31 Best Xbox 360 Games for Kids


The impact of generation gap is best depicted in the lifestyle of kids today, and recreation and entertainment is certainly one very important thing that clearly points this out to the parents. No matter how difficult it is to accept, the recreation for kids these days are no more about climbing trees and playing hide and seek and goofing about in a cycle! With the advancement of technology, their way of being entertained too has changed and kids these days are very aware of what they want and what they don’t. Gone are those days when children would die to go to the park right at 5 o’clock in the evening to meet friends and play football, no matter how much the burden of homework would be. Kids’ entertainment and recreation today is all about playstation, video games, television, Xbox and youtube.

No matter how difficult it is for, you have to get up to date with your kids. For come on, you do not want to be backdated mommies and papas, do you? It is therefore extremely important that you remain up to date with these recreations for your kids and to make things easier for you, we have listed some of the best Xbox games for kids in this article.

Xbox 360: 31 Best Games for Kids

Best Xbox 360 Games for Kids

Lego harry potter

This game brings to world the two greatest fantasies of your kids, the characters if harry potter and the block-building lego. The appeal of this game definitely lies in its storyline and high-quality graphics. For sheer entertainment and time-pass, this game is hard to beat.


Although this seems to be an age-old concept, this newly designed game with matryoshka, the russian doll improves the child’s logical and reasoning abilities.

Puss in boots

Play with the characters from this movie and although there is a slight element of violence, the animated style in which the game has been designed will definitely appeal to children.


The slpatters

This beautiful puzzle game used to rule the gaming world before angry birds came into existence and are still popular among kids today.

Lego jurassic world

Build your own jurassic world with lego bricks and play on. The game features a number of unique dinosaur species including the ever-popular tyrannosaurus rex and the pteranodon.

Disney infinity

Your kids will love playing with characters from the marvel and star wars series and they will indeed have a fun time when all their toys come to life!


This game, with visually appealing graphics is very popular among kids, and helps in building their logic and reasoning.

Quantum conundrum

This physics-based puzzler that allows players to shift between dimensions using the laws of physics is played in the first person and encourages children to use logic and common sense.


Join your kids in their own adventure in the skylanders and encourage them in building their own perfect dream world.



Whether your child is 12 or 18, fifa will probably never be off their favourites. The engaging tournaments of football are sure to win their hearts.

Disneyland adventures

Your kids will be transported mentally to their favourite disneyland with this game. Just that there are themed games instead of the physical rides here!

Body and brain connection

This learning game helps establish a balance between the kids motor and actual actions by challenging them to solve mental puzzles involving action.


The famous game is now available in xbox and will surely entertain the kids in matching coloured gems and scoring tons of points.

Kinect sports

This cool xbox 360 game allows kids to choose from golf, darts, baseball, skiing, tennis and american football and they actually get to control the sport like in real life.

Need for speed

Most wanted: the ultimate car-racing game that would surely become every child’s favourite sooner or later and they will dream of possessing those cars in reality!



Your toddlers will have the time of their lives connecting and playing with animals straight out of their picture books in this virtual world.

Sesame street

Once upon a monster: your kids will enjoy solving the challenges in the game when there are their favourite tv show characters to guide them through.

Guitar hero live

This unique game of matching patterns is set from the perspective of a lead guitarist in a concert.

Sonic generations

The children will delve into sonic’s universe with their favorite characters and hidden treasures gradually being revealed throughout the game.

National geographic challenge

With over 5000 questions and 60 minutes of hd videos, this should be your game if you are looking for a high-quality educational one.


The game allows players to create portals that they can enter and exit from. Players have control over portal placement, their velocity and angle of entry, thus encouraging spatial cognition skills as well as creative thinking.


Grid autosport

This car-racing game which emphasizes the concept of racing disciplines is sure to win your kid’s hearts and become the most played game very soon!

Rabbids invasion

Have fun with over 40 challenges, score points and get hilarious reward. Live the tv show like never before.

Grand theft auto

The ultimate adventurous game, that your kid will want to play even when he grows up, surely is one of the best xbox 360 games for children.

Dinner dash

Build your own restaurant, serve customers and become the greatest entrepreneur in town. This game will teach your kids time management and rapidness.

Minecraft story mode

This epic video game by markus persson is an episodic comedy-drama with a focus on interaction. The kids will love this.

Lego batman

This game will again combine the magical world of batman with the brick building game of lego and the kids will surely enjoy it.


Plants vs. Zombies

Garden warfare: this duel between the plants and the zombies will develop in the kids a healthy yet competitive attitude that will ultimately prove to be helpful.

Dance central

Your kids are going to love this game in which points are earned by accurately dancing to the dance moves which are detected by the xbox.

Kinect rush

Here, the players are taken through the world of pixar movies to discover hidden secrets and solve puzzles using their arms, legs and wits. It is a fun game for sure.

Zoo tycoon

This incredible game of building a zoo, taking care of animals and entertaining the guests at the same time will make your kid a multi-tasker for sure!

So, hurry up! Choose from this list and surprise your kids right today. Happy Gaming!