11 Benefits of Royal Jelly in Your Child’s Diet


Improves brain functioning, gives you a healthy skin, diabetes, boosts immune system, safety from allergies, keeps liver healthy, strong bones, cure from asthma, stomach ulcers, heals the wound and sleeping issues are some of the benefits of royal jelly in your child’s diet.

The sweet and healthy royal jelly with its anti-tumor, antibacterial and protein-rich properties gives a lot more benefit to your child. Not only protein but it also contains carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, and 17 types of amino acid. With 60-70 percent amount of water in it, royal jelly is used as a medicine by many people to boost their immune system or to heal their wounds. It is proved effective in various conditions and gives the benefit of a healthy lifestyle.

What is royal jelly?

The secretion of honey bee that is used for the nutrition of larvae and the adult bees is known as royal jelly. It is present in the glands of the hypopharynx of the nurse bees from where it is secreted and fed to the larvae developing in the colony despite the sex or the caste. The nurse bees do this process of feeding the royal jelly to some of the special larvae when their queen becomes weak or she is dead.

The royal jelly benefits to human beings when consumed in proper quantity and thus nowadays it is used widely as a dietary supplement to cure a number of diseases.

11 Amazing Benefits of Royal Jelly

royal jelly

When it is about the health of your child you always want the best. Royal jelly is all you need to benefit your child with nutrition and more.


Improves brain functioning

The royal jelly gives you the advantage of improving the short term memory problem of your child. The killed brain cells and neurodegenerative diseases are prevented by this substance. It is a beneficiary substance to such diseases as it improves the neural functions. By giving an effective cure to spatial learning your child will feel the change in a week or two by the consumption of royal jelly.

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Gives you a healthy skin

It happens that your child skin may get affected by his/her day to day activities in school or by the pollution and harmful sun rays. The royal jelly is there to help. If your child has a dry skin, eczema or dermatosis then it is useful to him/her. It also helps to protect the skin from aging.

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Diabetes has become a very common disease found in adults and many small children as well. If the royal jelly is taken 3 times a day till eight days then the sugar level goes down and helps to control diabetes. Along with diabetes the heart diseases also can be improved with this royal substance.

Boosts immune system

The immune system gets boosted with the help of royal jelly. It gives your child’s body immunity to fight the harmful germs and stay safe from diseases breathing in the air. The immunity function gets advanced and works much better with the help of producing T cells.


Your child’s extracurricular activities and studies become manageable as your child is active enough to handle them both by the consumption of this helpful substance.

Safety from allergies

Allergies are another thing to trouble a child. Royal jelly benefits to cure your child of allergy and suppress it to make him/her free from it. It becomes very uncomfortable for a child while suffering from an allergy so cure it well with the help of royal jelly.

Keeps liver healthy

Small children have a habit to have all type of junk food that affects the liver. It is very important for a body to filter the waste which is the function of the liver. The liver functioning can be improved well when you give royal jelly to your child.

Strong Bones

What is royal jelly benefits to a bone?

You must not be known but royal jelly gives a helping hand to support your bones. The calcium absorption is enhanced when the substance is consumed. The royal jelly benefits to cure osteoporosis.

Cure from asthma

Asthma gets cured when you have the dosage of royal jelly supplements. If your child has an asthma problem then get rid of heavy medicines and try to give this substance to him/her as prescribed by the doctor.


Stomach ulcers

As your child is still developing, his/her body tends to have stomach ulcers if something goes wrong in the diet. To cure them royal jelly is the most reliable thing to have. As it fights with the ulcers and cures them well.

Heals the wound

What is royal jelly effectiveness towards the wounds?

The skin when gets damaged certain vitamins and nutrients present in royal jelly helps the skin to heal faster. The skin lesions which take a large time to heal get accelerated with this substance to improve the wound.

Sleeping issues

Not so surprising to having a child with sleeping issues. It is due to some of the problem in the body that affects the sleep of your child. Get is fixed with a healthy sleep and make your child consume royal jelly.

How soon to start up with royal jelly?

It is recommended to not give royal jelly to your baby till he/she is 1 year old. Since, honey is raw food and there is always a risk of botulism from the clostridium bacteria.

Nutritional facts

The royal jelly benefits to give minerals and vitamin C to your child. The fats, sugar, proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids and vitamins are all present in royal jelly. This nutrition gives a healthy growth to your child and makes him fit and fine. It also has 8 important amino acid that is not present in the body neither it can produce.


Side effects of royal jelly

Like any dietary supplement royal jelly also have certain side effects. Some of the serious health problems can be faced if the substance does not suite to your children like swelling of the throat, allergic reactions, and stomach pain. The side effects are short-term and do not last long if treated well on time.


Royal jelly should be taken on an empty stomach and it should be kept in the mouth as long as it can to give better absorption of the substance in your body.

To avoid any time of side effects it is preferable to use fresh produced royal jelly. It should also be organic for the safety of your child. And as soon as you feel that by consuming royal jelly is giving an invitation to a disease you should consult your doctor. The dosage should be as instructed by the doctor.

It is just a small overview of what royal jelly is and how helpful it is but it gives lot many benefits to your child. It not only cures the diseases but also help you in many ways to immune your child from many disease and give them a good health. Start it once to see the difference.

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