Second Trimester – Week by Week Pregnancy


The second trimester of pregnancy is from week 13 to week 28. This is the time which you feel as well as look more pregnant. During this period you experience abdominal pain and sensitivity in breasts. Also you might feel heartburn and congestion.

Ultimate Guide for Second Trimester

second trimester

Week 13 of Pregnancy

week 13 of pregnancyDuring this stage the uterus is growing out of your pelvis and that baby bump is becoming more prominent with each passing day. Your baby is now the size of a whole lemon, weighing 0.81 ounces and sized 2.9 inches.

Dos and Don’ts of Week 13 of Pregnancy:

  • Never stop exercising
  • Engage more in light and happy activities like reading, listening to music, writing a diary of your pregnancy journey, and watching movies.
  • Don’t engage in hectic physical activities like pulling or lifting heavy objects because it might result in further muscle pulls or cramps.
  • Never compromise on the quantity of fluid intake because it helps both the mother and the 13 week foetus absorb minerals and wash out toxins.

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Week 14 of Pregnancy

The weight of the foetus has almost doubled since week 13. The speed at which your baby is growing has increased considerably over the past few days. You are likely to experience less nausea and more food cravings during this week as your waistline shows no remorse of growing out of your clothes!

Dos and Don’ts of Week 14 of Pregnancy:

  • Attend childbirth training sessions to ease tension.
  • Include more protein and calcium in your diet.
  • Don’t spray pesticides in your house as they interfere with your hormonal cycle and affect the development of the foetus.
  • Don’t eat foods that are too spicy.

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Week 15 of Pregnancy

The bump is very prominent and the baby’s body becomes even more proportionate as the head stops growing. The amniotic fluid inside the sac acts as an atmospheric simulation for the baby, as it inhales and exhales the fluid.week 15 of pregnancy

Dos and Don’ts of Week 15 of Pregnancy:

  • Eat a good quantity of citrus fruits regularly.
  • Keep doing moderate exercises to keep the pelvic muscles active at 15 weeks pregnant.
  • Don’t listen to loud music for too long.
  • Don’t drink packaged fizzy drinks.

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Week 16

The 16 week foetus is now the size of a full apple, which is 4.6 inches long and approximately 3.5 ounces heavy. During this time, you gain weight; especially around the belly.

week 16 of pregnancy

Dos and Don’ts of Week 16 of Pregnancy:

  • Make sure that you sleep sideways. Do not sleep on your stomach or facing the ceiling.
  • Opt for healthier alternatives of food products.
  • Don’t forget to load up on healthy fats.
  • Don’t refrain from communicating openly with your spouse and gynaecologist.

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Week 17

During week 17, the baby begins to develop two of the major reflexes; sucking and swallowing. The hormonal structure of your body changes and produces extra vaginal discharge, mucus, and sweat, among many other internal fluids.


pregnancy week 17

Dos and Don’ts of Week 17 of Pregnancy:

  • Switch to foods that contain good amounts of fibre that can help bowel regular movement.
  • As you are constipated most of the time, set a proper bowel-cleansing routine.
  • Don’t eat foods containing too much licorice extract.
  • Don’t consume too much refined flour.

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Week 18

You are likely to feel light-headed and hungry quite often when 18 weeks pregnant, thanks to those raging hormones and their transformation! Due to increase in abdomen size, tretch marks appear on the lower part of your stomach.

week 18 pregnancy

Dos and Don’ts of Week 18 of Pregnancy:

  • Include more calcium and phosphorus in your diet.
  • Opt for cushioned footwear that will ease the pain caused by extra pressure from below the abdomen.
  • Don’t sit for long hours with your legs crossed.
  • Don’t eat too many sweets.

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Week 19

The fetus is now more developed to be identified as either a girl or a boy. You might experience hip pains, especially at night, because now you are always sleeping on your sides.


Dos and Don’ts of Week 19 of Pregnancy:

  • Stick to the basic activities like walking and mild pelvic exercises.
  • Consume more apples as they are great source of minerals that are essential during pregnancy.
  • Don’t stay under the sun for long hours.
  • Don’t drink more than 2 cups of tea a day.

