7 Tips and Tricks for Movie-Streaming Newbies to Make it through a Coronavirus Quarantine


The new coronavirus, COVID-19 that causes severe illness is spreading among communities in the world. Phrases like self-quarantine, social distancing are showing up in the media. The people who are suffering from coronavirus and who are at risk for coming down with COVID-19 must practice self-quarantine. To prevent community transmission, many central government authorities have announced 3 weeks to 4 weeks lockdown in countries. Educational institutions, shopping malls, theatres, train and airlines facilities are closed for a few weeks. And the result is that people are finding it really difficult to be at home for such a long time.

Everyone was living a busy life before this. And now, spending all day at home is becoming difficult for people. So, for those people, movies are always in the rescue. Who doesn’t love to watch movies? Watching movies can be a good option for passing your quarantine days. But, it is really a disappointment for movie-lovers as theatres have shuttered all over the countries due to the epidemic outbreak of coronavirus. So here, we will know about 7 tips and tricks for movie-streaming newbies to make it through a coronavirus quarantine.

7 Best Tips and Tricks for Movie-Streaming Newbies to make it through Coronavirus

The following are 7 best tips and tricks for movie-streaming newbies to make it through a coronavirus quarantine. Let’s have a look.

Go for default Wi-Fi Streaming

We know that downloads are always possible, but try to go for default Wi-Fi streaming. If you read e-books, then it is natural for you to download it, as it doesn’t take much of your device space. It is alright when you’re on the move and you want to save some of your favourite movies on your device. But storing a bunch of movies in your device can easily eat up most of your storage. A two-hour movie generally takes up 5-6 GB, which is quite much if you have 32 to 64 GB storage. Try to stream via Wi-Fi, whenever possible, if you have an unlimited data plan.

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Think before Throwing out all Your Discs

Surely, you have a bundle of DVDs at your home, many of which are of no use now, either the movies are old enough or you are now much comfortable with Netflix and web series. But if you’re thinking to throw out your old discs to clean up your home, as they are stacked up all over your house, then you should think again. These DVDs of your favourite movies will come in rescue when your internet connection is on its fritz. However, Vudu’s disc-to-digital-program has brought the facility to convert your blu-rays DVDs to HD digital flicks.


Create a Movies Anywhere Account Now

If you don’t have the mentioned anywhere account, then create it first. It is used by most of the major studios such as Disney, Universal, Warner Bros etc, as a main digital conduit for their online catalogs. For example, if you buy any movies which are compatible with one of the main platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Apple iTunes, Google Play, Fandango Now, Walmart’s Vudu, then you can watch the movie across all their respective applications such as YouTube and Movies Anywhere.

Deals are Always Available, try to wait a Bit for the Best One

If you are ready to create your own movies library, but also want to save your money, then you should have patience. Because high profile newly released movies are usually priced very high, while the smaller movies cost less than that. But if you want to watch any movie on the very first day, then it is ok to spend money on that. If the HD and Ultra HD cost the same, then always go for the ultra one. If you’re not in a hurry, then you should wait a bit as the cost comes down after a while depending on the respective movie’s popularity. The movie-streaming platforms offer weekend and monthly sales, discount and daily deals on films frequently.

Think Smart to Enhance Your Movie Experience

Many people don’t like to watch movies on their mobile’s small screens. There are many HD TVs available in the market which can connect with the internet and are compatible with streaming applications such as Amazon, Vudu, etc. You can also try Google Chromecast, other methods such as mirroring your device screen on your TV. You can invest in a media player otherwise, like Roku, Apple TV. These are best for you if you want to make the most of your ultra HD TV.

You Might not Know about Your Existing Digital Collection

If you’re a collector of DVDs and blu-rays, then it’s time to check your cases one more time. You might not know about your hidden treasure. Many movies that are sold in the last few years come with a specific code for a digital copy, though the old codes are expired, before sulking, there is an information for you. Vudu provides a menu for redeeming the digital codes. Check once, you never know, it might be valid still.

Pay when You’re Sure

The legal sites require you to pay for the content, they’re providing. There are many movie sites that offer attractive contents, but turn out to be scam or fraud. If you want to know whether a site is legit or not, the best way is to collect information about it first. You can trust popular platforms regarding this purpose. Make sure always that you have enough reliable information before spending your hard-earned money.

In conclusion, as the theatres are closed, online movie-streaming has become very important for movie-lovers, as this can be the best way to pass the time in their quarantine days. So it is the best time to dive into the world of video and movie streaming digitally. You will be able to discover new movies, from which you can enhance and brighten your knowledge and skills.