11 Surprising Benefits of a Good Sex Life


As much as it can be exciting and enthralling, sex also has a lot in store for you in terms of health benefits. Seriously, who would have thought, right? But yes, sex is not just for ecstatic pleasure, but it also entails better overall health! Here are the eleven surprising health benefits of a good and active sex life:

Good Sex Life: 11 Fantastic Health Benefits

Good Sex Life: 11 Fantastic Health Benefits

Improves overall immunity

Doctors and sexologists say that regular sex help your body develop stronger antibodies that fight several bad bacteria, viruses, and other harmful components that try to invade your system. This is probably due to the release of certain hormones inside you body, during sexual acts, as believed by medical professionals.

Improves bladder control among women

The act of sexual intercourse involves penetration, which enables the muscles around the abdominal area to strengthen their hold. This, in turn, adds to the bladder control capacity among women, as the pelvic floor muscles in that area are worked up very well during every session of sexual act. In the long run, it also helps in preventing early bladder incontinence and related illnesses.

Controls blood pressure

Over the years, doctors and gynaecologists have coordinated to check the difference in the levels of blood pressure of people who have sex regularly. And to the joy of people, it seems that having sex on a regular basis helps reduce your blood pressure levels! The amount of calories burnt during the act and the hormones released, help in reducing blood pressure in the long run.

Protects the heart

Sex can help you have a ‘happy’ heart! Medical research, over the years, has showed a link between regular sexual intercourse and lowered risk of heart diseases. Studies have stated that people who have sex about two times a week are much less likely to contract heart diseases and suffer from stroke or heart attacks as compared to people who have sex once a month or less. This is related to the burning of extra calories, which can be potentially harmful, during the act. Apart from that, sexual intercourse also keeps the levels of oestrogen and progesterone under check. An imbalance of these hormones can lead to several heart diseases.


Reduces the risk of prostate cancer

Studies have shown that men who have more sex and ejaculated more number of times in a month, are at a much reduced rick of contracting prostate cancer. In fact, research has also shown that the ejaculations need not be solely during sexual intercourse. Even masturbation and other acts that stimulate the male genitalia can be considered for ejaculation and consequent reduction in the rate of prostate cancer.

Reduces abdominal cramps during periods

Many women are absolutely aversive to the idea of having sex while they are on their period. That is, however, a personal choice. But, having sex regularly and even during your periods can help reduce the intensity and frequency of those devilish cramps that keep you stagnated for days.

Burns lots of calories

Many people do not think of this. Sex can actually fill in the gap when you do not feel like going out for a walk or when you cannot make out time for your regular exercises. The number of moves and the intensity of every movement that sex entails, is fairly equal to your regular exercises! Hence, you not only burn the same amount of calories, or maybe even more, but you also get to have a great fun session! Now, who wouldn’t be up for that?!

Boosts fertility

Looking forward to conceive and start a family? Start having sex on a regular basis! While you will definitely need to get engaged in the act to start your family, having sex on a regular basis even prior to that is vital to stimulate your reproductive system to get ready for conception. A good sex life keeps your reproductive system healthy and thereby increases your chance of getting pregnant.

Makes you look better overall

Sex in any form releases the oestrogen and progesterone hormones. Oestrogen is said to improve the quality of skin cells and make it look lustrous. So, why depend on those chemical-based anti-ageing creams, which only have a placebo effect on you, when you can actually look younger and better while having a great time in bed too?

Relieves stress and anxiety

If you are someone who is a victim of constant mental pressure and anxiety, regular sexual activities can come as an excellent stress reliever. Research says that physical intimacy, along with mental intimacy, is a great booster of the ‘feel good’ hormones in your body. This leads to reduced stress and anxiety. Regular sex helps stimulate the pleasure-related cells of the brain and thus results in relieving stress. So, what are you waiting for? Maybe it is time to reconnect with your partner and have a great life!


Improves life expectancy

Regular sex, especially among men, can reduce untimely death rates by nearly half. Regular ejaculation, as doctors say more than 20 a month, can definitely lead to a longer life! As for women, the more they release the sex hormones, their organs seem to function better and hence make them live longer!

Now that you know about the health benefits sex can provide you with, go ahead and enjoy your life! After all, making love is also said to improve intimacy and understanding between partners. That is definitely something worthy!

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