5 Week Pregnancy Ultrasound: What To Expect in An Ultrasound?


You have your first ultrasound scan around the fifth week of pregnancy. This is when the signs of your baby’s heartbeat appear for the first time. The ultrasound will give you a confirmation of the little one inside your womb. One may talk about the reasons to have an ultrasound during the fifth week of pregnancy. But, this is the only period that will help to confirm the news, anything before fifth week cannot give you a firm confirmation. Lets find out more about 5 week ultrasound.

5 weeks pregnant equals how many months?

It’s about one month pregnant. There can be situations when you find out that you are pregnant and it’s already been a month to your pregnancy. So, congratulations because you are just 8 months to welcome your little one.

All You Need to Know About 5 Week Ultrasound

5 week ultrasound

Symptoms of 5 Week Pregnancy:

Listed below are some of the most common symptoms of five weeks pregnancy:

Morning sickness

Moms-to-be of twins are more likely to have severe morning sickness as compared to others. You can have small meals frequently throughout the day, have vitamin B6, nausea reducing lollipops, ginger capsules and other things that can help you deal with morning sickness.

Frequent urination

It is pretty common to have frequent urination urge in the early pregnancy because of the expansion of your kidneys.



This little spotting can be a sign of implantation, which is totally normal. In case, you notice something that’s more like bleeding, you can consult your health care provider.


This is a sign of implantation of the embryo into the uterus lining. Or else, it can also be a sign of your uterus that is expanding your ligaments.

Sore breasts

Sore breasts are one of the most common symptoms of 5 weeks pregnancy.


This is why you need to have extra rest hours during your pregnancy. Thereby, you can do little exercises and try to have small meals in every few hours.

Why should one have a 5-week ultrasound?

There are a number of reasons why having an ultrasound during fifth week of pregnancy is believed to be ideal:

  • The ultrasound scan will help you to know if you are having twins.
  • Determination of any sort of abnormalities.
  • Anticipation of the baby’s size.
  • A confirmation of normal growth of the baby.
  • Helps in determining the placenta as well as the position of the baby.

Is it a part of routine pregnancy care?

The ultrasound scan during fifth week of pregnancy is consistent part of the process that one needs to go through. The ultrasound scan will help you to give a confirmation of your pregnancy and your embryo’s condition. thereby, this is just the beginning to your journey of being a mommy!


Preparing for fifth week pregnancy ultrasound scan:

Most often, pregnant women in their 5th week of pregnancy are asked to intake a lot of fluid. This is because a filled womb will get the baby pushed up which in turn will give a better view of the embryo.

Another important aspect is to stay calm. As the mom-to-be is in her early stages of pregnancy, so it is pretty normal to go through headaches and fatigue. Thereby, it is important for you to stay calm in order to avoid any feelings of stress or worries.

How long does the process take?

Well, it does not really cost you a lot of time. You just have to make sure that you have made an appointment with your doctor and head on to the clinic on time. You will then be asked to lie on your back and the gel will be applied on your back. The doctor will then run the machine over your belly and the ultrasound can be seen clearly. However, it will just take a few minutes to complete the whole process.

What will this ultrasound scan help you see?

This ultrasound scan will help one to see the gestational sac along with the yolk sac. In case of twins, you will also be able to see the fetal poles along with the yolk sac. Whereas, if the twins are identical, you will see two yolk sacs with the embryo of around 1.25mm in length and a single gestational sac.

But what are these terms? Let me give you an explanation for these terms. Gestational sac is the black area and the small white circle associated on the top-left of the sac is the yolk sac. On the other hand, the embryo will only be visible to you after five months.

Why did your ultrasound show nothing?

There can be cases when the ultrasound does not show the baby, in the 5th week of pregnancy. Well, in that case, you should check if there is a yolk sac because sometimes, the baby might be very small to be seen on an ultrasound. But in case, you find there is no yolk sac and you are already five weeks pregnant, then you must consider the following options:



Abnormalities in the yolk sac and foetal pole can also be detected by an ultrasound. In case, any abnormalities are found, your doctor may ask you to follow certain procedure. Thereby, having an ultrasound scan during the 5th week of pregnancy is of utmost importance and you must undergo it as a normal routine check up of your pregnancy.