Health Benefits of Oranges in Baby Food


Benefits of Oranges in Baby Food

In continuation with our previous blog about Health Benefits of Oranges in baby food, we have created an infographic with graphical representation of the health benefits.

Orange, one of the very popular citrus fruits has many health benefits, especially useful for infants. Some of which include, ample supply of essential nutrients including vitamins and minerals, cure for dyspepsia or indigestion, acts as a natural laxative, helps in the prevention of rickets and is a very good remedy for common cold and cough.

It is alright to introduce oranges into your baby’s diet when he or she is between the age of 6-8 months. During the introduction, make sure that you give only oranges to the baby and nothing else along with it. This is to make sure whether or not your baby is susceptible to food allergies. Keep an eye on any food allergies or unusual rashes on the baby’s body. Introducing multiple fruits or vegetables at once should not done. Choose a sweet orange, peel off the fibers and remove all the seeds before giving it to your baby, as the fibers increase the risk of choking in babies.

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