11 Best Protein Powder to Make Your Child Stronger and Smarter


Protein is considered to be one of the five essential nutrients that initially helps in the growth and also development of muscles. Growth of children between the age of 6 & 15 initially need protein in a good amount in order to grow and develop. But as compared to an adult, they require a low amount of protein that is needed in order to repair the muscles.

There are many children who don’t even need an extra protein powder and if they are feeding themselves by having a balanced diet. Where as a non-vegetarian can initially get protein from the poultry, meat, fish, cheese, egg, whole grains and yoghurt that they take regularly in their means but in the case of the vegetarian children you really need to take care of their regular diet. However, it is important for those children who are:

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Having nutritional deficiencies

If you’re kids are initially suffering from the protein deficiency then it is a good idea in order to give them the protein powder as one of the supplements. It will eventually help them in order to get a proper nutrition and there won’t be too much of calories in their diet too.

Kids who are really very active

If your kid is an athlete and is also participating in and is involved in any kind of physical activity, then they have to initially follow special diets that are recommended by the coaches, trainees or their nutritionists. You can eventually add a bit of the protein to their diet this will initially help them in order to get amino acids that would keep them active and also well nourished.

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Kids of vegetarian parents

Giving your kid a vegetarian diet should initially be done in a careful manner because the minerals and the proteins that are required by the children are usually found only in the poultry and meat. In order to ensure that your kid gets that proper nutrition and also amino acids you can add the protein powder to their diet.

Kids who don’t have a proper diet

There are some of the kids who are very particular about whatever they intake and also they don’t prefer eating some of the food well. They are fussy and also love eating junk food more than normal food. Their nutritional requirement cannot be fulfilled easily and in this case you should provide them with the additional protein supplement. If you find that your children don’t eat nutritional or healthy food then if you add protein powder to their diet it will help them in order to get a balanced diet.

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Top 11 Protein Powder for Children That Make Stronger and Smarter

protein powder

Health-Kart Protein

This powder is initially extracted from around 100% natural resources and also contains best quality proteins. It is initially loaded with all of the vitamins and also minerals that can eventually fulfil the basic need of the nutrients to the great extent.


This protein powder for children is considered to be one of the high-calorie protein supplements that involve vitamin b complex. It is majorly supposed to be taken only between meals that usually supply the vital protein for people whose intake of protein is less or not sufficient. This powder is easily digested and has a good taste.


Protein-x health drink

It is considered to be the tasty chocolate drink and it eventually has zero tran’s fat. It contains adequate and proper amount of nutrients.

Protein-x junior: it is only formulated for the kids by keeping in mind for the children’s mental and physical health and growth.

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Pedi-sure nutritional powder

This powder eventually has a complete and also balanced premium chocolate diet for all the young kids. It is considered to be strong yet complex and also balanced combination of the pre-biotic and pro-biotic. It is usually planned systematically by the formula initially having around 37 vital nutrients for the age above 2.

Muscle blaze mass gainer

Just like the name it is basically active for the children. It initially has a multi-enzyme dige-zyme that eventually supplies all of the efficient yet important amino acids with around 27 vital nutrients and minerals and it basically ensures better absorption of the nutrients in order to offer better results.

Muscle blaze weight gainer

This powder has a balanced combination of the high quality nutrition’s, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins and it eventually help in order to gain health, weight and also helps digestion.


B-protein chocolate

This powder is considered to be one of the best protein powders and is also available in india.

Muscle blaze high protein

It is considered to be any time nutritious meal and it eventually contains wheat flakes, oat rings, soy flakes and black raisins. It is deliciously crunchy and is also a healthy dose of the antioxidants.

Amway nutri-lite children nutrition

This is considered to be the vitamin and also the protein supplement that is essential for the formative years of childhood and it eventually ensures that the proper supply of the nutrients is provided for the growth and development.


According to a recent study it was found out that around 20 percent of kids weren’t getting enough iron. Low iron is mostly common in the overweight kids. Iron helps in the red blood cells to carry proper oxygen to the cells inside the body thoroughly and also plays a vital role in the brain development.

Therefore, you should be very careful while selecting the protein powder for children as they might be sensitive to some of the things such as eggs or nuts or glutens and some other dairy products. Taking protein powder might cause them an allergic reaction. So, make sure it should be taken only after the medical advice and also guidance. You can give your children the protein powder but make sure you remember all of the things that are mentioned above because it will make easier for you to remember what is good for your kids and what is not.

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