21 Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boyfriend


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Valentines’ Day, celebrated worldwide on 14th February, is a day reserved for expressing your love for someone in a special way. Although there is no specific date for doing so, this day is nevertheless a special occasion for everyone, particularly couples. If you are in a relationship with a guy and are wondering what gifts to get him next month, then look no further than this article, where we will discuss 21 creative Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend. Read on to know all the amazing ideas that we are going to offer, and then select one that you would like to use for your boyfriend’s gift.

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21 Unique Valentines Day Gifts for Him

valentines day gifts for him

Valentine Beer Labels

Learn how to make these fabulous and fun beer labels. Decorate a stash of your other-half’s favourite bottles for valentine’s day.

valentine beer labels


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Memory Scrapbook

Make a beautiful memory scrapbook for your other half, from recycled materials and filled with the highlights of your relationship. This makes a beautiful gift to your loved one and fits perfectly on a coffee table.

memory scrapbook

Monogram Mugs

I love these DIY monogram mugs. They are perfect for so many occasions and make a fabulously creative valentine idea for your man. He can think of you every time his heart beats faster over his morning espresso!

monogram mugs


His and Hers Pillow Cases

These pillowcases are a beautiful and really creative valentine gift for your bed mate. There are step-by-by step instructions for how to decorate your pillowcases and bring some extra love into your bedroom!

his and hers pillow cases

Etch-A-Sketch Ipad Cozy

This is one of the most useful and creative valentine ideas ever. Make a cozy felt cover for your man’s ipad (or laptop) to look like an etch-a-sketch with a love message on top!

Valentine Linzer Cookies

What man could resist a plate, bag or tin full of these cookies on the morning of 14 february? These look amazing, are easy to make and speak volumes about your love for him.

A Year of Dates

I love this really romantic valentine gift for your loved one. Make twelve envelopes containing with pre-planned and paid-for dates – one for each month. Do things and go places you have always meant to, but never quite got round to! What a great way to start the year – so much to look forward to and no excuses for running out of ideas.

year of dates


Surprise Heart Inside Cake

This is the most amazing valentine day surprise. It looks fabulous and I bet it tastes great! If you fancy a baking challenge then have a go at making this beautiful cake. Your man has just got to feel loved when he receives this!

Heart Strings

These beautiful hanging strings of hearts are a stylish alternative valentine’s day gift for someone. If you are looking for a way to mark the day (or the season!) With love, why not decorate your home (or his) with these lovely strings of hearts.

heart strings

Easy Valentine Picture Frame

This valentine gift is great because it looks amazing. Also, it’s cheap and won’t take much time to make. You can frame that beautiful photograph of you and your man together and give it to him this valentine’s day.

Valentines Day Treat Bag

This is a quick yet creative valentine gift idea. Bake a batch of your valentine’s favorite cookies or brownies. Then follow the link to print out the valentine message onto a brown paper bag. When the cookies are cool, fill up the bag! Why not smuggle these into his work bag or car for a special surprise on 14th february? Imagine the look of his face when he finds out your gift!


A Watch

An elegant timepiece makes a perfect and personal gift for the man in your life. A watch easily qualifies as that.

What I Love About You

There are endless ways to say “i love you.” If you’re at a loss for words, this books offers fill-in-the-blank prompts and ideas for fresh ways to tell your special someone what you love about him.

what I love about you

Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug

Every gamer knows you need full health in order to make it through the work day. A heat-sensitive mug with an 8-bit heart illustration turns red when it’s filled with hot coffee, and reminds him to keep his mug full for optimal health all day.

I Love You Bean

Say “i love you” with a houseplant; this one-of-a-kind bean plant actually has the words “i love you” written on the bean. All he needs to do is add water and let it soak up some sun. Soon the bean will sprout and the hidden message will appear.

i love you bean


World’s Largest Hershey’s Kiss

If your man likes kisses, he’ll love this one. A giant hershey’s kiss milk chocolate (the world’s largest) clocks in at over two pounds. If he can make it through the shell to the hollow inside, he’ll be surprised with another handful of normal-sized kisses to enjoy.

A Luxury Shave Set

A luxury shave set is the ultimate gift for the ultimate man. You can get one from park avenue. You’ll see a smile creep across his smooth face every time he uses his gift.

Red Moleskine

Most men appreciate gifts that are as useful as they are thoughtful. A hardcover moleskin notebook is a sophisticated gift he can use at home and at the office.


Cologne is a great go-to gift for guys. It’s also a versatile gift option, with a message that can be either neutral or romantic. You can get an eau de toilette, which usually features notes of invigorating citrus and fresh lavender, with hints of spicy-sweet woods.

A Scented Candle

Intoxicate his senses with a unique scented candle. With a relaxing blend of flowery, citrusy, and woodsy notes, scented candles fill the whole room with a scent that’s light but tantalizing, making it a perfect gift for guys.

scented candle


Humongous Heart Plush

This valentine’s day, give him a gift from the heart. Or, in this case, give him a gift that looks like a heart. A humongous and super soft embroidered heart plush is a fun and unique gift for guys of any age.

humongous plush heart

We hope this list will help you select the perfect gift for your boyfriend. Let us know in the comments section about any other gift ideas that you discovered. Best of luck for the gift!