Week 16 of Pregnancy – Pregnancy Week by Week


At 16 week pregnant, you must be wondering more and more about the little one inside you! You are now carrying for about 3 months and 3 weeks. The 16 week foetus is now the size of a full apple, which is 4.6 inches long and approximately 3.5 ounces heavy. Now you can even feel the baby moving around inside the womb!

16 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Back aches

At 16 weeks pregnant, you gain weight, especially around the belly. Excess weight on the abdomen causes back aches. The raging hormones are also to blame for the same.

Dry, itchy, and sensitive eyes

As your eyes change shape and size, you are likely to experience situations that involve blurred visibility and itchiness. Consult your gynaecologist or an ophthalmologist for some regular eye drops to provide relief.


At 16 weeks pregnant, you are constipated more than you expected to be. Blame the hormones again! This happens because your uterus grows in size and presses your intestines, resulting in compression. Eat lots of fibre-loaded foods to enable safer passage of stool.

week 16 pregnancy


This is called “Pregnancy Fog” or “Pregnancy Brain”. The changing hormones and an array of thoughts in your mind make you forgetful more often than before. Keep a handy list of to-do tasks so that you don’t miss out on important events and activities.


Larger and fuller breasts

By the time you are 16 weeks pregnant, your breasts will have become nearly double their original size. By the end of this trimester, which is the second, you will be completely ready to breastfeed. Make sure that you change your regular bras for maternity bras.

Glowing skin

One of the positive sides of being pregnant is that your skin starts to glow! At 16 weeks pregnant, you have significantly smoother skin that shows the joy in your preparation for the upcoming journey.

Pregnant Belly

At 16 weeks pregnant, your belly rapidly grows in size and moves up towards your lungs. At this stage, you should switch to special maternity wear, to avoid any discomfort to the uterus and the growing navel. As your 16 week pregnant belly is already large and noticeable, carrying a single child or twins won’t make a difference in the size. Be careful as you may start feeling your baby kicking the uterus walls!

Pregnancy Ultrasound at Week 16

At 16 weeks pregnant, you will have to visit your gynaecologist for another series of prenatal tests. The 16 weeks ultrasound will have you hear your baby’s heartbeat again. You can also see the 16 weeks foetus kicking inside the womb. During this phase, you will get to know that your baby can now hear your voice. So start talking to the little one and prepare them for the journey ahead!

During this 16 week ultrasound, the doctor will conduct a urine test to detect possibilities of “gestational diabetes” and “preeclampsia”.

Dos and Don’ts during Week 16 of Pregnancy:

Dos –

Keep adjusting your sleeping position: Make sure that you sleep sideways. Do not sleep on your stomach or facing the ceiling. Sleeping on your back can cause morning sickness as the amniotic fluid puts extra pressure on the foetus.


Eat lots of fibre-rich foods: At 16 weeks pregnant, you feel constipated quite often. The pressure on the intestines causes constipation. To mend this situation as much as possible, load up on foods that are rich in fibre. Oats, lentils, corn, wholemeal bread, broccoli, nuts, grapefruit, orange, grapes, mango, apple, bell peppers, and spinach are the best sources of fibre.

Opt for healthier alternatives of food products: It is common to crave yummy foods at 16 weeks pregnant. Replace unhealthy foods by similar yet healthier ones that equally satisfy your taste buds. For example: if you crave ice cream, eat frozen yogurt instead. The latter gives you almost the same feel and also adds to your calcium intake.

Exercise: Exercise regularly! This should be your daily motto now. Focus on mild exercises like pelvic rocking and squatting, stretching, brisk walking, and yoga. Your 16 weeks foetus will definitely be charged up by your healthy moves!

Don’ts –

Skip breakfast: When 16 weeks pregnant, ever go without food for more than even 3 hours. As a thumb rule, you must remember to replenish your body with healthy foods at regular intervals. Dinner and next morning breakfast are the two meals that have the maximum time gap. You must make it a point to load yourself with fibre, vitamins, and calcium, while eating the first meal of your day.

Forget to load up on healthy fats: There are two categories of fats, healthy and unhealthy. The former is good for the development of the 16 weeks foetus and the latter hinders the growth of the same. Your regular diet must include such foods that contain healthy fats. Healthy fats like omega 3 is excellent for the growth of your baby.

Refrain from communication openly: Always be open to your spouse and your gynaecologist. These are the two main people who can help you in this wonderful yet stressful journey. Don’t shy away from asking anything that is not clear to you about this 16 weeks pregnant stage or the whole journey of pregnancy or parenthood. The more you communicate and exchange ideas, the more you learn new things. Make this journey a beautiful one!


Eat fried foods frequently: Fried foods carry lots of unhealthy fats. These fats make the 16 weeks foetus contract long-term diseases like obesity and diabetes. Make sure that you reduce your intake of fried foods, and opt for minimal oil whenever you do, for healthy development of your baby.

At 16 weeks pregnant, enjoy your time at home and at times at the spa, relaxing your mind and body. Follow the regulations of this crucial period, to avoid any kind of disclaimer. Your 16 weeks foetus is now moving more towards maturity before it pops out of your uterus to enjoy the wonders of the real world!