All You Need to Know about Ferber Method for Your Baby


A life with a baby is not that easy which you used to have earlier there are things which makes you feel uncomfortable and the most restless thing is a baby’s sleep at night. Yes! Some babies are though not troubling but many of them do. The parents try to manage the sleepless nights and working all day but a point comes where they feel a need for some solid night sleeps.

Ferber method is found to be a good option for the babies which helped the parents as well to feel stress-free and relaxed at night. Ferber method is a sleep training which supports a baby to sleep through all night. You must have heard about it but have many doubts in your minutes read further and clear your doubts for some extra Zzzz’s at night!!

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Ferber Method for your Baby: Ultimate Guide

ferber method

What is the ferber method?

Ferber method helps the baby to make themselves sleep without the assistance of their parents. This method was introduced by Richard Ferber, MD in 1985 in Solve Your Child’s Sleep problems which is one of the best-selling books. A sort of habits gets associated with the sleeping habits of a baby like rocking or feeding in night wakening, the Ferber method help to remove these habits and give good sleeping training to the baby.

The Ferber method naps have become a useful sleep training for the children where you need to let your baby cry for long intervals increasingly until the baby sleeps throughout the night and start taking big naps rather than the smaller ones.


Whitney Schutzbank, MD, MPH, a pediatrician at the Mass General Hospital for Children in Boston says that according to the Ferber method the most efficient method to make your baby sleep is to let them cry at bedtimes or at the middle of the night so that they could generate a habit to sleep through the night. Therefore, this method is also known as the “Cry-it-out” method.

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When to start the ferber method?

The Ferber method is a very helpful technique to make your baby sleep but there are certain things which you need to understand.

The pediatrician says that whether it may be Ferber method or else you should not start it before 6 months of a child because before that a baby needs to feed at any time in the middle of night. But you should not make it late after 6 months that is before your child start to sit or stand. This is because after 6 months your child start sitting and standing and generating certain habits so it is better to start the Ferber method before the age of one.

It is also good if you consult your doctor before starting any of the sleeping training. It makes you feel assured that your child is growing well and overnight feeding is suitable or not to start the Ferber method.

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Ferber sleep training, step by step

The Ferber method is a very progressive regimen for a baby to make him/he move to their own room and start making them sleep the whole night on their own. You have to follow simple steps to get started with the Ferber method sleep training.

  • First, you have to make a daily sleeping schedule for your baby with a healthy foundation to make the baby sleep through the night. Rock him, feeding, reading a storybook or it can be anything by which your baby falls asleep.
  • The next step says that you should be with the baby still he is drowsy and then you can put him in his room which should be dark and quiet. You should make the baby feel comfortable in his room.
  • The last step to follow is to check the baby at long intervals when he uses to cry. The Ferber sleeping training says that on the first day you should check your child when he starts fussing or crying in 3 minutes, then 5 minutes and then 10 minutes. After this you can increase the time level between your checks each day. So the second day check goes with five minutes, 10 minutes and then 12 minutes. And the third day starts with the check after 12 minutes and till day 7 it increasingly goes with the first check in 20 minutes.

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The intervals are known as the gradual-extinction and are sure in the check-ins that you don’t pick up your baby and simply pat him to fall asleep and leave the room before his eyes are closed.

Follow the Ferber method chart to make your child sleep by his own

  • Day 1 – 3 minutes (1st interval); 5 minutes (2nd interval); 10 minutes (3rd interval); 10 minutes (remaining intervals)
  • Day 2 – 5 minutes; 10 minutes; 12 minutes; 12 minutes
  • Day 3 – 10 minutes; 12 minutes; 15 minutes; 15 minutes
  • Day 4 – 12 minutes; 15 minutes; 17 minutes; 17 minutes
  • Day 5 – 15 minutes; 17 minutes; 20 minutes; 20 minutes
  • Day 6 – 17 minutes; 20 minutes; 25 minutes; 25 minutes
  • Day 7 – 20 minutes; 25 minutes; 30 minutes; 30 minutes

The ferber method controversy

This sleeping training method can be adapted easily and fit all your needs. But it is sad that a baby could be emotionally scarred if you let him cry for a long time but eventually there is not such any science behind it. This method can allow the tired parents and the babies to have their own sleep which they require for themselves.

The pediatrician says that there is no harm if the baby cries for big intervals in gradual extinction. And the parents who try this also got positive results and also there were no changes in the stress-hormones of the baby. And there are also other ways to give your baby sleeping training by being in the same room or by sitting on a chair near the crib and then checking-in as per the graduals extinctions.


The Ferber method is safe for your baby and keeps yourself committed to the training to see wonderful results. Let your child grow with his own comfort and be concerned with his daily schedule for a healthy sleep of the baby and yours too.

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!