11 Natural Sleep Aid Every Pregnant Woman Can Trust


A glass of warm milk, high protein snack, doing exercise, changing sleeping positions, turning down the heat, aromatherapy and having frequent baths are some of the sleep aid for pregnant women.

The news of pregnancy fills the house with a lot of happiness and excitement in regards to the baby who will soon complete the family. Though pregnancy may be a crucial phase for many yet it also brings with it a plethora of responsibilities and duties that a person must carry out before and after the arrival of the baby. Sleep troubles are often regarded as one of the most crucial and often faced problems in the life of every mother. Lack of sleep may make them cranky and hamper their overall health. Doctors often suggest adopting a more natural approach when it comes to dealing with any health issues so that there are no side effects of medicines or artificial agents consumed by the mother on the baby. Thus there are certain remedies that every mother can trust for a healthy sleep.

Natural Sleep During Pregnancy:  11 Tips to Improve Your Sleep

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Pregnancy insomnia is a highly common problem in mothers as a bulging stomach and swollen feet do not allow one to sleep comfortably. One way to get rid of any pain and discomfort is to tuck a pillow in between the knees and under the belly. This technique will support your belly and provide you instant relief from any side pains. The U-shaped and c shaped pillows available in the market should do the trick for you.

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A glass of warm milk

Drinking a glass of warm milk at bedtime is a good way to relax the body and make the mother comfortable. Many doctors believe that the amino acids and L-tryptophan present in the compounds of milk makes the eyes and the eyelids heavy making you feel sleepy. The chemicals lower the brain activity of the body lulling you to sleep.


High protein snack

At times pregnant mothers suffer from headaches, bad dreams and full body sweating in the body. A high protein snack before going to sleep can increase the blood sugar level of the mother and lower the chances of waking up at night. Nausea during the wee hours of the morning is often an indication to the demand of your body for nutrition as you are no longer catering for only one but two lives. Thus a high protein snack may do the trick for a good sleep.


It is a common myth that a pregnant mother should not work out at all but the truth acknowledged by multiple doctors throws a different light on the same. Exercising during pregnancy will not only make labor easy for the baby and the mother but also tire out the body of the mother enough to put her to sleep. Mild exercises that are approved by the doctors will help you have a better and more relaxed sleep at night.

Sleep positions

Getting into a comfortable position may be the hardest endeavour one can make during pregnancy. If you are unable to sleep at night and feel as though you’re sleeping position is failing to cause any feeling of relaxation then it is often recommended that one must try and change her sleeping position. Getting into a comfortable position that helps your body relax will surely put you into a good night’s sleep.

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Turn down the heat

At times due to hormonal changes during the pregnancy the mother becomes susceptible to hot flashes and extreme feeling of heat and raised body temperature. Lowering down the temperature of the ac or opening up windows for a good air circulation will calm down your body and help you sleep at night.

Tart cherry juice

It is proven by many researches that tart berry juice can increase your sleep duration by a minimum 90 minutes time span. The melatonin present in the juice is a natural hormone that induces sleep. One ounce of tart juice before bed mixed with yogurt or kefir will show a noticeable change in your sleeping pattern.


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Milk of magnesia

At times mothers suffer from severe heart burns at night due to increased acidity in the body. When you generally lie down at night the acid travels from the oesophagus and reaches the valves of the heart causing extreme discomfort. Thus milk of magnesia anytime during the day preferably before bed can do the trick for you by lowering down your acidity level and giving you the privilege of an undisturbed and peaceful sleep.


Fresh oils in easily accessible in the market such as lavender, chamomile can help you have an uninterrupted sleep at night. Only two or three drops of these fresh oils on a tissue near the mother’s pillow can make a lot of difference in the sleeping pattern of the mother. If you are using aroma vaporizers don’t exceed more than 20 minutes as it may cause nausea and headache to the mother.

Herbal remedies

Generally a pregnant mother must avoid the use of any form of medicines as it may negatively affect the health of the baby. Therefore doctors and nutritionist suggest their patients to depend more on the natural and herbal way of finding solutions and having a good sleep. Herbs such as bryophyllum, pinnatum are safe for consumption during pregnancy and also help in inducing the need to sleep and relax in the mother.


Pregnant mothers who live in a hot climate often feel extremely suffocated and restless due to the increasing temperature of the body and the no good atmospheric temperature that causes nothing but discomfort. Therefore many doctors suggest a good soak in the shower or an aromatic bath to ease out the body tension as well as lower the body temperature of the mother which may help her sleep at night.

It is important for pregnant mothers to have proper and adequate rest for the benefit of both the mother and the child. This makes a good night’s sleep or a nap an essential need for the body. Thus the above listed natural remedies not only ensure a good sleeping pattern but also look after the health of the child preventing any risk of an allergic reaction or side effect to the body.


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