Week 28 Of Pregnancy – Pregnancy Week By Week


At 28 weeks pregnant, you officially enter the third trimester of this journey leading to motherhood! Your baby is now the size of a fully grown eggplant, weighing about 2.2 pounds and sized at about 14.8 inches. You are also entering the seventh month of pregnancy. Now you are nearing towards your delivery date!

28 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Broader stretch marks

At 28 weeks pregnant, the size of your belly is increasing in leaps and bounds! As the stomach stretches to accommodate the growing foetus, stretch marks appear on the skin. These marks keep becoming broader as the belly keeps increasing in size throughout pregnancy.

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Trouble sleeping

The raging hormones are at fault for sleepless nights and changes in sleeping patterns that you are experiencing at this stage. Try to get some sleep in the form of power naps throughout the day, to keep yourself active.

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By the 28th week of pregnancy, your uterus has grown up nearly to the level of your ribs. This causes more congestion near the lungs and diaphragm, leading to shortness of breath. Don’t walk up and down the stair too often, and try to avoid pushing heavy stuff.



Increased backache

The growing 28 week foetus causes the uterus to push against the lower spine and congest the posterior area. Along with this, the fluctuating hormone levels add to constant backaches and irritation in the pelvic region. Try to focus on meditation and stretching activities.

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Braxton Hicks contractions

Again, these perpetual contractions! By this time, there is a noticeable increase in the contractions. You body is getting ready for labour as you are moving towards the last few months of pregnancy. If these contractions cause excruciating pain, consult your gynaecologist for medical relief.

Leaky breasts

At 28 weeks pregnant, you see that your mammary glands start producing food for the upcoming baby. A yellow substance called “colostrum” is formed, which occasionally leaks from the nipples. Change your garments if there’s too much wetness.

28 Weeks Pregnant Belly

During this week, the fundal height should be approximately from 26 cms to 30 cms. If you are carrying twins, the doctor usually does not measure your belly as it is difficult to estimate an average size now. Your belly now experiences more of the baby’s kicks as it is growing at a rapid rate. The 28 week foetus has turned its head towards the cervix, for delivery. There is additional pressure on your bladder due to the growth of the abdomen. Make sure that you have handy clothes to change if your bladder cheats on you!


Pregnancy Ultrasound

During the ultrasound this week, you will see that your baby’s wrinkly skin is gradually getting smoother because of the increase in its size. The baby is also performing heavy breathing tasks, to prepare for life after birth. The good news is, since the lungs are mature enough by now, the baby is will survive even if a case of premature delivery occurs. 28 weeks ultrasound involves the doctor testing your blood for signs of gestational diabetes, anaemia, and group B strep. If you face any symptom that is unknown to the doctor, ask right away and receive the appropriate medical attention to mend it.

Dos and Don’ts During Week 28 of Pregnancy

Dos –                                     

Schedule your 30-week prenatal visit: The 30th week is important because there will be a major prenatal visit during that period. Since it is important, schedule your date and time of appointment with the doctor, so that you don’t miss out on the tests. These tests will determine the nature of development of the child and will take the expecting mother through a virtual journey of the near future in pregnancy.

Foetal kick counts: Look out for the kicks, swishes, and rolls! Tracking your baby’s movements helps you know their habits and sleeping patterns. The more you experience the kicks, the more active and healthy the baby is. Since by this time the kicks are strong, you can easily count every time there’s a movement.

Exercise: Even at 28 weeks pregnant, you must still continue with mild exercises regularly. These will help tone your muscles and keep them active. Stick to walking short distances, stretching, and pelvic moves.

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Get a T-dap vaccine: If you haven’t got this vaccine during the first trimester or before pregnancy, you must get one now. This vaccine will help protect the 28 week foetus from diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis, until they are officially vaccinated later.


Don’ts –

Eat too much cheese: While it is vital to load up on calcium, it is not advisable to consume too much cheese. It is after all processed milk. Cheese contains calories and fat that is good for the body if consumed in a controlled manner. Eating about a maximum of two sticks of cheese per day is enough for your baby and you to receive the essential nutrients that come from it. Too much cheese can also cause loose motion and bowel irritation.

Opt for store-made mixed fruit bowls: Eat lots of fruits regularly. But, don’t buy the fruit bowls available in supermarkets. The fruits may not have been washed well and there may be mild preservatives that could affect your baby’s brain.

Stand for too long: Since your abdominal area is now expanding, it needs support from below. Standing for too long is certainly not recommended also because there is an increased pressure on your legs that may cause further swelling. Sitting provides support to the uterus and lets your legs rest.

Lift your elder child or dog: At 28 weeks, it is not the right time for lifting heavy objects. Even your elder child, if you have one, and your dog should not be exempted from that. Lifting them may lead to extra pressure on your back and abdomen, along with cramps if they happen to mildly kick your belly by chance.

At 28 weeks pregnant, your mind and body are trapped inside a bowl of mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety! Use these emotions to your advantage and read more about pregnancy, visit your doctor timely, spend quality time with your partner, and prepare to celebrate the baby’s first steps!