13 Impressive Health Benefits of Mangosteen Juice


Mangosteen juice helps to control insulin levels and avoid diseases, boosts immune system, good for heart health, reduces depression and pain, improves healthy skin and digestion.

Mangosteen is a Southeast Asian tropical fruit, which is sweet and sour in taste. It has a deep purple coloured rind and a white pulp from the inside. The bark, twig and the juice of this fruit come packed with several benefits such as antioxidant properties and curing many diseases. Mangosteen juice is a widely available product of Mangosteen fruit. Xango juice is a popular form of Mangosteen juice in the market. The list of Mangosteen juice benefits is a long one. Therefore, drinking it can boost the dynamic health of the body. Mangosteen juice is best when it comes to reaping enriching benefits.

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13 Amazing Health Benefits of Mangosteen Juice
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13 Amazing Health Benefits of Mangosteen Juice

Mangosteen juice serves as a medicine for curing many ailments. It contains hydroxycitric acid and xanthones. [1] It serves as medicine for a very long time. Here are thirteen benefits of Mangosteen juice that will definitely intimidate you to include it in your diet.

A Hub of Nutrients

Mangosteen juice comes packed with nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin B9 (folate), vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), protein, fat, manganese, copper, magnesium and calories. [2] These nutrients are extremely important and beneficial for the body to function properly. Some of the functions include the production of DNA, healing the wound, strong immunity and muscle contraction.

Helps to Avoid Diseases

People use Mangosteen juice for diseases such as dysentery, urinary infections, diarrhoea, menstrual disorders, eczema and tuberculosis. [3] However, there is not much proof for the juice being effective in these cases; people still use it to avoid such problems.

Helps to Control Insulin Levels

The xanthone compounds present in xango juice help to control the insulin level in our blood. Various studies carried out in this matter have proved that people who took a regular consumption of Mangosteen juice had reduced sugar levels in the blood. This helps to control the risk of diabetes too.

A Source of Antioxidants

Xanthones are anti-oxidant in nature. Anti-oxidants are beneficial in curing chronic diseases. They have anti-ageing properties therefore; there is no doubt in Mangosteen juice being an important part of diet plans.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Mangosteen juice contains compounds which help to reduce inflammatory diseases in the body. It contains high fibre amounts that are mainly responsible for its anti-inflammatory nature.


Weight Loss Benefits

Research studies have shown that people who consumed Mangosteen juice had fewer weight problems than people who did not consume it. This makes Mangosteen juice popular in aiding weight loss. The people consuming Mangosteen juice tend to have a high metabolism. Thus, the chances of obesity in such people are very less.

Anticancer Effects

Again xanthones, the compound responsible for making Mangosteen juice so beneficial are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to fight cancer. They prevent the growth of cancerous cells largely.

Boosts Immune System

Mangosteen is rich in vitamin C and fibre. [2] Fibre promotes the growth of the good bacteria in the body, whereas, the immune cells of the body require vitamin C to function properly. Therefore for our body to function properly, Mangosteen juice should be included in our diet.

A Road to Healthy Skin

Mangosteen juice contains antioxidants which promote anti-ageing effects. It helps to battle the signs of skin cancer due to harmful sun rays. It is also known to cure acne.

Good for Heart Health

Mangosteen juice fights many heart diseases. It decreases the bad cholesterol levels and enhances the good cholesterol level in our body.

Reduces Depression

Studies show us that Mangosteen juice can help to reduce the chances of brain inflammation and reduce depression.


Helps in Digestion

Due to a high content of fibre in Mangosteen, it helps to regulate the digestion process and bowels.

Reduces Pain

Mangosteen also helps to reduce pain and inflammation in patients suffering from arthritis.

Preparing Mangosteen Juice

Separate the pulp from the Mangosteen rind. The rind is inedible, therefore should be discarded. Blend the pulp to make a juice out of it. You may add honey as per your choice as Mangosteen is a sweet and sour fruit with a delicious taste. You can also blend Mangosteen with other fruits such as orange and strawberry to make juice for extra benefits.

Mangosteen is currently under research programmes to understand its nature properly. The consumption required by a person differs in accordance with the age and other physical parameters of the body.


Side Effects of Mangosteen Juice

  • Although being packed with a huge amount of benefits, Mangosteen has some side effects associated with it.
  • In some individuals, it hampers the process of blood clotting thus leading to blood loss.
  • Its effect during breastfeeding and pregnancy is unknown, therefore avoid consuming food during such times.
  • If you are about to undergo any surgery, try your best in avoiding it as it may reduce the rate of the blood clotting process.
  • It may cause excess lactate to build up in the body due to the low pH level in bloodstream.
  • Some individuals may suffer from constipation, headache and indigestion due to Mangosteen juice consumption.
  • Mangosteen juice may lead to gastrointestinal issues. It may promote diarrhoea, gastric reflux and bloating.

Mangosteen contains various health benefits like antiageing, antiinflammatory, anti-cancer and antioxidant properties. The Mangosteen juice is also helpful to prepare delicious smoothies. It is believed that consuming Mangosteen juice can reduce the risk of many diseases. But there has not been proper research in the field of Mangosteen to understand its effects on the human body. The only research undergone is over animals such as mice. It is good to intake the juice, but do not forget the side effects related to the Mangosteen fruit.




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