50 Boy and Girl Names that Mean Love and Hope


Looking for names that mean love for your baby? Check out these beautiful names that mean love and hope for your bundle of joy.

Choosing a name for your little one can be overwhelming and some parents have names picked out for their baby long before it is due to arrive. Love is that which brings many things together. Love is a beautiful thing that makes us happy. There is no love greater than the love between a child and a parent.

If you are inspired by the concept of love and want to name your baby with a name that means love or hope, here are 50 best names that mean love and hope.


Top 50 Boy and Girls Names that Mean Love and Hope

Baby Girls Names:

Name Meaning
Arabella It has a Latin origin and means obliging or result of prayer
Faith An English baby girl name that means hope
Asha This is a Hindu girl name derived from Sanskrit and means hope
Hiwa It is a Kurdish name which means hope
Munia It is a famous Arabic name that means hope
Zita It’s a Spanish name which means hope
Esme Esme is a French name which means love
Tikvah A Hebrew name which means hope
Femi Egyptian name which means love
Aakanksha Hindu name meaning hope
Brayleigh Its an American baby girl name which symbolizes ‘ray of hope’
Vida A Scottish name which means beloved or friend
Amia French name that means dearly loved
Venus Latin name meaning Goddess of love and beauty
Cherelle French name meaning beloved or dear
Amora Spanish name meaning love
Cara Latin name meaning beloved
Mina In German, Mina means love
Amala It has Arabic origins and means bird or beloved
Saki A Japanese meaning hope or blossom
Esperanza Spanish name meaning ‘to hope’
Rajwa An Arabic name which means hope
Nina Indian name which means the hope of love
Aileen Irish name which means shining and bright ray of light
Dove The name Dove comes from a bird which symbolizes both hope and peace


Baby Boy Names:

Name Meaning
Deene A French name which means hope
Raza An African name meaning hope
Kibour Japanese name which means hope
Matthan An Israeli name which means hope
Chislon Israeli name meaning hope
Dillion Irish name meaning hope
Barloc An American name which means a strong warrior filled with hope
Jahleel This Hebrew name means hope in God
Eleazar Hebrew name meaning court of God
Elpidius Greek name which means hope
Gerwyn A Celtic name which means fair love
Connelly This Irish name means love and friendship
Lennan An Irish name which means lover
Darrell Darrell means beloved
Davis Its an alternative to David and means beloved
Amator This Latin name means ‘one who loves’
Luben It’s a shorter version of Bulgarian name Lyuben and means love
Amor This French name means love and romance
Lev Hebrew name for heart
Milos Slavic name meaning beloved
Obi An African name for heart
Jedediah Hebrew name for beloved of the Lord
Habib Arabic name which means loved one
Didier A French name for beloved/desired
Dariel An English name for loved one