the advanced stages of your life. For healthier or stronger bones Kumquat is an ideal fruit as it is a vital source of calcium. It is also rich in Vitamin A which paves way for development and proper health of your bones.

Controls diabetes

Not only it helps in digestion, Kumquats have an important role to combat diabetes. The glucose and insulin levels are kept in check in your body, preventing people from picking up this life changing disease


Hair care

Minerals, antioxidants, organic compounds (natural) and vitamin C all of them are present in abundance in Kumquat. It does have profound impact on strength, texture or quality of your hair.

Dental health

Empowered with potassium, calcium and vitamin C your teeth quality is enhanced on consumption of Kumquat.

To conclude, the best way to consume Kumquat is eating as it is available. It does provide an essential source of vitamins to your body. In Christmas season they are very much part of an elegant decoration, but many of us do not realize is that they are a healthy snack as well.

So next time when a cold or flu annoys you, munch in Kumquat (rich source of vitamin C) which contributes to better immunity levels. To maintain proper blood sugar levels and keep your weight in check, Kumquat is an ideal food

Your tummy is going to thank you! Plan to incorporate Kumquats as part of your daily diet plan and reap in the benefits of this wonderful fruit.