15 Fun Places to See in Hong Kong Before Your Kid Turns 11


Hong Kong is definitely one of the most attractive and fascinating tourist spots in the world, and if you love travelling, a vacation to Hong Kong will certainly be an integral part of your bucket list! Officially known as the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, this place was formerly a colony of the British empire. From beautiful museums to mesmerizing art galleries, it is a package of your dream vacation. This is not it, you get to give your eyes a visual treat by the unparallel beauty of nature and thoroughly enjoy the tourist spots of the city. The city is extremely convenient and easy to navigate through, with some spots even within walking distance of each other. The public transport is also cheap and very easily available.

You will certainly be overwhelmed with the wide variety of options when looking for tourist attractions in Hong Kong. But at the same time if you have a small kid, you would obviously want to visit a place where your kid will have fun equally. Well, don’t worry! You will be happy to hear that there are a lot of places where your kids will enjoy to their heart’s content and even want to re-visit the places again. There are also, in certain places, programmes, especially designed for the kids. So here is a list of a few places that you have to visit before your kid turns 11!

15 Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Hong kong disneyland

It might be the smallest of disneylands, but which kid doesn’t love visiting disneyland? This place is in keeping with the culture of the area and even rides are sung and explained in english. You can buy its tickets online and even if you are on a short trip, visiting this place with your kids will definitely be worth it. Your kids will even get to dine with their favourite characters and trust me, they will not want to leave the place. So, do not ever miss this place if you are on a vacation to hong kong with your kids.

Dolphin watch

Hong kong is home to a group of very special, very rare residents – the indopacific humpback dolphin. The indopacific humpback dolphins can also be found in the indian ocean and western pacific, but what makes hong kong’s dolphins so special is that they are pink in colour! Yes, you heard it right! Your kids will definitely ne fascinated to see the beautiful dolphins come alive, straight out of their science books, and that too pink ones!

Hong kong museums

Hong Kong has innumerable museums which preserve the culture and attractions of history in vivid, yet interesting ways. This will be a great learning experience for your kid. The topics of the various museums encompasses varied things such as tea ware, horse racing, correctional facilities and movies. The Hong Kong Museum of History includes galleries on Folk Culture, the Opium Wars, and the Japanese Occupation. The Hong Kong Science Museum will also take your kid’s heart away into the evolution of technology in his or her own little ways.


Noah’s ark at ma wan park

Head to this place which is home to over 67 pairs of life-size wild or endangered animal sculptures. Your kids will surely be in awe with so many animal statues.

Jade market

Go treasure hunting with your kid to this place which is one if the best family places in hong kong.

Junk cruise

If you are in hong kong with your kids, you simply can’t miss out on this. They will certainly love jumping on a boat and heading out to sea. Both the duk ling and the aqua luna offer afternoon and evening harbour cruises, including ones that coincide with the symphony of lights light show at 8pm every night. The aqua luna also offers a 90-minute cruise over to stanley at the weekends.

Toy library at the hong kong central library

This place is best suited for your kids with it range of books for children. The four play corners in the toy library are certainly worth a visit with them.

Hiking with the dragon

Hiking is certainly one of the most desirable tourist attractions of hong kong and you will be surprised to know that around 38% of the land surrounding hong kong has been designated as country park. But, hiking on the dragon’s back is one of the best introductions here. This 2-hour hike is specially designed for kids. It is so easy that children aged 5 and up should be able to manage it, offering spectacular views of hong kong’s southside and ends on big wave bay beach.

Man mo temple

Take your kids to this beautiful place and make them make a wish and bang the drum in this place. This will surely make their hearts thinking about the significance of spirituality.


Ocean park

You simply cannot plan a vacation to hong kong without having the ocean park on your list! Before there were disneyland and rides for kids here, ocean park had been one of the most popular kids’ activities in hong kong for many years. It’s amusement park, zoo and aquarium will make your children drool over the place.

The peak

Located 428 metres above sea level, admiring the best views over the city from its viewing platform is something everybody craves for. Your own excitements about this place will know no bounds, leave alone your kids.

The big buddha

Visiting the tian tan buddha on lantau island always features on people’s hong kong bucket lists and is an easy place to visit in hong kong with kids. Kids will surely be fascinated by this magnificent beauty that they have never seen before.

Outlying islands

You cannot miss to visit this beautiful group of islands on the outskirts of the main city. The most popular island for a day trip if you are on a family vacation in hong kong is lamma island. Kids can learn all about living in a hong kong fishing village, including petting starfish and having a go at fishing.

Madame tussauds wax museum

Part of the renowned chain of wax museums founded by marie tussaud of france, the hong kong branch houses nearly 100 wax figures of internationally known personalities. Your kids will undoubtedly be excited to see and pose with their favourite ones!

Luk yu tea house on stanley street

What’s a visit to hong kong without sampling the most famous local cuisine – dim sum? This cantonese specialty consists of several traditional snack-type dishes, including steamed or fried dumplings, buns and pastries, all served in small bamboo steamers or plates. Take your kids to this amazing place that serves the best dim sums and they will fall in love for it!


Do not hesitate anymore then! Bon Voyage!