11 Benefits of 4D Ultrasound During Pregnancy


4D Ultasound during pregnancy give animated images in real time, show distinctive facial features, shows breathing direction, directions of the limbs, and also helps in detecting neurological disorders. It can track foetal behaviour, gives clear sound and vision of the beating heart, deeper analysis of internal developments, and estimation of delivery date.

After a few weeks into pregnancy, you will have to start scheduling regular ultrasound sessions with your gynaecologist. These sessions are vital for the doctor to understand the development within your body and recommend clinical procedures accordingly, if required. Ultrasound tests can be two dimensional, three dimensional, or even four dimensional. As the names suggest, it is quite evident that the four dimensional – 4D – ultrasound test is of the highest quality. There are some distinctive benefit of the 4D ultrasound tests:

4D Ultrasound: 11 Amazing Benefits During Pregnancy

Benefits of 4d Ultrasound During Pregnancy

Animated images in real time

One of the most exciting features about a 4D scan, which unfortunately is not as much prevalent in a 2D or a 3D test, is that you can view the moving images of your child on the screen. In real time, you can see what the baby is doing, how it is moving around inside the womb, and how it is also sucking its tiny thumb! Be prepared with some tissues!

Distinctive facial features

In a 4D ultrasound test, you will see clearer pictures of the foetus, on the screen. Even in the 3D pictures, you cannot see the intricate details of the growing foetus’ face as clearly as you can see during a 4D scan. The pictures are almost crystal clear, giving you the opportunity to drool over your baby’s cute face, while the doctor gets some time to take a deeper look and analyse the growth situations.

Breathing direction

Although it might sound a bit odd, it is indeed an important factor that doctors would like to look into. Doctors feel that it is important to understand the position of the baby and the way in which they breathe along with the manner in which their lungs pump air. The timings between the inhaling and exhaling are apparently important to count, in order to detect any kind of breathing problems or issues inside the lungs.


Directions of the limbs

Again, according to the foetus’ position inside the womb, the direction of its limbs are seen on the screen during a 4D ultrasound scan. Through a 4D scan, your gynaecologist will be able to better gauge the overall position of the baby and the way in which it will come out during delivery. This analysis makes it easier for both your doctor and you to be prepared ahead of the day, so that there is minimal last-minute inconvenience.

Detection of neurological disorders

A 4D scan is so clear that it can actually give you a glimpse of the development of the brain and its various parts. Hence, your doctor will definitely be able to take a closer look in order to understand the condition of the baby’s brain and neurological set-up. This will help prevent any further defects or drawbacks to the child’s neurological development.

Foetal behaviour

At times, as many doctors and researchers say, what the foetus inside the womb does most of the time is reflected during their early infant years. During a 4D scan, you can watch the movements, facial expressions, behaviours, and reactions of your child. This might give you an idea of what you must be prepared for, during the first few years after delivery!

Clear sound and vision of beating heart

Another great advantage of a 4D ultrasound scan is that you can hear the foetus’ heartbeat and can even see the tiny organ on the screen! This will not only make you wet in the eyes, but it will also help your doctor understand the plausible health conditions of the baby.

Better bonding between parents and unborn child

As you watch your baby on the high-definition screen each time, you grow fonder of the little one! The clear pictures and sounds of the unborn baby give you a more pro-life like feeling about the parenting. As you keep visiting the doctor’s chamber throughout your pregnancy, you watch your child grow inside your womb, and bond with them in a special way, even before they are born!

Better quality pictures to take home

Every parent wants to preserve each memory related to their pregnancy and the child, especially if it is their first time! A 4D ultrasound scan will reveal better and high quality pictures that can be printed for you. Moreover, you can also ask for a CD containing slow motion videos of the foetus moving around inside the womb! During those intense mood swings, these pictures might come to your rescue and soothe your mind!


Deeper analysis of internal developments

As the 4D scan shows high-definition pictures, it is easier for the doctor to test the internal developments of your body along with the foetus. It is vital to make sure that everything inside your womb and uterus is fine. If the doctor senses some abnormal development, you might be required to follow the routine medical treatment for the same.

Better estimation of the delivery date

A 4D ultrasound test allows your doctor to have a better view of the amniotic sac and the level of the amniotic fluid. This plays a very important role in determining your period of delivery. Get a 4D scan at least after you cross the middle stage of pregnancy, to know when you can expect the labour pains.

After knowing all the positive reasons to have a 4D ultrasound test done, you will surely ask your doctor to do their best! There are numerous clinics in which you don’t even have to request for a 4D scan, as they themselves recommend on the same. The rates for a 4D ultrasound, however, can vary from place to place. Still, it is better to get the best scan so that you have a great clarity on your as well as your baby’s situation. After all, there’s no limit to making extra sure that the little one is super comfortable in there!

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!