Best Time of the Day to Give Fruits to Your Kid


Best Time of the Day to Give Fruits to Your Children

Fruits are essential for kids, and you need to try out varieties. Generally, children love fruits, and you need not force-feed them. The only important issue to think over is when to feed them with these fruits. Mothers prefer to serve these fruits for breakfast. However, you have other options too. Make fruit juices for your child and serve it after lunch. Fruit juices, when served after one hour after lunch, gets absorbed by the body to the fullest and works out well. As a result, the child gets the full nutrients. When your child is around three to four years old, you send him to school. Choose a variety of fruits for the tiffin. In a nutshell, you can mix up the fruits and serve them when it suits them the best.

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When should you feed your child with the fruits?

Although you have no rigid norms regarding the time to feed the children with the fruits, it is necessary to choose the time when it suits them the best. While certain children love fruit juices after the meals, you may provide them with solid fruits during the breakfast or as snacks. Generally, doctors recommend not to feed citrus fruits to the children after evening, as it may cause certain throat issues with the kids.

In order to make the fruit diet effective, you may have a word with a paediatric doctor. Well, in order to help your kids eat more fruits, you need to take a few wise measures. Do not put away the fruits in the kitchen, or in the refrigerator all the time. It is necessary to keep them at the eye-level of your child. This stimulates their willingness to have a bite of fruit throughout the day, whenever the appetite rises, or he wishes to have the fruit. You may place apples, mangoes and oranges on the table, or in places, where the child can find them easily. For instance, you can prepare a good mix of fruits, consisting of cherries, mango slices, melon balls and pineapple chunks. Keep the plate within the eyesight of the child. They may want to have the fruits at odd hours. This complements the fruits they take during breakfast, snacks or tiffin. However, make sure that the timing is right and it does not mess up with the key meals.

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Prepare the fruits and place them attractively

According to certain studies, the presentation of fruits influences the willingness of the child in having them. You should put them forward before your children in an attractive way. A study has revealed, that most of the children do not touch whole apples when you provide them with the same. Instead, you need to slice them up in quarters, or even smaller pieces. It makes a huge difference in the food-habits of the children. These pieces are small and easy to consume. Another important aspect you should look into is the variety of fruits you are providing your kids with. Try out as many variations as possible. Provide your child with a good mix of while fruits and cut fruits. For instance, you can provide the child with half an apple, half a mango, along with grapes for breakfast. For tiffin, you can serve them bananas, along with other fruits. Fruit juices are to be given occasionally.

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Choose the fruits that provide the best nutrients

When you feed fruits to your child, it is necessary to have a look at the nutritional content of the same. Fruits provide vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants to the child. When you choose the right fruits, they strengthen the immunity of the body and prevent certain diseases. The wrong choice of fruits may increase the chances of heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes and cancer. Fruits are more appealing to children than vegetables, due to their sweetness. Compare the nutritional values of fruits before you give them to the child. A tasty fruit may not be that nutritious, as compare to others. You need to consider the food value contained in the fruits in order to ensure optimum nutritional benefits to your child. Apart from this, the timing has to be right, so that the nutrients can perform their tasks. Have a consultation with the doctor before providing your child with frozen, canned or dried fruits.

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