Health Benefits of Oolong Tea for Kids


No one lets kids drink tea or coffee because of their high caffeine levels, but here’s Oolong tea that can actually benefit kids in numerous ways, ranging from aiding digestion to inhibiting the spread of cancer, to much more.

health benefits of oolong tea for kids

Nutritional value

All teas including Oolong tea are naturally endowed with antioxidants, but they also contain minerals and vitamins like manganese, calcium, selenium, copper and potassium; and vitamins A, B, C, E and K that bring about health benefits in kids. Oolong tea also contains niacin amide, folic acid and a variety of detoxifying alkaloids. It is also rich in polyphenolic compounds, that add to its booty of health benefits. However, it also contains caffeine, theophylline and theobromine that could stimulate the nervous system.

There’re many health benefits of Oolong that we can experience if we start to drink it:

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Health Benefits of Oolong Tea for Kids

1. Eczema relief

By giving your child a cup or two of Chinese Oolong tea per day, the eczema can either improve significantly or disappear entirely. This is due to the polyphenols contained in Oolong tea and its anti-inflammatory nature. You can also add some honey and lemon for better taste and watch your child’s skin looking much better than before. Alternatively, you can add the tea to your child’s bath or even topically on her skin. The caffeine content in this tea work well for your child, but it also helps to speak to your doctor about this.


2. Stimulates healthy hair

Oolong tea is rich in antioxidants which can work to prevent hair loss. Use this tea by making a rinse of its leaves and adding it to your child’s hair. His hair will be healthy, thick and shiny.

3. Gives good bones

Give your child a cup or two of Oolong tea each day and his bones and teeth will be strong. In fact, this tea also prevents any tooth decay. Oolong tea helps protect a child’s teeth from acid that leads to bacteria production. The resulting acid and bacteria from the acid present in the mouth are prevented from growth by Oolong tea, thereby preventing plaque build-up. If your child is in the habit of drinking oolong tea, he will not lose bone mineral density, which will also help retain minerals from his daily diet.

4. Is your kid diabetic?

If your little one suffers from diabetes, here’s a natural tea brew that can act as a supplementary to conventional diabetes medicines. It helps regulate insulin and blood sugar levels in the bloodstream, so your child won’t experience any spikes and dips that diabetics usually go through. When taken with hyperglycemia drugs, Oolong tea balances blood sugar levels and inhibits sudden drops in blood sugar levels.

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5. Gives a good gut flora

Though a probiotic usually works wonders for gut health, yet Oolong tea has proved to work well for the gut microbiome. According to a study, subjects who drank Oolong tea had a much better and diverse gut flora.

health benefits of oolong tea for kids


6. Manages stress effectively

The polyphenol content that deactivate the spread of cancer, also gives a child a calm feeling. In fact, if the child is stressed out, he can be at ease about a couple of hours after drinking this tea.

7. Improves mental alertness and performance

Oolong tea helps kids perform better at school by giving them a lot of mental alertness. A hot cup of Oolong tea is mentally revitalizing to a child, but a child should have only one cup of this tea a day.

8. Works off obesity

Yet again, the poly-phenol compound content in Oolong tea helps boost fat metabolism in a child’s body. It also stimulates certain enzymes that promote the important functions of the body’s fat cells. Children who drink a cup or two of Oolong tea each day lose their puppy fat.

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Precautions with Oolong tea

True, Oolong tea has loads of health benefits for children but there are a couple of reasons why you need to be careful when administering it to your child. First, it contains high levels of caffeine, so be careful when your child drinks this. Second, it also contains fluorine which is harmful for health, being a synthetic fluoride.

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Though Oolong tea has a number of benefits for kids, yet care must be taken that children do not drink too much tea than is right for their age.