11 Health Benefits of Oysters for Kids


Although oysters are very rare and uncommon, the demand for it has increased dramatically over the past few decades. The cultivation of oysters started in Japan initially, but now is available across the globe. Oysters are wonder foods and are completely safe for your little ones. Whether your kids like it raw, cooked, half-shelled, or fried, oysters have oodles of health benefits and makes a wonderful nutritious food for your kids.

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Health Benefits of Oysters for Kids

Oysters come in different species and almost all of them have the same health benefits. Listed below are some of them

1} Good source of essential nutrients

Growing children need the right balance of vitamins and minerals for healthy development. Oysters are rich in all the essential vitamins like A, B, C, and E. It also contains the important minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium, and selenium. These vitamins and minerals contribute to good skin and health in your children.

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2} Rich source of Zinc

Looking for the richest source of Zinc? You can find no other better food than oysters. Oysters are rich sources of zinc which is extremely essential for proper development and growth of your child. It’s highly nutritional value helps in strengthening the immune system.


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3} Improve energy levels

Kids require stamina and high energy to perform daily activities. Oysters are rich in iron which makes the body carry oxygen and transport it to different cells in the body. This gives more energy. If you want your kids to have more energy and stamina, consider adding oyster to his daily diet. Oysters help reduce fatigue and enable the process of breakdown of worn out cells and formation of new cells in the body.

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4} Helps in wound healing

Growing children are prone to wounds, cuts, and bruises. Oysters play an excellent aid to this. Oysters being rich in zinc reduce microbial infection of wounds and helps in strengthening the immune system. It also promotes quick wound healing.

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5} Strong bones

As kids grow, their bone intensity also increases. In order to maintain strong bones, your kids require enough calcium in their diet. Oysters are rich in calcium and cater to the daily requirement of calcium for your child’s body. By incorporating oysters in your child’s diet, you are ensuring that his bones are strong and healthy. Tooth defects are also greatly reduced with the consumption of Oysters.

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6} Promote better vision

Today children are suffering from blindness and various vision defects. Hence, it is extremely important to concentrate on a diet that is good for the vision and overall health of the eye. Oysters are rich in essential Vitamin A that help improve vision and prevent eye defects in the coming years.

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7} Promotes good sleep

As much as your child plays, he needs to have a sound sleep too. Most children sleep very less due to the numerous distractions present in the modern world. Good and sound sleep is very essential for growth of cell and good brain function. Incorporating oysters in your child’s diet ensures that he will sleep well at night thereby improving energy and stamina for activities the next day.

8} Cures Acne

Many children especially in their teens face the traumatic problem of acne. Acne can be embarrassing for your child and she will not know how to deal with it. Oysters are rich in zinc that help fight microbes causing acne and effectively eliminates it. It also clears the pores, reduces inflammation, and brings down the keratinocytes in the skin cells. Adding oysters to your child’s diet is an easy way to get rid of acne.


9} Promotes heart health

Oysters are an age old remedy to maintain heart health. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that impact the heart health in a positive way. Oysters are also rich in magnesium, potassium, and Vitamin E that plays the layers of protection against dangerous heart diseases.

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10} Rich in protein

Proteins are an essential component in your child’s diet. There is no better way than getting enough of it than oysters. Oysters are rich in protein which ensure proper metabolism, enzyme activities, cell growth, tissue repair, and muscle strength which is all required for a growing child. A single serving of oyster compensates nearly 1/3 of protein for your child’s requirement.

11} Aids weight loss

Every child must attain a ideal and healthy weight. Owing to the junk food that most parents give, children are becoming obese by the day. Hence, it is extremely essential to ensure your child is maintaining a healthy weight. Oysters provide the body with all the essential nutrients without increasing the intake of fat. Hence, your child gets all the nourishment he is requires without the addition of extra calories.

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If you haven’t tried oysters before, then it’s worth giving it a try now. Give them to your child and you eat them too. The numerous health benefits of oysters will show effects very soon and won’t leave you disappointed.