25 Best Online Educational Games for Teens


What are the Educational Games?

Educational games for teens are based on a variety of subjects like science, math, English, arts, music, and history.

These games connect with youngsters and in the meantime build up their social, intellectual, and logical skills. The essential target of these games and activities is to enable kids to find out about various subjects practically.

Teenagers can likewise benefit by utilizing learning games to fortify particular ideas and comprehend historical occasions and circumstances.

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Top 25 Online Educational Games for Teens

educational games for teens

1.Danger Zone

Students are faced with genuine worldwide issues to handle in this incredible character-based game. They need to utilize diverse abilities to settle a test like fighting a deadly airborne sickness utilizing test-tests, note-taking and learning along the way!


2.Power Words

PBS’ WordGirl and her simian sidekick Captain Huggy Face do fight against Fair City’s most evil residents, however, it’s up to players to decide the course of the activity. Picking the wrong words implies giving the villains a chance to finish their sneaky plots.

3.The Blood Typing Game

This splendid, prize-winning game from the Nobel Prize site gives students a chance to get very close with medicinal and biological procedures, finding out about patients, treatment, and blood-types. Two settings empower students to pick between speedy play or a more extended mission-based amusement.

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4.ESL Fun Games Online

Best fit for all ages and skill levels, this site additionally gives printable games to classroom use and also approaches to create acumen in other academic subjects. With such huge numbers of drawing in exercises in regards to spelling, vocabulary, and language structure to browse, any students are probably going to discover something suitable here.


A fabulous innovation from Microsoft, Kodu acquaints students with another visual programming language made particularly to create games. Designed specially to be “available for youngsters and pleasant for anybody”, it’s an incredible game-based approach to acquaint kids with programming and computer technology.

6.Pandemic 2

Pandemic 2 – In this online strategy game you play the role of an evil scientist endeavoring to make a biological weapon. You are the one trying to create a virus, a parasite or bacteria with specific characteristics which in turn infects all inhabitants on Earth. You win on the off chance that you achieve this. This is not an easy task as governments and hospitals are, at the same time, working hard to prevent the spread of disease and find a cure.


7.Climate Challenge

An extraordinary game from the BBC, this places students into the shoes of the president of the ‘European Nations’, handling environmental change through a testing mix of strategy decisions and diplomatic persuasion!

8.Lord of the Flies

Perfect for the advanced ESL/EFL student as of now applying his or her English abilities to its literary canon, this game comes courtesy of the Nobel Prize and promotes its Literature award. Players remember the situations sketched out in William Golding’s scorching allegorical novel and get on its myriad nuances.


This virtual web-based game sees students make and deal with their own particular organization, giving them an incredible establishment in monetary standards. Teachers can customize complexity to adjust the game for different classes and age groups.

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10.Airport Tycoon

Airplane terminal Tycoon is a fun strategy game for high school students and older kids where you get the opportunity to take in about genuine cash administration systems and tips, by managing an airport. This insightful learning game requires sharp foresight, a decision state of mind and a mind open to new thoughts. On the off chance that you do well, you will be rewarded with an overwhelming sense of achievement and purpose.

11.Play My Code

An awesome method to make coding fun, this site utilizes a straightforward, easy to understand kind of coding to acquaint newcomers with the key ideas and thoughts. Making their own particular game starting with no outside help is an incredible motivator to draw students into the universe of coding. Code, graphics, and sound can all be stored online, so advancement can continue over a few exercises, or from home for flipped classroom models.


12.Grammar Ninja

As kids level up, they learn more and more parts of speech in order to save a threatened dojo. Throwing a star at the wrong word and everything explodes, which is actually pretty fun, even for adults.

13.Word Games at Pogo.com

Another extraordinary stop for high school and adult learners, packed with new twists on well-known names like Boggle and Scrabble and also more obscure selections. Some even include a multiplayer mode for competing against friends and users from around the globe.

14.Wasteland Adventure

This game keenly brings ecological issues, for example, environmental change and saving regular assets to live as it immerses students in reality as we know it where people have crushed the eco framework and reusing has turned into an essential need rather than a choice.

15.Grammar Practice Park

Harcourt offers an incredible determination of grammar grades for third through fifth graders, proper for students learning English as a first, second, or tertiary language. Exercises essentially center around parts of speech and sentence structures, with a couple of other applicable subjects tossed in with the general mish-mash.


A hands-on administration style game, Electrocity places students responsible for their own particular virtual town or city. Encourages them to get to holds with geological and social issues like spatial arranging, urban advancement, and ecological responsibility.

17.Reading Ring

Part of the Professor Garfield activity, this boxing-themed game scrambles comic boards that should be swapped back in order. For young students expecting to find out about the arrangement in storytelling, it demonstrates a fun little pastime with some familiar faces.


18.Virtual Surgery

This awesome medication and science-based game enable students to investigate the human body in an exciting and intelligent way. Virtual surgery places understudies in the place of the specialist, clarifying how the body works and how it should be settled when things turn out badly. From the mechanics of joints and veins to the subtle elements of the distinctive tools used by the doctors, students will gain in a plenty of vital and exciting new abilities and information.

19.Power Proofreading

Appropriate for kindergartners through fifth graders, Houghton-Mifflin’s Power Proofreading challenges them to apply their insight into spelling and language to a basic editing situation. Not exclusively does this help with promoting their core language abilities, it supports reading comprehension too.

20.Peace Doves

Another brilliantly immersive intuitive game from the Nobel Prize site, Peace Doves joins riddles and critical thinking abilities with imperative ideas around peace-building and nuclear disarmament.

21.Language Arts at iKnowthat.com

In the case of searching for kid-friendly games about vocabulary, spelling, storytelling, or similar language arts subjects, iKnowthat.com has parents, teachers, and students covered. The site even gives printable worksheets to offline learning opportunities and supplements.


On the off chance that you are a tycoon game enthusiast, set yourself up for an epic economics and trade set in an enchanting period in American history. Wilderness takes you on a top to bottom voyage back so as to the Wild West, and the chance to pick between a dignified trade and nobility, or a life of thrills, spills, and petty crime! This is a thorough, RPG/ tycoon adventure game for secondary school understudies and adults where you need to purchase, offer, exchange, battle, enlist, and get by as you travel around America.

23.Game Corp

Game Corp is an exceptionally intelligent, engaging and particular business administration simulation game for the secondary school who appreciates web-based recreations that include business subjects and thinking system. In Game Corp, you take control of your own one of a kind marvelous computer game development organization!



Oiligarchy is an extremely cool cash administration procedure game for older kids and teens where you assume the part of a big deal Oil Tycoon, and need to win however much virtual salary as could reasonably be expected by drilling down into the land and valuable crude oil.

 25.Maths Quiz

Are you mad-about-math? Well, Pythagoras now is your opportunity to demonstrate it! Maths Quiz is a fun educational game reasonable for the classroom or at home for both youthful and old. It’s a conventional numbers test where you just answer math questions with time as the opponent and get an exam review (A, B, C, D and so forth.) toward its finish.


The objective of these educational activities is to get your teen excited about learning something new. If you are going to be a part of the game or activity, it is important that you find the time to learn a little about the activity before hosting it.

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