Week 11 of Pregnancy – Pregnancy Week by Week


At 11 weeks pregnant, your baby is now the size of a lime, which is about 1.6 inches long and 0.25 ounces heavy. Since the foetus is growing rapidly, this might be a good time to take a sabbatical from your regular life and go on a holiday with your partner. This may help you both bond well with each other and the baby. Make sure to travel light and keep all your medicines handy!

11 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms


This is the most common and seemingly everlasting symptom throughout the first few months of pregnancy, due to all the hormonal changes that your body is going through.


Irritation in the stomach is a common feature when you’re 11 weeks pregnant. Due to changes in the body’s ability to digest some foods, you may feel bloated and gassy. Keep an eye on your food intake and try to avoid fried foods, cauliflowers, cabbages, and too many sweets.

Cramps in the lower limbs

Muscle cramps in the legs may keep you up for nights in your eleventh week of pregnancy. This can happen due to two main reasons – an increase in your body weight putting extra pressure on the muscles in your legs, and dehydration. Drink plenty of water or juices and do some stretching exercises regularly.

week 11 pregnancy

Increased vaginal discharge

At this stage you are likely to experience even more vaginal discharge that is thick and sticky in its composition. This happens due to the hormonal changes and medicines in pregnancy. Use panty liners to avoid disclaimers like wet clothes, couches, and beds.


Darkening of the skin

A thick dark line is likely to appear down the centre of the belly, more specifically below the abdomen. This is called “linea nigra”. This dark patch is caused due to hormonal changes and it gradually disappears after giving birth.

Sudden cravings

While the baby is growing at a reasonably fine pace, it demands different foods at times! This, along with the rushing hormones throughout the body, it is common to crave food at regular intervals, and sometimes even during the craziest hours, like 4 am! Keep all sorts of yummy and healthy food stacked in the fridge!

Mood swings

As the hormonal equation in the body is changing when you are 11 weeks pregnant, mood swings are inevitable. Try to avoid negative people and large family gatherings. Stay around a select few whom you love and vice-versa.

Pregnant Belly:

An eleven week pregnant belly is likely to have a visible baby bump. You might need to buy some new clothes to accommodate your new belly size! A healthy rate of weight gain, at about half a pound per week, is normal. The skin on the stomach gradually tightens due to regular stretching to accommodate the growing foetus.

Pregnancy Ultrasound:

11 weeks ultrasound shows that the foetus is now developing into a human form with almost opaque skin and audible heartbeat. The baby also has developed facial features, genitalia, red blood cells, and the spine. The head is now half the size of the body, but this 1:1 ratio will fade away with the growth of the baby’s body. During this period, you may go through your first trimester screening, which is a combination of a blood test and a specialised ultrasound called “nuchal translucency screening”. The baby’s neck is measured to test the normality or abnormality of its chromosome level. Women who are 11 weeks pregnant with twins may be able to view the umbilical cords and the placenta of the foetuses. If the foetuses share one placenta, they are identical twins. Otherwise they may be identical or fraternal.

Dos and Don’ts During Week 11 of Pregnancy:

11 weeks pregnant women must follow certain regulations to keep themselves safe.



Take in more vitamin C: Eat foods that are rich in vitamin C because it helps improve the baby’s immunity system, count of blood cells, and development of internal organs. Oranges and grapefruit are excellent sources of vitamin C. At least 85 mg of vitamin C should be taken daily.

Practise yoga: Exercise is good for both the mind and the physique. Yoga is a good way of exercising your way through the roads filled with stress of motherhood. A clear mind will automatically lead to a healthy body, which will help the foetus develop properly.

Attend classes for to-be moms: Sign up for daily or weekly sessions of motherhood trainings at a trusted local clinic situated nearby. These sessions will help you learn more about taking care of yourself and the ways in which your body will change in the nest few months.

Increase the intake of ginger: Ginger extract is an excellent source of nutrition for the body, to cure nausea, cramps, and boost development of the foetus’ brain and blood cell count.


Eat stale food: Don’t leave leftover food outside for more than two hours and eat them without properly re-heating by steaming. Such foods may contain bacteria that might affect the growth of the foetus.

Eat junk food: Eating from the fast food joints and roadside shacks is a strict no-no for expecting women during this phase. These places do not meet the safety regulations in terms of food that can be consumed by pregnant women. Opt for healthy and tasty home-cooked food to munch on.


Wear heels: Losing balance is a common occurrence when you’re 11 weeks pregnant. Wearing shoes with heels is not a good idea as you might topple over and face fatal falls that shall severely damage the foetus.

Skip doctor’s appointment: Visit your doctor regularly. Mark the dates in your personal calendar so that you don’t forget to make it to the clinic when the day arrives. Timely check-up is vital to ensure that the foetus is growing to be a healthy baby. In case of disclaimers, prompt action can be taken if the situation is under the radar.

Week by week, pregnancy becomes more difficult to handle, yet it opens up an avenue for fun things to learn. All you need to do is take care good of yourself, for the little one to have a happy gestation period inside!