101 Beautiful Bible Baby Girl Names


The Bible is mostly written in Hebrew language and some of the books in Aramic language. The very first translation of the Bible was into Greek. Every name in bible has a significance and meaning to it. If you are looking for the best biblical name for your baby girl, here are 101 beautiful bible baby girl names for you.

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Baby Girl Names: 101 Best Bible Baby Girl Names

bible baby girl names

Atarah Hebrew for a crown
Adriel Hebrew for ‘flock of God’
Abigail the father’s joy
Abihail the father is strength
Abiah the Lord is my father
Adah Hebrew for ‘an assembly’
Addilyn German for noble
Adina adorned; voluptuous; dainty; slender
Angela Angelic
Aquila an eagle
Analia Spanish for grace
Bexley English term for ‘Box trees and woodland clearings’
Bernice one who brings victory
Bethany the house of song; the house of affliction
Bathsheba oath, voluptous
Brea Irish for hill
Britta Swedish for strong
Beulah married
Bilhah who is old or confused
Calla Greek for beautiful
Charity dear
Calah favorable; opportunity
candace who possesses contrition
Cora Greek for maiden
Chloe green herb
Carmel  circumcised lamb; harvest; full of ears of corn
Claudia lame, enclosure
Diem Latin for day
Dinah judgement
Damaris a little woman
Deborah bee
Delaney Gaelic for ‘descendant of the challenger
Diana luminous or perfect
Dorcas a female roe-deer
Delilah amorous, delight, languishing, temptress
 Danica Slavic for ‘morning star’
Drusilla watered by the dew
Elisha the Salvation of God
 Elora God gives the laurel
Edna pleasure; delight
Elizabeth oath of God
Ember smouldering remains of a fire
Farah Arabic for joy
Faith loyalty
Fortunatus fortunate; lucky
Fleur French for blooming
Gianna God’s grace
Grace blessing
Gabriela God is my strength.
Galilee wheel, revolution
Harlyn grey land
Hannah merciful
Hadassah a myrtle; joy
Hagar flight
Haggith festive
Hartley deer meadow
Hope expectations
Honey nectar
Huldah the world
Havilah circle
Imogen Irish for innocent
Iscah to behold
Imee Dream; Amazing; Beloved
Jedidah beloved
Jaelyn ambitious
Jael one who ascends
 Jemima dove
Jana Harvest, God’s gift
Joslyn Latin for cheerful
Joanna grace or gift of the Lord
Jerusha possessed (by a husband)
Joy happiness
Junia Youth
Keren Horn of Antimony
Kaia Greek for Earth
Keturah fragrance
 Kezia Cassia, sweet scented spice
Leah tired
Leona like a lion
Lydia place on the west coast of Asia Minor.
Mary bitterness
Mireya Spanish for admired
Mercy compassion
Makena African for ‘a happy one’
Michal brook
Naomi Pleasantness
Nimah Hebrew for blessing
Phoebe Radiant, Pure, Bright
Oriana Latin for rising
Oda German for Elfin Spear
Ophrah fawn
Paula small or little
Paisley Scottish for church
Rayna Hebrew for pure
Rebecca beautifully ensnaring
Seraphina Hebrew for fiery winged
Thea Greek for Goddess
Sapphira that relates or tells
Serah the morning star
Shiloh His gift
Victoria victory

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