Things You Should Know About Taking Unisom During Pregnancy


One of the most typical early-pregnancy symptoms is morning sickness. –

Although hormonal and blood sugar changes may play a part, the exact cause of morning sickness may not be fully understood by doctors.

Because morning sickness symptoms are typically very mild, the fetus is generally not adversely affected by any of them. However, the fetus may be in jeopardy if a mother fails to swallow food and liquids. An obstetrician should be consulted by any pregnant woman who is worried about nausea and vomiting.

unisom during pregnancy

Hyperemesis gravidarum, a more severe form of morning sickness, affects up to 3% of pregnant women.

Doctors determine that a woman has this condition when she loses more than 5% of her pre-pregnancy weight and shows symptoms of dehydration.


Pregnant women who experience hyperemesis might need to be hospitalized or receive medical attention.

Are B-6 and Unisom Safe To Use While Pregnant?

Many expecting mothers take vitamin B-6 and Unisom to prevent morning sickness. Some individuals are typically worried that this combination would be harmful to the unborn.

Morning sickness is a common occurrence at the start of pregnancy. Even though nausea and vomiting that happen during pregnancy can happen at any time of the day or night, the term “morning sickness” is frequently used to describe it.

Morning sickness signs and symptoms often go away by the start of the second quarter, but for some women, they may last all the way until labor.

Doxylamine, a sedative, is sold under the brand name Unisom. Diclegis was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2013 to treat nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

It’s possible that morning sickness symptoms will last right up until delivery.


Under the brand name “Unisom,” doxylamine, a sedating antihistamine that can help with insomnia, is offered for sale. Some women have found that taking Unisom and vitamin B-6 supplements together significantly reduces the symptoms of morning sickness over the long term.

Doxylamine and vitamin B-6 can be taken by pregnant women concurrently or separately without causing any negative health effects, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).

What Is The Process?

Vitamin B-6 and doxylamine are effective treatments for morning sickness, though the exact mechanism of action is still unknown to scientists. This chemical combination may have an impact on the brain neurotransmitters that trigger nausea and vomiting, as well as other bodily functions that may be impacted.

Reliable sources state that combinations of vitamin B-6 and doxylamine are frequently effective in reducing morning sickness symptoms.

How Are Women Using This Therapy?

Women are advised by the ACOG to consider dietary and lifestyle changes before seeking medical help for morning sickness.

They recommend trying vitamin B-6 if none of these treatments work or the discomfort is severe.


A woman might want to try doxylamine as well, especially if vitamin B-6 does not relieve her symptoms. The ACOG states that people may take these medications either individually or in combination as Diclegis. 

Women who experience morning sickness should take the following medications, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians: 

  • B-6 at doses of 10 to 25 mg every eight hours
  • At bedtime, take 25 mg of doxylamine (Unisom SleepTabs).

The makers of Diclegis advise ladies to take two pills each day at night. If the symptoms persist, they advise increasing the dosage to three or four pills, taking the extra ones in the morning and mid-afternoon.

Detrimental Consequences

Before using the sedative Unisom, a woman who is expecting should make an appointment with a doctor.

Lethargy is the side effect of doxylamine or Diclegis that occurs most frequently.

The following are additional negative consequences of combining vitamin B-6 with doxylamine:

  • headaches, disorientation, and dry mouth
  • irritation or agitation
  • diarrhoea, constipation, anxiety, stomach pain, and vision issues
  • disruptions in sleep

Anyone who encounters significant or alarming side effects should refrain from taking doxylamine and vitamin B-6.

Advice On Preventing Morning Sickness

With the right dietary changes and behavioral modifications, morning sickness may be reduced or even completely eliminated. 

A woman might decide to try one of the following techniques:

  • Sucking on ice chips or popsicles throughout the day, 
  • ensuring adequate hydration 
  • Don’t drink and eat, 
  • taking a nutritional supplement that contains multiple vitamins
  • consuming a number of little snacks throughout the day as opposed to three massive ones
  • Keeping a few simple crackers on hand for in-room consumption
  • attempting to eat or drink anything that contains actual ginger, such as ginger tea, ginger ale, and ginger sweets
  • , to avoid offensive odors
  • Open the windows and activate the ventilation to lessen odors, especially when cooking.
  • Take as much time as you can to relax, 
  • Avoid going outside in the heat because it might make you feel sicker.
  • Watermelon, ginger tea, lemonade, or lemon-scented products can all be used to treat nausea.
  • Regular exercise
  • Before meals, eat some salt chips to settle the stomach.
  •  After eating, avoid reclining down.
  • Try not to miss any meals.
  • Avoid eating spicy meals.

When Should You Stop Taking B6 and Unisom?

The usual recommendation is to stop taking Unisom and B6 once your morning sickness symptoms have passed. As the first trimester comes to an end, the majority of women experience this. In the event that your symptoms are severe or persist into the second trimester, you might be required to take the medication for a long time. Talk to your doctor about your concerns if you’re unsure about stopping your medication. In light of your particular situation, they will be able to advise you on what to do next.

What Birth Defects Are Common in Unisom Pregnancy?

Doxylamine (Unisom) use carries a small risk of causing several birth abnormalities. HLHS, spina bifida, cleft lip and palate, pyloric stenosis, neural tube malformations, and cleft lip and palate are a few examples of these birth defects. 

If a baby was born with a congenital condition related to the Unisom pregnancy, there is therapy available. Surgery is frequently performed to repair the gap in the mouth’s roof (palate). Even though this process can start as early as 3 months old, most parents wait until their child is between 12 and 18 months old.



Even though the majority of morning sickness patients benefit from the Unisom and Vitamin B6 combination therapy, you won’t feel any better if your symptoms continue even after trying different medications. Well, it might be a sign that you’re vomiting violently during pregnancy. Well, it might be a sign that you’re vomiting violently during pregnancy. To get your condition diagnosed and to start taking the appropriate prescription medication to lessen your symptoms, it is advised that you visit your doctor as soon as possible.