Week 35 of Pregnancy – Pregnancy Week by Week


Many expecting women at 35 weeks pregnant tend to get excited and nervous as they are in the last leg of this journey. The baby is ready to come out and play with you! There’s, however, no need to get anxious, although you’re excited thinking about what the future beholds. Keep calm and carry on till the end, for the best results for your child! The baby is now the size of a pineapple, 18.2 inches long and 5.3 pounds heavy.

35 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

week 35 pregnancy

More frequent urination

By 35 weeks pregnant, the baby has grown a lot, enough to forcefully press down your bladder. Also, by now the baby is “fallen” into place in your pelvis. So, your bladder is all the more compressed! This increases your urge to pee. Make sure that you stay in places that are near the washroom, so that you don’t have to rush or pee yourself.

Increased constipation

Again, the baby! Not to blame the innocent little one, but as your baby grows, it keeps congesting the area in which your excretory system organs lie. The 35 week fetus compresses your intestines, making it difficult for stool to pass properly. Drink plenty of water and eat lots of fiber-rich foods.


While you’re constipated due to the congestion inside your body, trying hard to pass stool might result in internal ruptures and haemorrhoids. Water helps in keeping your internal organs hydrated, so that there’s less friction. Drink at least 2 litres of water regularly.

Pelvic aches

At week 35, you might experience a heightened sense of pelvic pains. The baby has already dropped to your pelvis, and is still kicking you. That is one factor leading to the pelvic aches. Another factor is that your body is getting ready for delivery by making the pelvic muscles contract and expand accordingly.


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Leaky breasts

Now that you are completely ready for feeding, your breasts feel much fuller. There are mildly visible veins on them, and there may even be a leakage of ‘colostrum’ from them. Make sure that you have well-fitting maternity bras in stock, to avoid straining your breasts and making them sore.

35 Weeks Pregnant Belly

At 35 weeks pregnant, your uterus is about 1000 times its original size! Not joking! From now onwards, you might gain about 0.5 pound every week until delivery. You must watch out for the signs of labour. Sometimes what might seem like an ordinary cramp might actually be a premature labour pain. Ask your doctor what the specific symptoms are, so that you can monitor the condition of your belly. Tract your belly muscle contractions, which have increased this week, to find out abnormalities.

Pregnancy Ultrasound

In the 35 weeks ultrasound, you will know that the baby’s hearing ability is completely developed now, and it can respond best to high-pitched sounds. In case of a male child, his testes have developed by now. The amniotic fluid surrounding the 35 week fetus is gradually beginning to reduce in quantity, as the baby is in the final stages of growing before delivery. Either in this week or in the next week, you will have a “Group B Strep Test”, which is conducted to detect a harmful bacterium called Group B Strep. Your gynaecologist will retrieve a swap of your vagina and rectum. If there are traces of the bacteria, the doctor will administer antibiotics during birth, to prevent the baby from getting infected. You are not at a risk of contracting this infection.

35 weeks pregnancy ultrasound

Dos and Don’ts During Week 35 of Pregnancy

Dos –

Announce your baby’s arrival

You don’t want to deal with extra emotional baggage now, do you? It is high time that you let people around you know that you’re expecting, and will be delivering soon. Let people take part in your exciting journey and reduce your stress by having your loved ones around!


Practise easy yoga poses

At 35 weeks pregnant, you are all bloated and feeling heavy. Even if you cannot exercise regularly, practice some easy yoga poses that involve stretching. These poses will help tone your muscles and at the same time calm your mind like meditation would.

Drink lots of water

The ever increasing urge to pee might make you feel irritated and want to reduce your water intake. Never think of even going close to doing that! Dehydration will lead to increased contractions, haemorrhoids, and pre-term labour.

Get accustomed to the signs of labour

It is high time that you get accustomed to the signs of labour pain. This is not to scare you, but to alert you, that your water can break any moment from now. You must be ready. Ask your doctor to provide you with more information on unnatural contractions.

Don’ts –

Bend down too much

At 35 weeks, you’re almost about to deliver. Since your water might break any moment, you must refrain from bending down because it puts more pressure on your belly.

Lie down in one position for too long

Don’t lie in a single position for too long at this stage. The baby might be kicking your interiors, making you feel uncomfortable. More movement will lead to a balance in the outside and inside operations of your body, making your feel less pained. Another factor is that the water gets accumulated on one side, while you keep lying in that position for a long time. The water should be evenly distributed inside you.

Eat stale food

It is needless to say that you’re supposed to eat fresh home cooked food now. However, even if you have leftovers, try not to gorge on food that is older than a day. Make sure you heat the overnight food well before consuming. Stale food can contain some germs that might settle on it, which might not be compatible with your baby’s digestive system. Freshly cooked food is least prone to being attacked by germs.


Kudos, as you’ve now got only a few more weeks to go before the big day! Nervous? Well, it is impossible not to be so, but make sure that you don’t get over-stressed. Enjoy the last few days by yourself, and make sure you receive enough pampering from your partner!