13 Must Avoid Food to Prevent Colic in Breastfeed Babies


If your child suffers from colic, it could be possible that the food you eat is causing him or her the pain and misery. Yes, that is correct. What breastfeeding mothers eat play a great role in not just causing colic but also in improving the child’s health and immunity. Read on for more details on what you should eat in order to reduce colic in your baby.

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Colic Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a crucial period for the infants. Mothers need to be careful about their diets, as the milk they produce has a direct influence on the health of the child. Children often develop colic, or aches in the belly at particular times of the day. This happens due to the accumulation of gas in the digestive system of the mother. In order to prevent this situation, mothers need to be careful of their diets. Well, here we present thirteen foods that mothers should avoid to prevent colic in breastfeeding babies.

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One of the key factors leading to colic is gas in the body of the mother. Coffee has the ability to produce gas in the body of mothers, which instead, leads to colic in the children. You may love coffee, but speak to your doctor about the quantity and frequency of its consumption, keeping the health of your child in mind.

Hot, spicy dishes

You may have a fascination for hot and spicy foods. However, it may turn out to be harmful to your child. Keep the intake of these foods under restriction to prevent colic in children.


Soft drinks

Avoid soft drinks as much as possible as long as you breastfeed your baby. These drinks accumulate chemicals in the body, which affects the kids. You may consume fruit juices or lemonade prepared at home as a substitute.

Energy drinks

Energy drinks, too, have a negative impact on the breastfeeding child, so make sure you do not consume any of these drinks during the early days of the child. You may switch to safer substitutes after consulting with your doctor.


Although physicians recommend legumes to mothers breastfeeding their children, these may produce gas in their systems. Soya and rajma are two such legumes, which you need to consume in low quantities. However, other legumes are safe to consume during this period.colic breastfeed

Excessive milk

Mothers need to consume milk during the breastfeeding period. However, excessive consumption of milk may lead to digestive issues. This may lead to colic in breastfeeding children. You need to buy raw milk and boil it to boost up the lactation process. Pasteurized milk contains various chemicals that reduces its nutritional value.

Certain vegetables

A few vegetables should be avoided as much as possible to prevent the formation of gas. Cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli may take time to digest, particularly if they are not cooked properly. This results in gas formation in the body, leading to stomach pains in the child.

Fast foods

Various fast foods contain chemical preservatives. These are harmful for the digestive systems in mothers. If you are breastfeeding your child, try to avoid pizza, burgers and other common fast foods.



Shellfish takes more time to get digested. Try to avoid these stuffs as long as your baby depends on your milk. You may consult a dietician to know alternative dishes with equivalent nutritional value. Avoid eating shellfish and other foods that cause colic in your child.


Although nuts provide your body with energy, it can also produce gas in the system. It is harmful to the breastfeeding child. Try to keep away from all types of nuts when the baby remains young. These include peanuts, almonds, cashews and other varieties of nuts. The gas formation in the body is harmful for the children and they often show signs of distress after breastfeeding.


Beef may be enriched with nutritional values, but you should avoid it when you are breastfeeding your child. It takes a long time to get digested and produces gas in the body.


Corn may be one of the reasons behind colic in children. If you note signs of distress in your child, take him to the doctor. You may have to change your meals to keep your child comfortable.

Egg white

Doctors advise mothers not to consume the egg whites. It has a negative impact on the health of the children. Egg whites may cause gas in the body, leading to stomach grips in the child after breastfeeding.

You may find that the child gets stomach cramps, particularly in the afternoon. This is the result of wrong intake of food by the mother. The health of the child depends on the food you take, so avoid eating foods that causes discomfiture in your child.


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