11 Ways to Relieve Back Pains Post Delivery


Back pain is a condition that affects a lot of people for various reasons. Especially in case of pregnant women, it is there throughout your pregnancy, during your delivery, and even after that. If you thought that you could get freedom from back pain after delivery, then you’d be disappointed to know that it is likely to last beyond that point. In this article, we will discuss 11 ways to relieve back pain post delivery. We will also discuss the causes. Read on to find out what those causes and remedies are:

back pain after pregnancy

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Back Pain After Pregnancy: Causes and Remedies

Causes of Backache Post Delivery

Postpartum back pain can be a result of various physical changes that your body undergoes during pregnancy and the tremendous physical stress during delivery. Here are the causes for backache post delivery:

  • The body releases progesterone and relaxin hormones during pregnancy to loosen the ligaments and joints of the pelvic bone to help the baby come out with ease. The weak ligaments and muscles lead to back pain. These hormones stay raised for a few months post delivery.
  • Having a wrong posture, especially while breastfeeding, can strain the muscles, causing backache.
  • As the uterus expands during pregnancy, it weakens the abdominal muscles and pulls the lower spine forward, putting pressure on the lower back muscles.
  • Being overweight puts extra pressure on your back.
  • The delivery process stresses the lower back, and it takes time to recover.
  • Bending frequently for lifting your baby or for something else results in back pain.
  • If you had back pain before and during pregnancy, it is likely to continue postpartum as well.
  • Physically taxing work might also lead to back pain.

It is not encouraging to know that your pregnancy pains will persist even after your delivery. But you might find solace in knowing the time-frame for them to subside.


Remedies for Backache Post Delivery

Back pain after childbirth ranges from mild to severe, and it differs from person to person. The pain will subside gradually as your body gets back to normal. Meanwhile, you may use these simple tips to relieve the back pain post-pregnancy:

  • Make efforts to get back to your normal weight after a month or so post delivery. Take the right diet to maintain an ideal weight.
  • Start exercising or do yoga after childbirth as it helps in improving the health of the strained muscles and ligaments. Also, it helps increase the flexibility and endurance. Walking is a safe exercise to start with if you have had a C-section. Later, you can opt for swimming as it helps in strengthening your muscles.
  • You may also do some pelvic tilts. Here is how you can do them:
  • Lie on your back. Bend the knees and keep your feet flat on the floor.
  • Breathe in and let your belly expand.
  • Breathe out keeping your hips on the floor and bring your tailbone towards the belly button. Tighten your buttocks and release.
  • Repeat it 8-10 times.
  • Take rest as much as possible as strenuous physical activities will aggravate your pain.
  • Do not lift heavy things after delivery as it can put pressure on your muscles and joints.
  • Maintain a proper posture while sitting. Avoid leaning towards your baby while breastfeeding and instead sit with an upright back. If you have pain in your shoulder or upper back while breastfeeding, then lie on your side to feed your baby comfortably.
  • Choose a comfortable chair for sitting, with a lot of pillows to support your back. Also, use a footstool to keep your feet slightly raised from the floor, to mitigate the lower back pain.
  • Avoid wearing high-heel footwear for a few months after delivery.
  • Avoid carrying the baby on one hip for a longer time because it puts constant pressure on the back muscles. Use a front pack to carry your baby.
  • Avoid stretching your arms while picking your baby. Instead, get closer to your baby and then lift.
  • Sleep in a comfortable position and use pillows for support.

Usually, the back pain resolves itself after a few month post delivery. But, you must call a doctor if the pain is severe and gets worse gradually, it is accompanied by a fever, pain is caused by trauma such as a fall, there is numbness in one or both the legs, you suddenly feel uncoordinated, if the back pain persists even after six months. It might not be easy to live with the pain when you already have a lot to take care of. Your newborn and their well-being will be top most priority to you, but you need to take time to focus on yourself and your health.


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