11 Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a wonderful time to be taking the best care of yourself. You should eat what’s good for you and rest as much as you can. Eating safe foods for you and your baby are aplenty, and that includes nuts and seeds. Seeds like those of pumpkin are beneficial in many ways for pregnant women.

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What pumpkin seeds contain

Pumpkin seeds are rich in proteins, vitamins and zinc and reduce cholesterol. They also contain the protein Tryptophan, and phosphorus, magnesium, manganese and phytosterols that help with improved liver functioning and body immunity. The oil of pumpkin seeds contains fatty acids that add strength and health to tissues, blood vessels and nerves. Being fibre-rich, it also helps relieve constipation during pregnancy.

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benefits of pumpkin seeds

Here are 11 benefits women can reap from eating pumpkin seeds during pregnancy:


11 Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds on Pregnant Women

1. Soothes and prevents stomach cramps

If you are prone to stomach cramps during your pregnancy, eat pumpkin seeds as these will take care of the cramps. You can have them stir-fried, steamed or cooked.

2. Overall health

Pumpkin seeds are so full of nutrients that you can depend on them for added nutrition during your pregnancy. They are filled with carbs, iron, calcium, fat, proteins, phosphorus and niacin.

3. Prevents diarrhoea during pregnancy

For the stomach disorders that you might experience during your pregnancy, eating pumpkin seeds could well be the perfect solution. Not only do they reduce your risk of getting diarrhoea and eczema, but they also help remove worms lodged in your intestine and clean the spleen. These efforts reduce any chances of your getting stomach infection during these sensitive days.

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4. Helps bowel function normally

Pumpkin seeds are rich in fiber, so they are highly dependable in keeping your bowels functioning optimally during pregnancy.


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5. Produces red blood cells

It is very important for pregnant women to have a sufficient amount of iron in the body for various functions. One of them is for the pregnant woman to produce enough red blood cells to fuel her baby’s growth. Red blood cells are also needed to transport oxygen all through the body. One cup of pumpkin seeds per day is adequate to meet your needs during pregnancy.

6. Prevents neural tube defects

Pumpkin seeds are rich in B Vitamins that not only give you enough energy for your entire pregnancy term, but also contain folate, which is most vital in terms of vitamins for pregnant women. Folate also helps prevent spina bifida and other neural tube defects. During your pregnancy, you need at least 400 mcg per day.

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7. Normalizes blood sugar levels

Pumpkin seeds are highly effective in reducing blood sugar levels and normalizing them. For best results, it should be taken without sugar or sweetener.

8. Aids DNA production and cell growth

While pregnant, it is important that you eat zinc-rich foods because they are helpful in producing DNA. It also helps cells grow rapidly in the growing foetus. Zinc also works hard to strengthen your immunity, sleep better and stabilize your mood swings, all common symptoms during pregnancy.

On the other hand, if you are deficient in zinc, it could lead to a baby with low birth weight, miscarriage or toxemia or any other complication during pregnancy, at birth, or after. To avoid such situations, you should 13 mg of zinc every day.


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9. Boosts the foetus’ brain development

Pumpkin seeds have an abundant stock of healthy unsaturated fats, which provide the developing foetus with the necessary Omega 3 fatty acids for its brain development. Medical researchers have found that babies with low levels of Omega 3 fatty acids have reduced brain development. Fatty acids also improve visual acuity and aid in the development of the central nervous system. As a pregnant woman, you should eat foods rich in fatty acids such as wild rice, eggs, soy, salmon, mackerel, trout, sardines and walnuts.

10. Helps keep the heart healthy

Your heart needs to be ticking well during pregnancy. For this, you need to have enough magnesium for your heart to pump well. Magnesium also helps to form the baby’s teeth and bones while it grows within your womb. You probably experience constipation during your pregnancy, a situation that can be averted by a good measure of magnesium regularly, about 1/4 cup.

11. Prevents diabetes

Are you diabetic or at risk for it? If so, you can regulate your insulin levels by eating pumpkin seeds regularly. Pumpkin seeds also prevent any diabetes-related complications by reducing oxidative stress.

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Eating Pumpkin During Pregnancy – Safe or Not?