21 Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Children


Tea tree oil alleviates sunburns, reduces toothaches, cures chicken pox, eliminates lice, removes cold sores, cures diaper rash, exterminates eye infections, and also gives relief from injuries.

Tea tree oil is a popular and versatile oil in the domain of essential oils. It is extremely practical, cost effective and needs to be part of your medical cabinet. Native to the plant Maleleuca alternifolia in Australia this essential oil has manifold uses as far as children are concerned. If you are really interested to find out more about this essential oil, then read on.

21 Health Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Kids

Tea Tree Oil for Children

Alleviates sunburns

On application of tea tree oil, it helps to mitigate sun burns.

  • A couple drops of tea tree oil is put on a cotton pad and dabbed on the affected region
  • If the skin of your little one is insensitive, then dilute this essential oil with coconut or other essential oils before you apply it.

Reduces toothaches

As this oil acts as a natural analgesic, toothache reduces substantially

  • To warm water add in a few ounces of this essential oil and allow your kid to rinse their mouth. This is to be repeated many times in a day and kids should not swallow it.
  • A mouth wash embedded with tea tree oil reduces plaque formation.

Chest congestion and cough

A natural expectorant, timely relief is assured from cough and chest congestion

  • Crop Shea butter along with coconut oil and blend it for 20 seconds. Add tea tree oil, lavender in consortium with other essential oils and a relief vapor is formed. This is to be applied on the upper back, chest and middle back once in 2 hours.

Curing chicken pox

To a single teaspoon of olive oil, mix some tea tree oil and this is to be applied on the affected area of your child. For timely results apply it thrice a day as itching and irritation will reduce considerably.

Reduces infections and mitigates Earache

Tea tree oil is a natural remedy for treating ear infections and earaches

  • All one needs to do is to apply a couple of drops of this essential oil at the base of your child’ ear once in 2 hours.
  • You could also mix a few ounces of mustard oil with this essential oil

Zaps boils

Boils arise due to staph infections. They can be treated with this essential oil as it provides relief from pain and removes irritation. To treat boils that are antibiotic resistant they are an optimum solution. Just dab a few drops of tea tree oil on the boil.

Eliminates lice

This essential oil can be used to eradicate lice in kids less than 4 years. Only diluted and not the concentrated version of the oil is to be used.

  • A single teaspoon of this essential oil is too mixed with 100 ml of your kids shampoo and their hair is to be washed with it.

Dandruffs are a foregone conclusion

Dandruff is a perennial problem in children. With use of tea tree oil dandruff is ward off. Just add a few ounces of this essential oil to the regular oil (coconut or olive oil) that your kid is using and apply it on the head.

Removes cold sores

This essential oil reduces cold pores in kids at a significant level

  • A couple of teaspoons of this essential oils is to mixed with coconut oil and then applied every day on the cold sores
  • For effective results, it should be applied 3 times a day on the affected area
  • The oil should not reach out to the mouth of kids as happens to be toxic

Jock itch is exterminated

To 2 teaspoons of olive oil, mix in a single teaspoon of tea tree oil. In order to treat the common itch, this essential oil is too applied twice daily on the affected region.

Alleviates bad breath

This essential oil is empowered with anti-bacterial chattels that kills bacteria and prevents them from springing up again. To a warm glass of water, add a couple of teaspoons of this oil and ask your child to rinse a couple of times during the day. The child should be instructed not to swallow it strictly.

Relief from injuries and bug bites is assured

Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and can be applied on cuts, wounds or injuries.  Since it enhances healing apply a couple of drops of this essential oil and leave it overnight.

Curing diaper rash

You can remove diaper rash on babies by add a few drops of tea tree oil to the water of baby’s bath. Doing so on a recurring basis regulates formation of bacteria on the skin of baby.

Hand sanitizer

Using this oil as a natural sanitizer helps to get rid of the germs causing flu, cold or any form of illness. On adding tea tree oil to cleansers bacteria or virus are killed.

Insect repellent

With the aid of this essential oil insects are kept away. It does possess an ability to propel mosquitoes.


Exterminates eye infections

This essential oil treats eye infections in children below the age cap of 18 years. A word of caution use a diluted version of this oil and then massages eyelids of your baby.


Blessed with anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties, this essential oil provides timely relief of symptoms with eczema.

  • Dilute a single teaspoon of this essential oil with carrier oil. Then apply this oil to the affected region and this is to be applied 2 to 3 times a day for effective results
  • Ensure that your kid does not have a sensitive skin.

For warts

Studies indicate that application of tea tree oil helps to remove warts in children devoid of any major side effects. For ideal results, this oil is too applied at a stretch for 12 days and positive results will emerge in removal of warts in kids.


Asthma is a serious problem that needs timely attention from a medical professional. To treat your child, add in a couple of teaspoons of tea tree oil to hot water and let your child inhale. It will help to alleviate the symptoms and allows your child to breathe freely.

Treatment of other respiratory conditions

Just as in the same manner of treatment of asthma, this oil can help to reduce the symptoms associated with bronchitis and sinusitis. Steam inhalation is effective; you can massage this oil on to your throat and chest. Dilute it with carrier oil before you apply it.

Sore throat

If you are having a sore throat, then a gargle remedy would be an effective solution. To a lukewarm glass of warm water add a few ounces of tea tree oil with a tinge of salt. Repeat the process of gargling several times in a day for best results.


To conclude, the application of tea tree oil is considered to be safe. Do not rule out the possibility of allergy reactions, dilute it and apply on a patch area to figure out no form of reaction exists. Ensure that your kid does not consume it when subject to treatment of oral conditions.