11 Benefits of Drinking Hot Water During Pregnancy


I’m sure you must have seen your elders drinking warm water every morning. They must have recommended you the same and many of you must have incorporated this in your habits. But, do you know the benefits of having this habit of drinking warm water in pregnancy or on normal days. Well, let me tell you there is several benefit of drinking warm/hot water so even if you do not have this habit, I’ll make sure you start doing it after reading the benefits of hot water in this write-up. As per Ayurveda experts you are doing harm to your body by taking cold water. Now, let’s see the possible benefits of drinking hot water instead of cold water.

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11 Surprising Health Benefits of Drinking Hot Water During Pregnancy

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Aids in digestion

If you drink hot water, especially during meals, it turns out to be a great help in the digestion process. Hot water speeds up the breakdown process, thus enhancing digestion. It also helps in maintaining the electrolyte and mineral balance in your body. Proper digestion, electrolyte and mineral balance are very important during pregnancy as disbalance in any of these can lead to discomfort to both the mother and the fetus.

Alleviates pain

Hot water has the capacity to relieve any type of pain. So, if you face any kind of pain during pregnancy, pain killers must be avoided. So, instead of using painkillers, you can use warm water. Drinking warm water relieves abdominal pain to some extent. In case you suffer from headache, even then drinking hot water can be of great help. Say no to painkillers, try solving these issues with warm water, if this doesn’t then painkillers can be an option.

Induces sleep

Drinking hot water during dinner or before sleeping helps out body to relax and soothes the nerves. Tiredness is a common occurring during pregnancy, even if you don’t do any heavy work. So, relieving the stress in our body is also very important as this can be unhealthy for the baby. Drinking hot water is just the simplest and the most effective way to so. You can have a sound sleep and avoid midnight cravings, so as to wake up fresh and alive next morning.


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Rejuvenates skin

The more water you drink, the more your skin will glow. Hot water is specially considered to be the best solution if you want a glowy skin. How wonderful it will be if your skin glows even during pregnancy when others have a rather tired face. So, simply drinking hot water can give not just a healthy body but a healthy skin.

Reduces risk of waterborne diseases

Pregnancy is a stage when your immune system is not so strong to fight all the disease causing pathogens. Water is one of the main carriers of germs, so it’s highly advised to drink hot water instead of normal water. When you warm the water, all the germs get killed due to the heat, thus it becomes safer. What can be better than ensuring the safety of the mother and the baby from water borne diseases, just by using this simple method.

Avoids constipation and cleans the digestive system

Well, let me tell you that if you are bothered by constipation, drinking warm water can work wonders for solving your problem. You can avoid this problem forever, provided you make sure to drink hot water instead of normal water. A glass of water every morning cleans the digestive tract and facilitates bowel movement. Thus, avoiding constipation and facilitating healthy bowel movement. It also gives relief in acidity.

Source of energy

A glass of hot water with a small quantity of lemon in it can be a great source of energy as it boosts the stamina. This reduces fatigue which is very common during pregnancy. So, whenever you feel low on energy and do not wish to eat anything, you can simply drink a glass of hot water. Amazing, isn’t it? A simple glass of water we drink can give us so many benefits.

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Better blood circulation and detoxification

Water is responsible for the flow of blood in the body. Cold water is known to close your veins, so drinking hot water can surely boost the blood circulation as the veins are properly open, thus the blood circulation is proper. When the veins are properly open, the blood flow increases, thus the amount of oxygen and nutrients required by the body are properly circulated.


Well, there is no much difference between hot water and normal water when it comes to keeping your body hydrated. But, if you start your day with a glass of hot water and end it with another glass of hot water, it will simply keep your body much more close to adequately hydrated. If your body is hydrated, you will feel better.

Reduces morning sickness

Morning sickness is really very common during pregnancy. But, drinking a glass of hot water can sooth this condition. The feeling of nausea is basically caused by lack of water. So, once you drink hot water before going to bed and after getting up, you can simply avoid this condition to a great extent.

Maintains bronchial health

In order to keep the health of the baby intact doctors recommend avoiding use of other medicines. So, it becomes important for pregnant women to maintain their general health and avoid conditions that can cause flu and other such problems. Hot water helps a long way in maintaining your bronchial health. It keeps us at bay from conditions like throat infections, cough, cold, and flu.


So, these were some of the benefits of drinking hot water during pregnancy. I’m sure you must have been convinced enough to include it in your daily routine. But, you need to make sure that the water you drink is properly boiled, otherwise its effect may not be as expected. Moreover, you must take care of the fact that the temperature of water that you drink is optimum for you, but make sure to consult the doctor in case you do not benefit by drinking hot water and it makes you feel uncomfortable. Cheers!


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Drinking Hot Water During Pregnancy


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