Health Benefits of Lotus Root for Children


Popular in Southeastern Asia and considered to be especially good for children and the elderly, lotus roots not only helps in keeping the body moisturized but also acts as rich source of iron, polysaccharides, polyphenols, antioxidants, and vitamin C. It is also known to have powerful anti-carcinogen properties. Be careful if your child has an irritable bowel! The fibers present in the lotus root may aggravate the irritability in your little one’s stomach and cause discomfort.

Giving Lotus Root to your child

Are you wondering whether it is safe to give your child lotus roots? Lotus roots are one of the best foods to give to your baby as his or her first food. You can safely introduce lotus roots as a weaning food for your little one at about 5 – 6 months. You can freeze the lotus root in ice cube trays for storing and reheat by steaming. This will not only keep the taste intact but also retain its nutrition content.

If your toddler is a fussy eater and refuses steamed vegetables and mash, then you can also try making lotus root chips. These are pretty to look at (shape of the chips resemble a flower) when cut crosswise and have the earthy flavor reminiscent of any underground stem. The texture, a cross between a meaty potato and a crisp apple, is also an additional appeal for your child.

5 Health Benefits of Lotus Root for your Child

lotus root

Your child will definitely benefit from the incorporation of lotus roots in his or her diet. It is especially popular in the Southeastern Asian countries as a food for children. Lets look at some of the health benefits of lotus root for your child.

Supports Proper Digestion


Dietary fiber plays an important role in the aiding of proper digestion in your child. Lotus root is a rich source of dietary fiber and can therefore assist in the proper digestive process in your child’s system. Regulated incorporation of lotus root into your child’s diet can help him or her combat digestive and gastrointestinal issues at a later date. Food rich in fiber can also help in weight loss by blocking carbohydrate digestion. So you can fight childhood obesity in your kid by adding lotus root to his or her diet. Addition of lotus root in your child’s diet helps in the breakdown and fermentation of food that are not digested appropriately. So by including lotus root in your child’s diet in a regulated manner you can ensure the proper functioning of the digestive process as it should be.

Boost to Immune system

Lotus root is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals that are very advantageous to your child’s health. Lotus root is rich in magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, and manganese which all have significant effects in your child’s body and overall health. Iron assures that bloodstream is healthy and functioning. Copper stimulates enzyme development and repair for various body parts. Manganese supports heart health. Regular and regulated intake of lotus roots by your little one can help him or her develop and maintain a healthy body and improve their immunity system. If you want your child to remain healthy and free from diseases then including lotus root in the diet is a must.

Prevents Cold, Cough, Flu, Infections and other Common Diseases

If your child is prone to catching cold, cough, flu, infections and other common diseases then lotus root is a must for him or her. Lotus root has an impressive Vitamin C content and a single serving of lotus root can fulfill up to 80% of your child’s daily Vitamin C requirement. It is important to make your child consume lotus roots on a regular basis for Vitamin C as Vitamin C is washed out of your baby’s body through the process of sweating and excretion. Your child’s body must have enough level of vitamin c to combat infection-based sickness like cough, flu, colds, and other types of common diseases.

Aids in Maintaining Optimum Blood Circulation


Lotus root consumption is very beneficial to regulate healthy circulation of blood in the bloodstream of your baby. If the various body organs and parts are oxygenated, their functions are boosted resulting to a healthier and more energetic body. Lotus root is also a rich source of iron and copper that are essential in production and maintenance of red blood cells in your baby’s body. Inclusion of lotus root in your child’s diet will result in reduced risk of him or her having anemia.

Reduces Irritability in your child

One of the essential vitamins found in the lotus root is Vitamin B which contains pyridoxine that works for the brain’s neural receptors. Pyridoxine is responsible for  the wellness of your baby’s mental health and thus positively increasing his or her mood and eliminating chances of anxiety and irritability. If your baby has frequent mood swings, is irritable or suffers from anxiety addition of lotus root to his or her diet can be an effective remedy.

How to include Lotus Root in your Child’s diet & Precautions

Lotus roots can be included in your child’s diet in a wide range of ways. You can add it in soups or make a stir fry or even make lotus root chips. It has a crunchy texture and sweet taste so it is not so difficult to include in your child’s usual diet. It is definitely a delicious dish enhancer but also brings to your little one’s diet good health and nutrients.

Be careful to maintain a regulated intake of lotus root by your child as the fiber content in the lotus root may cause discomfort in your child’s stomach by irritating his or her bowel. You also need to thoroughly wash and steam the lotus root as there may be risk of parasite transmission. The symptoms of infestation may include stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and intestinal obstruction. Steaming the lotus root is useful in getting rid of any possible parasite infestation.