11 Benefits of Talking to Your New Born


A mother often talks to her child when it is in the womb. When the baby reaches its 23rd week it can hear the voices and the other different sounds. It can also get the tastes of the food that the mother eats. This is how a baby prepares itself for life after its birth.

Talking is really a good way to make to your baby learn your language after its birth. In the first three years, baby’s brain development starts in a great way.        The brain of the baby develops as it interacts with the world around it. The more words it gets to hear, the stronger the mental connection gets.

Benefits of Talking to Your New Born

Talking to your new born will enhance its language skills in the future. It will also strengthen its overall learning ability.

What to start with?

There is no hard and fast rule about the ways to start chatting with new friend, your world. You can have a normal conversation with him or her while carrying on your routine tasks.


According to different studies, new born babies respond more to baby talks. So skip adult talking and do baby talking with them.

Be playful and talk in a tone which is a bit high-pitched. It will help to grab your baby’s attention easily.

Talk to your baby every now and then. It is said that parents who are very talkative tend to have children like them.

 Again, don’t look away or interrupt their babbles. It needs attention for those as well. It is trying to interact with you and you should encourage him or her to talk.

Every word that is spoken to your child will help its brain to grow and develop. This helps in enhancing its future interacting skill as well.

Talking to your little star and its benefits:

Talk, talk and talk to your new born as it is necessary. He/ She will learn a lot and it will enrich its future as well.


Let’s discuss about the benefits of talking to your little one:

Talking enriches baby’s brain with new words

Your new born baby’s brain is a “blank sheet”. It will get filled with all the words and experiences that happen to him or her. So talking to your child will help him or her to learn new words. They will learn them and will try to respond them accordingly.

So the parents should talk to their child very often. But remember the words should be made simple for the baby. It will help them to learn fast.

It enhances brain power

According to many studies, the babies who were made readings have strong and sharp vocabulary. This makes them genius in the future.

It is said that they will have more advanced skills in mathematics.

Also proved that children who have talkative parents do have better vocabulary. It scores well in the exams compared to children who have parents not that verbal.


Parents now you know a secret. So don’t say quite in front of your new born. Talk to heart out and make his or her future bright.

Helps to build bond between the new born and his/her parents

Never miss a chance to interact with your little one. In between you daily chores, have a brief chat with naughty munchkin.

Interacting too often with your new born will help to build a strong bond between you two. It will also help him or her to recognize your voice.

Your voice will soothe him and will keep him calm. This makes the bond strong and long lasting.

Healthy habit in your new born

Your way of talking will influence your little ones way as well. So, good and regular interaction should be done. This also builds healthy habits in the baby.

But the parents should not do adult talk in front of their new born. The conversation should be baby like as they respond well to such ways. Again stretch the words you are saying. It will help to learn the words properly.


They learn your ways

Your new born doesn’t understand any word said by you. But it responds and records your voices’ inflections, tones and rhythm as well. They try to speak like you. This will help them to talk.

The babbling is a result of it. So do talk to your baby if you want to see your cute one babble.

It prepares your child to read

Talking especially reading to the new born prepares them to read on their own. Their babbles will turn into perfect words eventually. So do read a lot to your little angel. This will enrich their vocabulary with the words and their sounds.

You will get response

Read to your new born often.  You will see that your new born is responding to your voices’ rhythmic movement. They will show their response either by giggling, giving happy sound or moving their hands and legs.

 So reading will help you get their responses.

Talking and asking questions that are open-ended

You should ask some questions to your child to make interactions. Such questions should be open ended. This will help your child to respond according to the question. It will also help you to understand whether they are able to understand the words or not.


It builds emotion in them

The new born gets exposed to different emotions via the various sounds you make and expressions you give while reading.

 It creates an idea about the each spoken word. They simply record them and use accordingly.

Gives them visuals

Reading books to them with pictures will help them to get visuals of what you say. This will again enhance their understanding of the different shapes, sizes etc.

Future readers

Again this reading book habit to your child makes them future book worms.

They will enjoy reading as it will be fun for them.



Being talkative may not be a good habit for your career. But it is excellent thing for your baby.

You know why.