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Week 20

It is common to experience excess vaginal discharge when you are 20 weeks pregnant. This is likely to increase over the next few months, until delivery. The 20 week’s foetus keeps adding to your weight, resulting in extra pressure on your legs.

week 20 of pregnancy

Dos and Don’ts of Week 20 of Pregnancy:

  • Start searching for paediatricians. Do a good research and narrow down on a few big names.
  • Eat essential fatty acids like omega 3, 6 and 9.
  • Don’t stay in places with loud noise. Stay in a quiet and peaceful environment.
  • Don’t miss your appointments with your doctor.

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Week 21

The baby is now big enough to give you a feel of the foetal movements and you are expected to gain about 15 extra pounds by now. Hormonal changes in your body do not go down well with your digestive system during pregnancy.


week 21 pregnancy baby

Dos and Don’ts of Week 21 of Pregnancy:

  • No matter how much fatigued you feel, never give up on exercising.
  • Take brief showers in warm water to relieve yourself from nagging back aches.
  • Don’t miss ultrasound sessions, as they are vital for your knowledge of the progress of your child’s overall development.
  • Eat healthy foods at regular intervals, but don’t overeat.

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Week 22

The 22 week foetus is now the size of a coconut, weighing approximately 15.2 ounces and nearly 11 inches long from the crown of its head to the heel of its foot. Rapid changes in the hormonal concoction within your body and increased levels of blood flow lead to more watery vaginal discharge.

22 weeks pregnancy

Dos and Don’ts of Week 22 of Pregnancy:

  • Start looking for after-birth utility services like quality baby food, best baby cribs and reliable childcare centres.
  • Invest in clean panty liners and change them at regular intervals to keep the vaginal area dry and infection-free.
  • Don’t take random over-the-counter medicines.
  • Don’t climb up and down too often.

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Week 23

The 23 week foetus is now listening to whatever happens around you and even reacts to them! The little one surely is preparing for the outside world! There will be increase in Braxton Hicks Contractions.


week 23 pregnancy week by week

Dos and Don’ts of Week 23 of Pregnancy:

  • Rely on liquid based foods like soups and juices as they are more compatible with your current fragile constitution, hence easy to digest.
  • It is high time that you plan and apply for your maternity leave.
  • Don’t drink any form of highly caffeinated drinks.
  • Wear the same panty liner for too long.

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Week 24

Now you have officially entered the full-fledged fifth month of pregnancy and your body is providing you an overview of the later stages of this journey. As the uterus expands, it pulls your back muscles and presses against your spine, causing irritation and pain.

week 24 of pregnancy

Dos and Don’ts of Week 24 of Pregnancy:

  • Eat lots of greens, as they are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and iron.
  • Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.
  • Don’t use laxatives without the doctor’s prescription.
  • Don’t ignore blood coming out of the anal region.

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Week 25

At this stage you are in the middle of your fifth month of pregnancy. The uterus expands so much that it compresses the bladder. Thus you want to visit the washroom more often as you cannot hold back much of the urine inside your bladder.


week 25 of pregnancy

Dos and Don’ts of Week 25 of Pregnancy:

  • Drink plenty of water, as the water lubricates your digestive and excretory system.
  • Add some herbs to your diet because herbs are known to have medicinal and healing properties.
  • Don’t miss out on your appointments.
  • Don’t sit in seats without backrests.

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Week 26

At this stage, your fetus is at its maximum speed of growth and development of the major senses. The fast pace and changing formulae of your hormones lead to increased blood pressure.

week 26 of pregnancy

Dos and Don’ts of Week 26 of Pregnancy:

  • Carry light and healthy snacks to avoid eating junk foods.
  • Spend time with your partner and share your feelings for the new journey that lies ahead.
  • Don’t do too much cleaning around the house.
  • Don’t go after cleaning pet’s litter boxes, as they contain harmful elements.

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Week 27

At 27 weeks pregnant, your skin may be glowing but it also feels dry and itchy frequently. This happens because as the baby grows, your skin stretches out to accommodate it and to enable proper passage of the pregnancy hormones.


week 27 of pregnancy

Dos and Don’ts of Week 27 of Pregnancy:

  • Plan on getting a helper for the period after delivery.
  • Try to attend Lamaze classes.
  • Don’t climb stairs too often.
  • Don’t take showers that are too hot.

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