Health Benefits of Brandy for Kids


In times gone by, parents would give their toddlers a dash of brandy to ease a toothache, or a cold. Massaging them with brandy would always give them the sleep they lacked, but in recent times, doctors advise against it for various other reasons. Parents too find the use of brandy dangerous for children as it may have detrimental effects on their growth and development.

For instance, doctors say that just by sniffing brandy, children may be mildly intoxicated. However, drinking alcohol can weaken the quality of their health, even if they are 15 years or older. Alcohol in small amounts can also affect the normal growth of a child’s vital organs and their functioning, such as the brain, hormones, liver and bones.

Though parents might put off exposing their children to alcohol till the age of 14 because it is fraught with health risks, injuries due to drinking and being violent, having suicidal thoughts. Practising heterosexuality, getting pregnant, pushing drugs, having employment problems, drinking and driving and under-performing at school are other problems that drinking alcohol can throw up.

Despite all these factors, brandy when given to kids in small doses has beneficial results on kids.

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Health Benefits of Brandy for Kids:

Brandy is a strong spirit, alcoholic in nature, which is processed from wine or fermented fruit juice. It can have the following benefits for kids:


Sleep problems

When children are cranky due to lack of sleep, a little brandy can be rubbed on their chests which can be very relaxing and can send them off to sleep.

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Respiratory issues

Brandy has been the conventional answer to coughs, sore throats or other respiratory problems. Due to its strong proportion of alcohol, it can get rid of the bacteria, phlegm and mucus that accumulate in respiratory problems, therefore working as an expectorant. Being anti-inflammatory in nature, it can also properties can also help soothe the irritation that causes coughing and sore throats.

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Immune booster

Brandy’s throat-warming properties help relax a sore throat and promotes sleep. It is also antibacterial and can therefore eliminate pathogens in your child’s system and help boost immunity with the help of antioxidants.

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Child obesity

Brandy does not contain any carbs, so unlike other carb-based alcoholic drinks, kids’ stomachs don’t fill up with empty calories.  It does not have any carbs that are usually stored as fat, so they can be drunk without fear of child obesity.

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Heart health

Heart health is no longer an issue that concerns adults, but begins in childhood. These  polyphenols suppress the gene activity, known as NF-kappaB, that reduces inflammation. Since an over-activated and inflamed NF-kappaB cause heart disease, the negative effect of this drink could have a positive impact on a child’s heart health.

If drunk in moderation, brandy can have a wide range of beneficial effects on kids, thanks to its content of polyphenol. Its antioxidant capacity lowers the quotient of negative cholesterol build-up in the heart, thereby aiding to bring about a balance of cholesterol levels and lowering arterial plaque deposits. However, if kids develop a habit of drinking excessive amounts of brandy, it can prove harmful for his heart, so such kids should learn that to be fit, moderation is the key.

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Though certain cancers are due to habitual liquor consumption, brandy is known to prevent certain cancer types. This is because brandy contains ellagic acid, a potent organic compound that prevents the growth and spread of carcinogenic cells. Two such cancer examples are bladder cancer and ovarian cancer. Brandy helps activate a gene that prevents the growth of cancerous cells.

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As mentioned above, consuming alcohol like brandy in small amounts is safe. However, drinking it without supervision could lead to drinking far too much than allowed. In turn, this leads to damaging the liver and other organs, making kids psychologically weak, as alcohol like brandy can take a child to addiction.

However, if consumed in moderation under supervision and with doctor’s consent, older children can make it a part of their lives without it overtaking their lives and cause health and mental problems. Children who come from families with a history of addiction should be especially careful of not going over the top with brandy, no matter how innocent a drink it might be.