11 Benefits of Using A Boppy Pillow for Newborns


Newborn babies, as cute and small bundles of joy as they are, for their parents and for all the other people around them, are also absolutely helpless, because they are completely dependent on their parents or those adults, who are in charge of them. It is of no doubt that parents of newborns, particularly mothers, are exhausted and drained out of all energy at the end of the day. In this regard, there are few items, which help these hardworking parents in this strenuous and demanding journey of parenthood. One such item is a boppy pillow.

A boppy pillow is a c-shaped pillow, which was first manufactured in 1989 by The Boppy Company. It is an infant support pillow, which is named after the company that created it. Today, there are multiple companies manufacturing it, with different levels of comfort in different designs. In this article, the benefits of using this pillow for newborns shall be discussed. Here are 11 benefits of using this pillow for a newborn baby-

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1. Used For Breastfeeding

One of the prime reasons behind the invention of boppy pillows was to make something, which could support the babies when they weren’t held by any adults, especially during breastfeeding, when young mothers often had to face difficulty while feeding the baby and at the same time, trying to hold it properly. Since all mothers do not become an expert in this at one go, a boppy pillow is handy in such situations. The mother can place the pillow around her waist and then place the baby on it. The level of the pillow can be adjusted according to the mother-baby duo’s comfort level.

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2. Used For Feeding The Baby Anything

Lactating mothers aren’t the only ones benefiting from this pillow. Fathers, mothers at later stages or any adult in charge of the baby can use this pillow during mealtimes. Be it feeding milk through a bottle, or feeding solid food to the baby at later stages, the pillow can be used to make the entire process of feeding easier for both the babies and their caretakers.


Boppy Pillow

3. Used As A Prop

Boppy pillows can be used a prop for babies, when they start crawling. It is soft and comfortable enough to provide the much needed support to the babies, who have just started crawling. Unlike other items used for keeping the babies with a support at the back, boppy pillows are definitely the best contenders in this regard.

4. Used For Tummy Time

Boppy pillows are ideal for tummy time. Tummy time is a colloquial phrase used for the time babies spend, by lying on their tummies. It helps in the development of all their muscles and thus helps in their healthy growth. Parents can safely use a boppy pillow for tummy time because of its soft build.

5. Used For Sitting Purposes

When babies grow bigger, a boppy pillow can be used to help them, when they are learning to sit. It provides support to the babies and keeps the parents tension-free!

6. Used By Pregnant women

Not many people know that boppy pillows can be used by parents too, particularly mothers. A pregnant woman can safely use a boppy pillow to put her belly to rest while sleeping, or doing some activity that requires some kind of support for them. It can be used as backrest while doing mild pregnancy exercises, or simply put, to provide support for that huge belly. Either way, the baby gets the comfort, even while being inside the womb!

7. Used By New Mothers

New mothers take time to recover from the post delivery exercise, and a boppy pillow proves to be extremely helpful in this regard too. They provide the mothers with the much needed backrest, when the baby is asleep, or the much needed support to their bellies, which is still in the process of recovering and needs external support. Not taking adequate care of the abdomen during this time can lead to medical complications like hernia.


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8. Used For Playtime

As the babies grow older, a boppy pillow doesn’t become useless. In fact, it can be used to provide support to the babies during their playtime. This relieves the parents from the responsibility of taking care of the posture of the babies and playing with them at the same time.

9. Used By Inexpereinced People While Holding Babies

We just admitted that even the parents of the newborns do not become experts at handling them in one go. So, it is quite obvious that other people, who basically include people from all age-groups and genders, are somewhat inept at holding them. Boppy pillows serve as life savers in this regard. Any person can hold a baby without the fear of dropping it or hurting it in any way.

10. Used While Adults Are Busy

Parents can safely use this pillow to leave the babies unsupervised, albeit only in situations of emergency, when they have to go out or do some extremely important errand. It is, however, not advised to leave the baby unsupervised for any period of time.

11. Used For Resting

Boppy pillows can be used for short periods of resting for the babies. It is to be noted that this is different from sleeping, which is absolutely forbidden. Under any circumstances, boppy pillows shouldn’t be used for sleeping purposes.

Keeping this one tip in mind, parents of newborns can safely go ahead and purchase this multipurpose pillow, which not only helps the babies, but helps their parents and caretakers in multiple ways.