11 Surprising Benefits of Barley Tea in Your Diet


Barley tea is a bane for digestion, great medicine for heartburn, helps in avoiding cardiovascular diseases and weight loss, cures cold and flu, beneficial for male fertility, helps in dealing with constipation and keeping the teeth and gums healthy.

When one is tired of drinking tea, coffee and warm lemon water then barley tea can be a great escape every morning for a healthy routine. Barley Tea is something that can be great for our health.

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What is Barley Tea?
11 Amazing Health Benefits of Barley Tea in Your Diet
Can Barley Tea be Consumed During Pregnancy?
Can we give Barley Tea to Kids?
Side Effects of Barley Tea
Brewing Barley Tea Recipes

What is Barley Tea?

It is a roasted infusion made of barley which is basically the staple diet of Asians and South Asians. It is refreshing and full of energy. The roasted infusion gives a tangy twist to the cup of tea and helps in feeling refreshed and energetic. It is usually used as a summertime beverage. It is served cold and can be used in the form of tea bags also. It also makes the mind feel refreshed and stress-free. It has fiber content in it thus nutritious for the body. It can also be served hot depending on the weather and personal choice. It makes the mind and body refreshed and energetic. Here are 11 surprising benefits of barley tea:


 barley tea

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Barley Tea

Barley Tea is a Bane for Digestion

Barley tea has high fibre in it which is really good for digestion. Each grain of barley tea has high fibre content; these fibres increase the amount of bowel movement in the stomach thus helping the body to digest food and release of faecal matter without any problems. Barley tea has antioxidants in it which help the stomach in keeping the stored food without acidic content and oxidization.  Thus, the antioxidant in barley tea can help the stomach in stopping stomach cramps and nausea. Barley tea can be taken before any meal as it will help in the digestion of food in a smooth way.


Barley Tea is great Medicine for Heartburn

Barley tea has antacid properties in it which are really beneficial for heartburn. The antacid properties of barley tea reduce the excess amount of acidic content in the stomach.  Antacid in barley tea neutralizes the acidic content in the stomach and helps the body to get relief from sour stomach, heartburn, and acidity and upset stomach. The antacid in barley tea can also be helpful in treating stomach ache and duodenal ulcers.

Barley Tea can help in avoiding Cardiovascular Diseases

Barley tea has a presence of flavonoid. Flavonoid is a metabolite plant tissue that has a wide range of pf amazing health benefits. It can be very helpful for keeping the body away from cardiovascular diseases.  It is very helpful in decreasing the acidity in the body and arteries and it helps in good blood circulation. It removes the blockage in the arteries thus making the path for blood circulation easy. It is a great antioxidant and signals the cells and cleans up the blockage in the arteries and veins. As blood circulates without blockage there will be hardly any chance of cardiovascular disease or heart attack.

Barley Tea can be a Natural Cure for Insomnia

Barley tea has several beneficial compounds like tryptophan and melatonin. These two compounds help in triggering the neurotransmitters in the brain. This triggering of neurotransmitter helps the body to relax and sleep. Melatonin helps in the regulation of the sleep cycle. This regulation can be very beneficial for a healthy lifestyle. Thus, sleep disorders and insomnia can be treated with the help of barley tea.


Barley Tea can help in Weight Loss

Barley tea has high fiber in it. This fiber can help the body to feel full. This will reduce the urge for eating and will help in avoiding binge eating. The high content of fibre and the antioxidant property of barley tea will help in increasing the metabolism rate of the body because of which the body will digest food fast and the harmful and toxic matter will be released by the body in the form of faeces they keeping the whole body healthy. It is a low-calorie drink and has less sugary content thus it can be very good for even diabetic people.

Barley Tea is a great Diuretic

Many people face the problem of urination tract infection due to obstruction of bacteria. Barley tea can be a great help in treating this infection. Barley tea is just a simple combination of water and barley. This tea can be used to drink all the time during the day as it has no caffeine, sugar or any other harmful substance. Barley tea can help in clearing the bacteria from the urinary tract because it will create an urgency to urinate. It is one of the best fluids to consume in a urinary tract infection as it will create an urgency to urinate flushing out the harmful, toxic substances and bacteria. It works as a great diuretic for the body.

