Week 34 of Pregnancy – Pregnancy Week by Week


At 34 weeks pregnant, your baby seems to be naughtier than ever! The little bundle of what seemed like mush until even a few weeks ago is now like a cantaloupe! The 34 week fetus is about 17.7 inches long and weighs approximately 4.7 pounds. The baby can now hear all that you speak, which makes it easier for you to keep the little one calm by singing lullabies!

34 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

week 34

Blurred vision

Extra flow of hormones, build up of fluids, and swelling seem to distort your basic senses. Since there’s extra fluid content in your eyes, their transparency tends to decrease a bit, causing blurred vision. This is a temporary occurrence that will disappear as you reach the delivery stage.

Excess fatigue

Distorted sleeping patterns, carrying extra weight, constant headaches, and cramps make you feel more fatigued than ever. At 34 weeks pregnant, you are likely to be more fatigued with the changing hormonal structure and the growing baby kicking your abdominal walls.

Increased constipation

By the time you’re 34 weeks pregnant, the baby has crowded the maximum of your interiors in which the digestive and excretory system organs reside. Due to this, your intestines are compressed, leading to suppression of the waste matter. This results in increased and prolonged constipation.

Abdominal pressure

As the baby is rapidly growing in size, it occupies more space inside the abdominal area. Apart from this, it also prepares to settle down in the proper position, which puts extra pressure on your abdomen and pelvis.


Swollen ankles

At 34 weeks pregnant, there is likely to be an increase in the level of water retention in your ankles and feet. Don’t sit with your legs dangling for too long. Also, remember to walk around the house instead of sitting idle. Physical movements help tone the muscles and reduce pains.

Increased Braxton Hicks contractions

At 34 weeks pregnant, it is obvious that your body is preparing for delivery, which is due in less than a couple of months. Your pelvis and abdominal muscles are contracting to make you experience ‘labor’ pains. There’s no need to panic unless the pain becomes unbearable and lasts for too long.

Pregnant Belly

At 34 weeks pregnant, your protruding belly might seem a little lower than it was a few weeks ago. This might be because the fetus has ‘dropped’ into your pelvis, and is now getting ready for its delivery. A typical 34 weeks pregnant belly should measure about 32 to 36 inches from the top of the uterus to the pubic bone. You can feel the baby’s kicks even more prominently during this week. The little one surely is getting way too much energy from you!

Pregnancy Ultrasound

If you have already not had it during week 33, this week you’ll have a ‘biophysical profile’ (BPP), which is a combination of 34 weeks pregnancy ultrasound and a special test to determine the baby’s heart rate. In the screen, you can see that the baby is developing lots of fine hair over its head. The eyes are blue in colour, but will change to a different permanent colour when it is exposed to external light after birth. The 34 week fetus’ skin is getting thicker and smoother, while the bones beneath it are getting harder. Once your gynaecologist tests you and the fetus, and provides a positive signal, you are free from tension!

34 weeks pregnancy ultrasound

Dos and Don’ts During Week 34 of Pregnancy

Dos –         


Schedule your 36 week prenatal visit

Prenatal visit during week 36 is vital a it is almost right before your delivery. Most gynaecologists have their patients pre-booked in different time slots to avoid overcrowding. Make sure that you book your appointment a couple of weeks ahead, to avoid delays or to miss out on the session.

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Opt for a perineal massage

This is a form of massage that helps reduce the risk of vaginal tearing during delivery, by making the opening to the vagina more elastic. Wash your hands and apply a skin-friendly lubricant on your fingers. Sit with your legs apart and your knees bent, and insert your thumb about 3 centimetres inside your vagina and gently massage the bottom of it. Also, press the vaginal opening until it stings mildly.

Stretching exercises

Stretching helps pull the stiff muscles and make way for blood flow throughout the body. Make sure that you follow the advice of your doctor and carry on with the recommended stretching activities to avoid cramps and swelling in the legs.

Rely on fruits

At 34 weeks pregnant, you might also experience occasional heartburns and indigestion. It is always safe to gorge on fruits as they help in digestion and diet control. Fruits also carry rich nutrients that provide both the mother and the baby with the required stamina.

Don’ts –

Wear the same undergarments for long hours

At 34 weeks pregnant, you have increased secretions both from your vagina and your breasts. Wearing the same undergarments for more than 4 to 6 hours can cause discomfort and lead to external rashes or infections. Clean the areas regularly and change your clothes often.


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Make hurried movements

At 34 weeks pregnant, the possibility of losing your balance is very common. Keep a tab on your movements and try not to move around hurriedly. Take your time and work slowly.

Engage in office work

Shut that laptop! This is definitely not the time to engage in official work and stress your mind. By now, you have availed of your maternity leave. So, enjoy the perks of it!

Keep your emotions bottled up

Keeping important thoughts inside yourself is the worst thing to do, especially just before embarking on a brand new journey. Since you still have a month and a half left, stay with around partner as much as you can and discuss the near future. Go on a “baby moon” and spend some quality time with your almost newly formed family!

It is time to give yourself a lift. At 34 weeks pregnant, take care of yourself and gear up for the upcoming weeks with full force! You have barely a little over a month to go for the big day!