7 Things That Babies Learn in The Womb


As we learn, we grow. The growth of a baby in it’s mother’s womb is also accompanied by certain learning processes. Unborn babies start grasping  things that are happening around their mother, they begin to understand about their mother and other family members as it grows in every trimester. As their body develops, they start to recognize smell, hear and understand voices and many more things. Many mothers have also felt some movements in their womb when they played soft music for their unborn little one. This is not surprising as they baby inside is also a living being, and living beings learn from their environment, so does the child. Since, their brain is in a process of growth and they are unaware if the outer world, they often wonder and fascinate about the things they can sense. So, make sure you do all kind of positive things during your pregnancy, so that the child learns and grabs good things before birth only.

Here I am going to list  some of the things that your little new family member senses and learns before birth so be aware about what you are doing during pregnancy

7 Amazing Things Babies Do in the Womb

babies in the womb

Recognising Noise and music

Believe it or not your little one has a strong sense of hearing even before it is born. Yes, it can hear all the sounds that are produced by your body metabolism, like beating of your heart, gushing of blood around your body, noise of water in your stomach, your voice itself and your hiccups as well. Not only this, all the noises that are prevalent around you be it television, your family members talking, animals making noise or the whistle of you pressure cooker. As soon as they reach 20 weeks of their gestation period, they start developing a sense of hearing and after 27 weeks or so, they even begin reacting to those sounds. Not only this, they also remember the sounds that they have heard more often, so they definitely recognise their mom’s voice.


As your baby is growing, it is learning. Since, it can listen to different noises after 20 weeks, it is obvious that it will be most familiar with the voice that is heard often i.e. it’s mom’s voice. Mommy is the one with the baby all the time, so once the baby learns to decipher between sounds and starts memorising the familiar sounds. He is sure to develop a bond with his mom and he will react positively to her before and after birth. Studies have proven how the mother’s voice effects the baby and develops a bond between the two. So, that’s how the little ones recognise their mother.

Recognize languages

It’s not surprising that babies are able to recognise their mother tongue after birth. When they are in the womb, they pay attention to all the voices and noises of the outside world and when they are able to decipher between sounds, they begin to adapt the most spoken language as their mother tongue. So, while we are all ready to welcome the new life into the world, the baby in the uterus has already tackled the milestone of distinguishing between languages.


Stressed over Stress

Stress is considered to be a poison for new born babies and their mothers, so it is. Mothers are suggested to stay stress free and lessen their hectic lifestyle as stress can end up to be very  dangerous for the baby. The baby takes his mother’s stress as some hormones and absorbs it in the uterus. This may lead to intrauterine infection and thus the uterus may absorb this stress and the baby may become vulnerable to such conditions. This may lead to fatal stress- related conditions after birth. So, if you want to gift your little one a life void of such problems, make sure to stay stress free during your pregnancy.

Differentiating between different tastes

The taste buds of a baby grow within 13 weeks of gestation. So, they are able to taste five flavors even before birth. Yes, your little one is good at distinguishing between sweet, bitter,umami, salty and sour. These tastes reach the baby through the amniotic fluid. Babies prefer sweet tastes above all. In the last trimester they have evolved enough to take in about 1 litre of amniotic fluid in their body. This sets them ready for breastfeeding. It’s through the amniotic fluid that they are introduced to various tastes. So, what so ever you eat reaches you unborn baby and they learn to decipher between them.

Smiling and crying

Right from the womb, the baby is involved in a quest to evolve. Yes, they know about the expression of smiling and crying right from the womb. They keep discovering such reflexes and by the time it’s time to come in the outer world, they have already learned to open their eyes and smile and cry. They also know when to use these reflexes. Yes, your little one in the womb reacts to your voice and soft music by smiling. Moreover, they also learn to express their displeasure through crying by the 28th week. It has been researched and observed as well.

Facial expressions and certain habits

Many Obstetricians have observed that the little ones practice lots of movements and expression right from the womb. They blink their eyes even when its dark inside. They act as if they are breathing, even when there is no air inside. They also suck their thumb at times. So, you see your little one is not that little in terms of learning. He has already conquered the milestone of learning many things before its birth.

All these attempts made by the baby in the womb is way to get ready for the outer world. They are very curious right from the womb and thus they keep exploring all that they can do. As a would be parent, one must take care of all that they do and the environment they live in because all these factors affect the development and growth of the baby in the womb.