A Great Cure for Cold and Flu

Barley tea has antioxidants and antibacterial properties in it. This helps in cough and flu. Cough and flu body has a lot of phlegm in it. The antibacterial properties and antioxidants help in breaking the phlegm and reducing the congestion in the body and nasal area.  It is a great source of nutritious materials thus it makes the body’s immune system strong.

A Great Source of Refreshment and Hydration

Barley tea has fibre content and less sugary content. It is very refreshing when mixed with water. When served as a cold tea it can have a cooling effect on the body. It keeps the body hydrated and helps the body to stay away from dehydration.

Barley Tea helps in keeping the Teeth and Gums Healthy

Barley tea has antioxidants and antibacterial properties. The teeth decay due to bacteria and other harmful organisms. The gums can also be affected by bacteria and result in bad breath from the oral cavity. To get rid of these problems barley tea is the best cure. Drinking barley tea will keep the body clean and cleanse the oral cavity and remove bacterial infections.

Barley Tea is Beneficial for Male Fertility

Barley tea has a large amount of selenium. This mineral is very important for male fertility. Thus, men are advised to take an ample amount of barley tea which will help in keeping the reproductive organs healthy and increasing fertility.


Barley Tea helps in dealing with Constipation

Barley tea has fibrous content. Whenever a person has constipation and acidity a cup of barley tea can be very relaxing. This is because of the fact that the fibrous content increases the bowel movements. These bowel movements will help in the release of fecal matter. Thus curing constipation, cleaning the large and small intestine and keeping the stomach clean and healthy.

Can Barley Tea be Consumed During Pregnancy?

Barley tea and roasted barley are okay to consume in moderate amounts. It is safe if it is consumed in regular amounts with daily food. It depends from person to person. Some people might have side effects and other problems while consuming barley tea in pregnancy. It is important to consult a doctor before consuming barley tea while you are pregnant. It can have various benefits for pregnant women; it will increase bowel moments and help with constipation and digestion, Because of its cooling effect, it will help in stopping inflammation in the body of a pregnant woman and regulate blood sugar levels and keep the body away from heart diseases.

Can we give Barley Tea to Kids?

Barley tea has no caffeine in it. The absence of caffeine makes it fit for consumption by children. It keeps the body dehydrated. The barley tea beverage is great for refreshment. The kids can enjoy cold barley tea in summers and hot in winter, It will keep the body of kids refreshed, energetic and cool. But it is advised to keep the amount of consumption under watch and in regulation otherwise, it can result in loose stools and disturbed stomach health. Barley can be given to newborns at the age of one year and above. It is recommended for kids, toddlers, and grownups but in regulated amounts.


Side Effects of Barley Tea

Though barley tea is an amazing beverage it can have various side effects also at the same time.

  • Barley tea is good for health but it can be responsible for loose stools. This can happen because the body is not used to such high quantity fiber Thus, it can result in stomach ache, abdomen ache, and disturbed stomach health.
  • Barley tea should be avoided while the woman has to breastfeed her baby. This is because barley tea can cause problems in lactation. It can stop lactation and can result in side effects and other complications.
  • If a person has celiac disease or has a sensitivity to gluten it is best to avoid barley tea.
  • The person with sensitivity to grains is also not suitable for drinking barley tea.
  • If the person has allergies to corn then it Is necessary to avoid barley tea, this is because barley tea has the almost same amount of fiber content like maize and it can have the same hardness as corn. Thus it might result in allergies, complications, health issues and problems.

Brewing Barley Tea Recipes

Barley tea can be made by roasting the seeds of barley and by taking a tea bag and mixing it with warm and cold water as suitable to the person. Some ice-cubes can be added for serving some refreshing cold barley tea.

Barley tea can also be consumed by roasting it putting it in water and then adding flavors in it such as lemon, honey, and sugar. It is advised to avoid artificial sweeteners which can b really harmful.






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