Beer During Pregnancy: Is It Okay to Drink Beer During Pregnancy


A lot of women wonder weather drinking beer during the pregnancy is safe or not. This has been a question of debate since a couple of past years. But the advice you are going to receive in response to your question is going to confuse you a bit.

On one side of the coin, there are number of doctors who recommend that you completely avoid alcohol during this time, whereas on the other side, some say that light drinking is hardly going to harm you or your baby. Since many years, it has always been believed that alcohol during pregnancy may lead to birth defects, but the side effects of consuming small amounts of alcohol on the baby is still unknown.

What Amount of Alcohol Is Safe During Pregnancy?

The problematic aspect is that there is no determined amount of alcohol that can be consumed at the time of pregnancy or that is said to be safe. Moreover, it is also not easy to predict the effects of alcohol on a pregnant woman because the levels of enzyme vary from woman to woman, some women may have higher levels of enzyme that breaks down alcohol. In case, a pregnant woman with low levels of enzyme indulge into drinking habits at the time of pregnancy, her baby is at a higher risk because the alcohol will circulate in her body for a longer time period.

Pregnant women who drink alcohol have a higher risk of giving birth to a child with a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). These conditions can either be mild or severe. Small head size, learning disabilities, language delays, abnormal facial features are some of the problems.

But, let us discuss below some of the side effects of alcohol on a pregnant woman, in case she indulges in the over consumption of any such drinks that may be causing any harm to the baby. These are as follows:

Beer During Pregnancy: Side Effects

beer during pregnancy


Side Effects of Alcohol During Pregnancy

Placental Problems

Even moderate amounts of alcohol during pregnancy can damage your placenta and this can happen in the early stages of pregnancy. So, women who wish to conceive should highly avoid alcohol.

Preterm Birth

Low birth weight, small size for gestational age and preterm birth are some of the problems linked with heavy alcohol consumption, which is why many women are recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy.


One of the major problems is that if you drink even while nursing, the alcohol may pass on to your breast milk, which will consequently harm your baby.

Sleep Related Problems

Alcohol consumption during pregnancy are likely to cause sleep disturbances and may also make it hard for the mother to focus on her day to day activities. It is thus best for you to stay away from alcohol during and after pregnancy.

Depressed Child

You read that right! Heavy alcohol consumption during pregnancy can increase the chances of your baby suffering from depression later in their lives. As little as consuming even a bottle of wine once a week can increase the chances of your baby becoming depressed.



Women who indulge into alcohol consumption during their pregnancy have higher risk of miscarriage as compared to the women who do not. Even a single drink in a week can trigger your chances of a miscarriage.

How can you keep your baby safe?

One of the most important thing is that if you are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, you should stay away from alcohol. This is because your child will not have FASDs or any other health problems if you do not drink alcohol.

There can be both the conditions, while some women may drink alcohol at the time of pregnancy and still end up giving birth to babies who are absolutely fit and healthy, whereas there are other women who may have very little alcohol during pregnancy and have babies with serious health problems. So, the best way is to not take any risks regarding the same and stay away from any such things that may be causing harm to your baby.

Ultimately, what matters is that you should consult your doctor before taking any such step. Women with some certain risk factors should be extra careful and should highly avoid any alcoholic drink till the time she conceives her child.  For instance, if you are suffering from liver disease, or have had an earlier history of addiction, you should highly avoid its consumption. In case, you feel that you are drinking more than normal at the time of pregnancy or otherwise, consult your doctor and seek immediate help.

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