12 Must Include Moments in Your Baby Book


Baby books, or baby record books to be more specific, might sound as something truly unique, but they are not as uncommon as they sound. It might have been uncommon a few decades ago perhaps. I remember how surprised I was when I discovered my baby book. However, when I asked my friends about their baby books, I was surprised to know that many of them had never heard about it before. However, new age parents are leaving no stone unturned to celebrate every minute of pregnancy, their parenthood and their baby’s early formative years. Therefore, in this age, baby books have not only become common but also quite important.

In this article, we will discuss 12 special moments of your child’s life that must be included in their baby book. We know that many parents include special moments leading up to their baby’s birth in the book as well, but we will only stick to the baby’s special moments here. The 12 must include moments are:

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12 Best Must Include Moments in Your Baby Book

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First Visitors

When a baby is one, the first visitor is usually a family member. My first visitors were my uncle and aunt. But honestly, first visitors could be anyone. They could be your closest friends and other loved ones too. Maybe just write their names and include a photograph of them.

Story Behind The Name

There is always a story behind our names. We might think it isn’t special or doesn’t qualify as a story, but trust me, it does. In my case, there were quite a few suggestions, but ultimately, my father chose my name. Every story is a unique one. Think about the first time you heard or thought about your baby’s name. There must’ve been quite a lot of suggestions before you settled on one. Write all the suggested names and then write why you chose the name you finally chose.


Appearance Of The First Tooth

 The first tooth appears a little around six months of age, but it varies from person to person. My first tooth appeared when I was five months old. It is a very important milestone, so don’t forget to include this in the baby record book!

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Date Of The First Step

When a baby takes their first step, it is a moment of elation for both the parents and other family members. When your child will grow up and grow through their record book, they will be overjoyed to see that they know when they first started walking. For the record, I started walking on my first birthday, so that is some unique date!

First Word Spoken

 The first word spoken by any child is a moment of great anticipation and excitement for both the set of parents. Depending on them, both of them want to hear ‘mum’ or ‘dad’ first. Most babies do utter some variation or the other of these two words, but again, a lot of children say completely different things. I once read about a child, whose first word was “cow”. Funny, isn’t it?

Childhood Nickname

 Babies have too many nicknames, because they are the cutest bundles of joy! Out of sheer happiness, parents or other people call them by many names. Some of them remain over the years, and hopefully, one of them becomes the permanent nickname. Don’t forget to add all these names in the baby book!

Pictures Taken Every Month Till The First Birthday

 I don’t know how many parents do it, but it is something you can do. Click one picture of your baby every month for the first year of their lives. It not only traces their growth, but also notes the changes they undergo over this one year. It is indeed a great thing to add all these twelve pictures in the baby book!


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First Full Toothed Smile

 You won’t regret recording this. Babies have the cutest smile in the whole world, and when they smile with their baby teeth out, it is the most precious thing you will ever see.

First Run

Right after they learn how to walk, babies start walking or running very fast. Yes, they start running to after a point. It will be a good exercise trying to keep them in one place then! You can definitely include this moment in your book.

First Fall

Don’t worry, it isn’t as terrible as it sounds! Of course babies will fall, because they are learning to walk and run, and they will stumble at one point. Just make sure the fall is never severe.

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First Day Of Cereals

Doctors usually advise babies to start having mashed versions of all veggies and other things from the age of six months onwards. This date is definitely worth recording.


First Birthday

Here comes the most special moment! Your child’s first birthday is something that you’ll not only cherish and celebrate in a grand manner, but also remember it for all the years to come. Do not forget to include a picture of your baby with their lovely parents.

This list is a mere suggestion. You can add as many and as different special moments as you would want to. Let us not forget that every moment spent with your son or daughter or child is wonderful. Also, baby books for boys and girls are practically the same, so no worries. Have a great journey of parenthood ahead.