31 Unique Baby Shower Favours Your Friends Would Love


Some of the best baby shower favours ideas are body care, bath bombs, saplings, wine glasses, mason jars, authentic coffee, sweet treats, champagne bottles, customised candles, crystal dummies, pram keychain, funky glasses, rubber ducky, baby pins, crystal teddy, night lamps, tea infuser, flower essence, onesie cookies, scarves, perfumes, engraved spoons, hand towels, milk jars, baby bottles, coasters, bubble gum flavoured cigar, wooden printed magnets, Hershey’s kiss, baby block napkin holder and many more.

Baby showers involve a lot of efforts from the whole family and friends to make the event a big success. From deciding a theme, selecting a cake and choosing some unique baby shower favours to give away to your friends as a memoir. Baby shower favours are a big trend now days and are celebrated to seek blessings for the new life and also make every moment of the pregnancy enjoyable for the mother. Baby shower favours therefore must be something unique that sets you apart from the crowd and make your party an unforgettable experience for all. Here is a list of some of the most unique baby shower ideas for your party;

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31 Best Baby Shower Favours to Your Friends

baby shower favours

Body care

Who does not love a little pampering for them? Customize some amazing body scrubs and lotions from a good brand like body shop and make your guest experience a smooth skin just like a baby’s

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Bath bombs

Bath bombs are extremely popular in today’s scenario. A seed shaped bath bomb will not only make your baby shower favour look innovative but extremely useful for everyone to relax.


Small saplings wrapped in a jute bag can be yet another interesting gift for your guests. It would be symbolic to watch your child and his baby shower favour growing together and enjoying life.

Crystal wine glasses

Wine glasses with a pink or blue design are a good party favour. They will be useful for the guests and a forever reminder of the beautiful baby shower.

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Mason jars

One can never go wrong in a gift when the same is something edible. Give your gift an interesting turn by stuffing the brownies, cookies or cheesecake in a mason jar and present them to your friends representing the sweet beginnings to come by.

A bag of authentic coffee

Label your bag with the caption ‘a baby is brewing it’s a surprise’ and give a funny turn to your baby shower. Let the suspense grow and see excitement on all faces.


Sweet treats

Nothing appeals to anybody more than sweet treats as it revives their inner babies and makes them yearn for something creamy.

Champagne bottles

Champagnes are the best representations of celebrations and what bigger an occasion than the birth of your baby. Give these bottles to your friends and tell them to pop them when the baby pops to be a part of your happiness wherever they are.

Customised candles

Wax candles are always a classic baby shower favour. Pick up the shiniest and the glitteriest candle that is colour coordinated as a good party favour gift to your friends and family.

Crystal dummies

Crystal decoration items and show pieces are a good option to present as gifts that will enhance the beauty of their humble abode and make you forever memorable.

Pram charm keychain

You can always get personalized key chains for your guest in the shape of a baby pram that will be useful and a cute party favour.

Funky glasses

To depict the jolly personality of your family give a funky touch to your baby shower by adding fun glasses that read a girl or a boy respectively.


Rubber ducky

Who can say that they never had a rubber ducky? Bring back the childhood craziness and as your baby shower favour give rubber ducky with a pink or blue heart in between.

Baby pins

Colour coordinated baby pins can be an excellent option to give away as your baby shower favours which will be unique and different form others

Crystal teddy

If most of your friends also have children a crystal teddy bear will not only be a party favour from you but also a fun toy for the other children.

Night lamps

Authentic looking lamps can a good party favour you can never go wrong with. Wrap it in a fabric and present it to your friends and families.

A tea infuser

A baby themed tea infuser that matches with the theme of your party can be a good gifting option for your friends who start their mornings with a cup of tea.

Flower essences

Transport your friends to different places by gifting them a bag of flower essence to spread fragrance in their house. The lavender flower fragrance is a much sought after party favour option.


Onesie shaped cookies

Celebrate the arrival of your little baby by giving away cookies designed as onesies with a green and blue tie to enhance it.

Colourful scarves

If you are having a winter baby shower then colourful scarves that go along with your party’s theme is great party favour idea.


Perfumes are an always loved party favour. They can be used as a gender reveal by giving women perfume if it’s a girl and vice versa.

Engraved spoons

Engraved spoon with small readings can be gifted to your close friends as a good luck charm.

Hand towels

If you want to play safe, hand towels that follow a baby colour scheme can always be used to make your baby shower memorable.

Vintage milk jars

Printed milk jars are not only useful but also symbolic of the new life. Printed jars can be matched with the colour scheme of the party to make it more interesting.


Small baby bottles

Small baby bottles filled with sweet goodies is a great party favour idea you can rely on.


Coasters are found in every home and are used by everyone. To create a happy memory of your baby shower, give away printed coasters to your friends.

Bubble gum cigar favours

Wrap the box in a colour schemed idea to use your party favour as a gender reveal idea as well.

Baby foot shaped cookie cutter

What more unique than a foot shaped baby cutter to serve as a reminder of your party to your friends.

Personalized hershey’s kiss

A sweet and unique baby shower favour for your friends and family.

Wooden magnets

Wooden magnets will have a vintage look in itself and printed baby shower magnets can be hung on refrigerators and wardrobes around the house.


Baby block pattern napkin holder

Get your own customized block-shaped napkin holder for your guests that are both unique and useful for them.

Thus here was a list of some of the trendiest baby shower favours to make your party forever memorable.

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