11 Best Coloring Apps for Toddlers


Colouring by teazel ltd, Little princess coloring book, Kids coloring fun by smartstudy pinkfong, Amy’s coloring book, COLOR therapy by miinu ltd, Glow coloring, Toonia colorbook, I’m painter, Colorfly by free coloring games, Color me and Burt’s coloring book are some of the best coloring apps for toddlers.

Colors! The first thing that strikes my mind when I say this word is beautiful, interesting and fun. As the kids are growing, they need to be taught to utilize their time in productive ways. Coloring apps are indeed a very interesting way to keep your kid involved and also trigger some curiosity in them. It is also a learning experience most of the time.

11 Free Toddler Coloring Apps

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So, let’s explore into detail about some coloring apps for kids. Here we go!

Colouring by teazel ltd

This amazing coloring app which goes along with both kids and adults is made for google play users. It was free earlier but now it has become a paid application. But the good thing is that there is not much difference between the paid and the free version of the app. It’s just that the paid version consists of more pictures when compared to the free version. The only inconvenience in this app is that you need to watch certain advertisements in order to unlock the pictures to color. It has many more features such as the black line which makes coloring easy for beginners. I’m sure your child will enjoy coloring in this application. It is not just a source of fun also makes them aware of the color and surrounding.



Little princess coloring book

No doubt your little princess must be in love with princesses, Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Rapunzel and many more. So why not give them a dreamy and royal treat with a princess coloring book. What more? This app also consists of eight magical games to entertain your little girl and around fifty princess pictures waiting for your little one to color. It has a good four-star rating and the best part is that this app is free of cost.


Kids coloring fun by smartstudy pinkfong

Well, Well, Well! Another free coloring app for your kid. It has got a variety of tools such as stickers, glitters and around two hundred coloring pages to keep your kid involved in a colorful learning session. The interactive actions of the app can keep your kid entertained and engaged for hours. Though there are some adds which keep popping up in between the fun session, it’s better to ignore them and focus on better part.


Amy’s coloring book

What if an app lets your kid draw freely and color what they have drawn? It is going to be fun, isn’t it? Amy’s coloring book is a freestyle finger coloring app that is both a fun element and keeps your kid engaged for hours. Luckily this is also a free app. Just because it has a freestyle drawing feature, it works well for kids of all ages.



COLOR therapy by miinu ltd

It is one of the best coloring apps for iOS users. It contains a wide variety of themes such as plants, flowers, and many more. You can simply choose the theme that suits you and put your kid’s coloring skills at test. This is considered to be a very addictive app. This user-friendly app lets your kid listen to some music while coloring. As your kid grows up you can also teach them about special effects and features like frames, line colors, etc.


Glow coloring

The most distinct feature of this app is that it is the first doodle app which allows us to scan in images that we wish to color. Yes, you can even adjust the brush pattern, brush size and the color. What more? Once you are done with your art, you can save it in your camera roll and also email it to someone from that app. So, let your kid color and also become a quick learner.


Toonia colorbook

It is said to be the best free coloring app for kids because of the wide range of two million satisfied parents and kids who have rated it as the best. The best part of this app is that it is also an educational resource. There are a plenty of pages and themes that can keep your little one busy for hours. It gives your kid a chance to explore and learn several things on there own and increases their creativity.



I’m painter

Kids love cartoons so we try to get the stuff which is related to cartoons. But, why to limit the kid’s creativity to cartoons only. The classic I’m painter app for android contains around 22 famous images from various painters along with an easy to use paint interface with custom color creation. So, color the classic paintings and have fun. This is best for kids who are above 8 years of age otherwise, the child may not be aware of the significance of the pictures.


Colorfly by free coloring games

This app is not just for kids, it is a full family package. It has lots of fun, free pictures with weekly updates. It has extremely interesting features and number of pictures to color than any other free coloring app. The lack of gradient tool and the difficulty in coloring small areas makes the app little complicated. But still, the coloring options are great.


Color me

This android app combines an intelligent interface, an amazing selection of scenes and two distinct coloring moods. The variety of pictures that are present in the app makes your kid aware of various things that have their existence in the world. Whenever they choose a picture to color, their curious mind makes sure that they get to know about the picture.  The simple mood is for small kids and beginners, and the advanced mood is for older kids.



Burt’s coloring book

The Burt’s Coloring App is best for a streamlined coloring experience and a great selection of scenes. The babies mode is for kids under the age of three and the kids mode is for all kids above that age. So, even the youngest of your kids can use this app. Amazing!


So, what are you waiting for, download these apps for your little one let them have some fun along with learning. Click pictures of there art and send it to your family members and let them admire the progress your little one is making. Cheers!