101 Strong and Powerful Baby Girl Names


Often times, the name of a person resembles their character and personality. Most of the parents look for strong and powerful names to name their children. If you are looking for strong and powerful names for your little angel, here are 101 best strong female names.

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Top 101 Strong Female Names for Baby Girl

Names Origin Meaning
Alcie Greek strong-willed
Alcina Greek strong-willed
Alfreda English elf power
Althea Greek healing power
Andre French man
Asta Greek divine strength
Audra English noble strength
Audrey English noble strength
Audrina English noble strength
Autry French noble strength
Aziza Arabic, Hebrew powerful and beloved
Adele German nobility
Adira Hebrew strong
Aeon Greek vital force
Aila “Olga” or “Helga” bringer of light
Aimilios  Greek strength
Alexa Greek to defend
Althia Greek with healing power
Amelia Latin striving or industrious
Andrea French brave
Aphrodite Greek love
Arabella Latin prayer
Aretha Greek excellent
Arya Hebrew lioness
Athena Greek wisdom
Audelia English noble Strength
Aza Arabic powerful
Bali Sanskrit strength
Barrett German bear strength
Baldwin German brave friend
Bedelia  Irish strength
Bia Unknown spirit and force
Briana  Irish strong, virtuous, honorable
Bride  Irish strength or exalted one
Britta Swedish strength or exalted one
Barbara Greek traveller from a foreign land
Bast Unknown heat, fire
Beatrix Latin traveller or voyager
Bernadette German Brave like a bear
Billie English strength
Braelynn Welsh word honourable
Bree  Irish power
Bridget  Irish exalted one or strength
Cyrene Unknown supreme power
Cassandra Greek unheeded prophetess
Donnelly  Irish dark, brave one
Drew Greek strong and manly
Drusilla Latin fruitful
Diana Indo-European heavenly
Dree Greek manly
Earhart German honour
Ebba German strong
Edrei Hebrew a woman of great strength
Eirene Greek Peace
Emersyn Unknown son of a powerful and brave one
Enzi Unknown powerful
Ermentrude German universal strength
Everett German brave as a wild boar
Esther Unknown star
Etana Hebrew dedication
Gabi English God is my strength
Gertrude German spear
Gesa German strength of Spear
Inanna Sumerian lady of the heavens
Kaimana Hawaiian The power of the ocean
Karleen German womanly strength
Keren Hebrew glorious dignity
Lara Latin Laurel leaf
Lenna German lion-Strong
Leona French Leon
Louisa Latin renowned warrior
Luana German graceful warrior
Lucy Latin Lucius
Mae Roman goddess of motherhood and growth.
Matilda German powerful in battle
Maya Latin larger
Melisende Unknown strong in work
Michelle Hebrew Michel
Millicent English strong in work
Minerva Etruscan intellect
Minka  Polish Strong-Willed warrior
Nike Greek victory
Nina  Spanish enclosure of fish
Phoenix Greek dark red
Rainey Latin Queen
Ruth Hebrew vision of beauty
Sandra Greek defender of man
Serena Greek clear, tranquil, or serene
Solveig Old Norse Strong House
Storm English storm
Tetsu Japanese iron
Thora Unknown Thor is the God of Thunder
Trace Anglo-Saxon Brave
Trudy German universal strength
Tyra Scandinavian God of Battle
Valencia Latin healthy
Valentina Latin strong
Valerie  French Health, Strength
Victory Latin victory
Xena Greek guest
Zora Slavic dawn


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