21 Smart Moustache and Beard Styles for Teenager


Regular stubble, light beard without a moustache, thick beard around the chin, jawline beard, light spread stubble, rugged look, clean stubble, square beard, biker beard look, asian beard, van dyke beard, and Indian beard are some of the best moustache and beard styles for teenagers.

Now a day’s every teenager is very much fond of fashion. Boys are very much in trying different types of hairstyle as well as beard style. Beard is a primary indication that they are turning into a man. And in maximum case it is has been found that when the college life starts the fashion of every teenager starts simultaneously. Growing beard becomes mandatory for every boy and different kinds of hairstyle as well. These make them look cool and feel like a man.

Beards can be fashionable and it creates an impact on your looks and personality as well.

21 Best Moustache and Beard Styles for Teenagers

beard styles

Regular stubble

This style features beard around the cheeks and it looks very smart and sophisticated. It is easy to maintain and takes very less time to groom oneself.

Light beard without a moustache

This look gives you a clean and light look. This features beard around the chin area with no moustache and those kids who don’t like moustache can try this out.


Thick beard around the chin

This style is absolutely opposite to the light beard one and this is really very cool for teenagers these days. This features beard around the chin area and has tips of moustache connected.

Jawline beard

This style is for those teenagers whose beard has just started growing. This beard surrounds the jawline and covers less of the chin area. This looks cool and adorable.

Light spread stubble

If the beard growth is not that much then this will be the right choice for the teenagers. This style is all over the jaw and the moustache will be light and the maintenance is also very easy.

Small goatee with light shaded beard

Goatee has always been into demand and it really suits people with different face cuts. Grow a beard on the chin area and keep trimming that to give it a nice shape and hence you are ready for any occasion.

Rugged look

This look is rough and tough. It can be done only one has a proper growth of beard. This style features beard over the cheeks and chin side.

Clean stubble

This look is very simple and clean. Just keep trimming your beard. It is a professional look and maximum of the people do prefer this style.


Square beard

This style features that the beard will be in square shape. This is a new style which youngsters are possibly doing now a day’s.

Biker beard look

This look is just killing one. The hair is grown heavily on the chin area but is not too long, little-shaped beard on the jawline to make a face look balanced. This look gives a biker boy type feeling.

Asian beard

This type of beard features a well-groomed beard. This style goes with long beard and long hair as well. This looks sophisticated as well as stylish.

Viking beard

Vikings are those who were popular for their skills in the battlefield and their beards. If you want to keep your beard long and thick, this is the absolute style for you.

Thin beard

Those who have thin beard can let that be stubble and trim regularly for a cool and masculine look.

Patchy beard

Every man does not have the same hair growth so this style is for them who have less hair growth. This style features a very short beard for a smart and casual look.


Van dyke beard

Those who prefer something unique and different this style is for them. It features a moustache and goatee with clean-shaven cheeks.

Indian beard

Indian styles and fashions are diverse and so does their choice. This style goes with short and stubble beard. As Indian men have thick hair they can keep this style by trimming and making it look neat and giving a complimentary appearance.

Stubble beard

Those who are not comfortable with too many hairs on their face they can try this style out as it is practical both in length and style. This style is perfect for those who don’t like clean shave and full beard as well.

Grey beard

This beard is suitable for all men, just one have to maintain their look neat and polish. This beard should be slightly short and it will make one look mature and sophisticated.

Black men beard

People with dark skin are often confused about their hair and beard style so here you can try something which will define you thoroughly. Little longer and sharper beard will look nice on dark skin men but it also depends on the face cut.

Classic beard

This beard is neither too long nor too short it will be to the point. It doesn’t suit everyone. One who will be committed towards facial hair they should try this style.


Full beard

One must have patience to grow this beard and this type of beard goes with different face cuts. It will long and will be covering your cheeks and chin area totally. This type of hairstyle will look good with slightly long hair.

These are some of the beard styles which will look nice in teenagers. They can try these for enhancing their appearance and personality.

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