11 Surprising Health Benefits of Oregano Oil for Babies


Essential oils for babies are the best choice as all the other oils that we buy from the stores are basically composed of chemicals and synthetics which are very harsh for the babies.

Now when we are talking about essential oils for babies then we should know the health benefits of oregano oil especially for babies. It is well known essential oil for its different properties like antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, easily digestible and also acts as anti-allergic.

It has gain fame for its antiseptic property as well and it is very good for babies and their healthy growth.

How to use it?

Essential oils shouldn’t be given to babies directly. It is better to dilute them before applying on the babies. Mothers can mix essential oil I their babies bathing water only after mixing with a carrier oil as it’s a hot oil. It can also be mixed with mild vegetable glycerin or raw honey and massage.

The maximum amount of oregano oil to be used for 3+ month’s babies is not more than 1 or 2 drops per ounce of any carrier oil.

Although it can be used for massaging the feet and spines of the babies, it can’t be used to massage the chest and back as it is very hot oil.


Most doctors discourage the oral dosing of oregano oil for children who are under 5 years of age or older due to adverse reactions. But some say that it can be added to the daily routine slowly as it may react with the body of the baby. So it is better to add it gradually and see whether it is suiting your baby or not.

Oregano Oil and its Health Benefits

Though it is well known for its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, it has countless medicinal properties as well.

They are discussed below:

Anti-inflammatory Properties

It is essentially used to soothe various types of inflammation that babies most suffers from, both internal and external. Once applied topically, it reduces the irritation and redness of the affected area. But don’t forget to dilute with raw honey or vegetable glycerin.

If your baby suffers from allergies from birth then dilute it in water after mixing it with good baby carrier oil.

Oregano oil


Cures infections

This oil prevents all sorts of bacterial infections. If your baby is suffering from any kind of skin infection then you can give oregano oil without hesitation. It also cures typhoid, sores and urinary infection among babies.

Cures sinus infection among babies

Oregano oil is the natural way to treat sinus infection among babies. It works wonder for such infections for its potent antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

If the babies are given medicines for sinus infection then it will affect their immunity from the very childhood and makes other medications ineffective. So it’s better the natural way, i.e. using oregano essential oil.

Effective for respiratory problems

Oregano oil is helpful in clear the respiratory tracts from uncomfortable mucus buildups and phlegm. Basically it acts like an expectorant and helps the babies to breathe normally and get rid of the uncomfortable condition.

It can also be used as a soothing balm to relief babies from inflamed throats and lungs which stimulates the coughing fits.


So this oil is really effective to cure and prevent respiratory ailments.


This is another property of oregano oil and its sedative nature calms down the hyper reactions of allergies and gives a calming effect.

It not only calms down the hyper- sensitivity of allergies but also lessens the severity of it. So the babies suffering from allergies should be given oregano oil massage to soothe the irritation.

Effective for preventing cancer

This oil gives protection against certain cancers by neutralizing certain free oxidants and repairing the already damaged ones. It contains phenols, which are well known powerful antioxidant that cleanses the body and removes the free radicals (oxidants) that causes the disease.

Mothers should cautiously add oregano oil in their baby’s food to protect them from such deadly disease. But again it has to be kept in mind that the oil should be added slowly in the daily routine of the baby as it might react with their body.

Anti-parasitic role

Babies are vulnerable to many parasitic attacks like tapeworms, roundworms, bed bugs, mosquitoes and fleas that may be found both inside and outside their body.


Mothers can apply diluted oregano oil over the skin of the babies to safeguard them from the attacks of the bed bugs, mosquitoes and other external parasites. Giving this oil to babies for oral dosage can eliminate various intestinal worms.

Acts as a good cold and cough reliever

This oil gives immediate relief to cold and blocked chest. It should be mixed with honey or vegetable glycerin to make it less harsh on babies as it is very hot oil.

Massage this oil on the feet or spines and not on the chest and back as mentioned before for it safest use.

Cures pneumonia

Babies suffering from pneumonia can be given oregano oil massage topically to cure it naturally.

The mothers can add some drops of the oil in the bathing water of their babies as well.

Cures ear-aches

Instead of medicines or ointments prescribed by the doctors, mothers can give oregano oil to the ears of their babies to relief them from ear aches. It also cures the swellings and boils of the ears without its adverse reaction.


Acts against viral infections

This essential oil is very much effective to all sorts of viral infections that most babies suffer from. It helps to strengthen the immunity of the babies against mumps, cold, pox and other problems caused by viruses.

So the concerned mothers can give their babies this oil massage to protect them from the attack of such viruses and dodge such diseases.

Antifungal property

Fungal infection among babies can turn out to be very fatal and dreadful both internally and externally. They might cause deadly and painful infections in the nose, ear and throat. Oregano oil massaged regularly on babies can protect the baby’s body from such fungal infections.

These are the magical benefits of oregano oil but at the same it should be cautiously used especially for babies.