11 Signs of Labor You Must Know


Every pregnancy is different. Every labor comes in a different way. However, there are still some common things connecting all the symptoms. Symptoms like painful contractions, tremendous back pain, and increase in vaginal discharge often tend to haunt you before your labor.

Also you might face discharge of mucus along with a disturbed tummy and tremendous mood swings. The muscle of your uterus might tighten. You might have sudden urges and cravings. All these are signs that you are in labor.

It is important for both the partners to know the signs of labor. So, here we are helping you out with that.

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11 Must Know Signs of Labor

Back Pain

Sharp back pains are very definite signs of a labor. It is similar to the pre-menstrual pains. The abdominal pain will be persistent. There will be cramps. If it increases beyond your level of tolerance then inform the doctor. However, back pain is very obvious sign that you are in labor. You will have a feeling that you are in your periods. But the pains will be worse than periods. The cramps would be more painful. If you bleed, then you should call your doctor at once.

Painful Contractions

Painful contractions are yet another necessary evil indicating that you are in your labor. First they will start with shorter interval and then they will sustain for longer time period. This happens to every woman who has ever been into labor. There is nothing to worry about this, however, if the pain goes beyond limits then you must call the doctor.


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Excessive Sweating

The hormonal change in your body will trigger more flow of blood through your veins. This will lead to excessive sweating. This can be quite embarrassing especially when you are in a public place. More sweat will also necessarily mean that you will have body odor. That stinks, doesn’t it? Well, so in that case you need to keep quick baths and keep yourself dry as much as possible.

Blood-tinged Mucus

Discharge of blood-tinged mucus is also very common sign of labor. If you face similar discharge then it is definite that you are undergoing labor. It is a sign that the muscle plugs which blocks the uterus have broken. That is why there is a hint of blood in the discharge of mucus coming out. This is one of the most convincing signs of labor barring the breakage of water.signs of labor

Water Breaking

The most definite sign that you are in labor is that your membrane will rupture. Amniotic fluid will come out. That is in fact the last sign you wait for. You must rush to your hospital when this happens. Normally it is wise to get admitted before the due date. In that way you can be sure that the water breaks whilst you are in a secured medical facility.

Increase in Vaginal Discharge

All the hormonal flow and the blood pressure rise there will a lot of pressure on your uterus. The entire abdominal area will be severely challenged. In such cases increase in vaginal discharge is very common. This can be very embarrassing as you might have to change your inners more often than you actually want to.

Mood Swings

Hormonal changes will make way for sudden mood swings. You might get all of a sudden, without any prior indication. All the gush of blood and hormones lead to such situation. Your temper will be out of your control. Your partner can face the wrath of it sometimes. But you are ought to feel sorry and ashamed, later on. Worry not; as this will also get normalized once you give birth to your child.


Absurd Urges

It is when the hormonal flows are at its pick. That is the reason why you might some absurd urges like cleaning the room or doing the dishes. Your brain will act in a different way. You might have cravings for foods which you normally do not like. All these signs indicate that you in your labor. Consult your doctor.

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Disrupted Sleeps

You might have nightmares. You might wake up without any reason. This all happens due to the increased blood flow and the secretion of the hormone called estrogen. That will make you have all these weird dreams. Sometimes when you are taking a daytime nap, then also these dreams might creep up and wake you up.

Lowering of Drop-in Position

One of the most advantageous signs of labor is the lowering of the drop position of your belly. You will have the craving to have more food and drink more water. The lowered down position will allow you to intake more food than usual. This will help your baby also to move down.

Upset Tummy

With an increase in the craving for food comes the evil of an upset tummy. You might have loose motion or might also have constipation. Your digestion will be slow. Your intestine will relax at all the wrong moments. That might create additional pressure. The iron supplements you will take, will definitely add to the misery.

Constipation will lead to many acute problems for you. Feeling gassy is definitely one of them. There are plenty of places where the gas might get trapped. And it might leak out at a wrong time.


Similarly you will also feel like burping more. This will be awkward considering your normal social behavior. There is nothing to be embarrassed of. It is very common and it will eventually get cured. Try and not forcefully restrict the tendency.

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If any of the things happens to you, you must not wait a second. It is well advised that you should be in the hospital way before the actual predetermined date of delivery. You should not risk the delivery to delay till the last day. There is no way you should wait at your home till your water breaks. Either way it increases the risk. Still there is something which is out of hand. As mentioned, all pregnancies are different and so is all labor.