11 Natural Remedies for Dizziness During Pregnancy


Dizziness is common in pregnancy. It usually starts from early pregnancy. Dizziness and fatigue is caused by hormonal imbalance in the body. Many pregnant women are not aware how to treat this problem at home. There are several effective home remedies for dizziness. Drinking sufficient water is one of the best natural remedy. Raw ginger is another excellent home remedy for dizziness.

Also lemon, honey and Indian gooseberry are wonderful home remedies. Applying ice pack can work wonders for dizziness during pregnancy.  Garlic, peppermint oil and a combination of basil and milk are other effective remedies. Strawberry and yogurt can also be mixed and used as a cure. Overall it is important to maintain a healthy diet to get rid of dizziness. These home remedies are safer than medications. They are also easily available at home. Keep reading to know more about the natural remedies for dizziness.

Dizziness During Pregnancy: 11 Natural Remedies

dizziness during pregnancy


Dehydration can make you feel dizzy during pregnancy. This is the time when you should absolutely avoid being dehydrated. You can also drink other healthy fluids to hydrate your body. Dehydration not only causes dizziness but also other health problems. Morning sickness during pregnancy mainly causes dizziness. It can also lead to fainting. Try to drink as much water as possible during pregnancy. This is a natural cure for dizziness.


Ginger is an excellent home remedy for dizziness. It is also used to treat morning sickness during pregnancy. Ginger helps in blood circulation to the brain. This alleviates the dizziness during pregnancy. Articles published by the National Library of Medicine website claims that ginger root can be an effective cure for dizziness. Powdered ginger can also be taken to reduce dizziness. Ginger tea is another way to have ginger to cure dizziness.


Lemon is rich in Vitamin C and other nutrients. The Vitamin C will boost your immunity and protect you from illnesses. Lemon is also known as a natural cure of dizziness. It hydrates and energizes the body. You can squeeze a lemon in warm water and drink it every morning to cure dizziness.  Another home remedy is to mix lemon juice, salt and black pepper powder in water. This mixture should be consumed thrice daily for best results.



Honey is full of natural sugars that energizes the body and cures dizziness. Low blood sugar can also cause dizziness. Honey improves the blood sugar level. You can add 2 tablespoon of honey to 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and mix in water. Drinking this twice a day will reduce your dizziness. Honey can also be consumed by mixing it with lemon and water.

Indian gooseberry

Indian gooseberry is popular as a home remedy for dizziness and fatigue. It is a medicinal fruit that can effectively cure this problem. The fruit is rich in vitamins that improve blood circulation. Indian gooseberry is used as a cure for different health problems. You can make a fine paste of 2 gooseberries, add in water with coriander seeds and leave it overnight. Strain the mixture next morning and drink it.  Consume this mixture regularly till the dizziness fades away.


Another effective home remedy for dizziness is garlic. It is a must to include garlic in your pregnancy diet. Garlic has beneficial properties that can keep dizziness at bay. You can crush a few garlic cloves and add them in boiling water. Leave it overnight, strain and drink it next morning. Repeating this for a few days will provide positive results.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil has properties that can boost circulation in the body. Proper blood circulation can alleviate feelings of dizziness. This oil is a wonderful natural remedy. You can massage your forehead and neck with peppermint oil. A few drops of this oil are sufficient. Make sure to rub the areas in a circular motion.

Cypress oil

Cypress oil can also effectively cure dizziness during pregnancy. It can be used as an astringent to treat the condition of dizziness and fainting. Cypress oil can also improve blood circulation. Like peppermint oil, cypress oil can be massaged on forehead and neck.  Doing this regularly will yield the best results.

Milk and basil

This is one of the best home remedy for dizziness. Milk is rich in nutrients and basil leaves contain anti-inflammatory properties. The combination of these two is very effective as a natural cure for dizziness. You can add 4-5 basil leaves on boiling milk and drink it. Make sure to wait for 10 minutes before drinking it. Regular consumption will show results within a week or two.


Ice pack

Ice can give immediate relief from dizziness. The cold ice can alleviate this problem during pregnancy. Keep an ice pack handy. Whenever you feel faint, apply the ice on your neck. Keep the ice pack for 10 minutes at least. Doing this will instantly give result. Ice pack is one of the safest home remedy for dizziness during pregnancy.

Strawberry and Yogurt

Strawberries are rich in Vitamin C. yoghurt has Vitamin b. these vitamins are essential for curing dizziness. They improve blood circulation and boosts immunity. A combination of strawberry and yoghurt can work wonders for dizziness. You can blend at least 6 strawberries in a bowl of yoghurt. Consume this daily to get the best results. Check with your doctor in case you are allergic to strawberry or yoghurt.


Feeling dizzy during pregnancy is quite natural. It often starts with morning sickness in the first trimester. Pregnancy affects the hormones of the body. This hormonal fluctuation often results in feeling faint and fatigued. Sometimes pregnancy causes diabetes. A drop in blood sugar level can also make you feel faint. This is nothing to worry about. Dizziness can be effectively cured by a many home remedies. These remedies are natural and quite safe. It is always better to go for natural treatment than take medications. In case you feel your condition worsening despite these natural treatments, notify the doctor. It is better to err on the side of caution.