11 Benefits and Uses of Jasmine Essential Oil


Jasmine essential oil is derived from a white color plant called jasmine which is believed to be originated in Iran. Jasmine has been used widely in perfumes for years; its sweet and romantic fragrance attracts consumers. Aromatherapy have seen curing depression, postpartum pregnancy and menopause symptoms, fighting infections, boosting immunity, etc. You can use jasmine essential oil by inhaling it, applying it diluted on your skin or diffusing it. In this article, you will learn about the benefits of introducing jasmine essential oil into your life.

jasmine essential oil


Several studies have concluded that the jasmine essential oil acts as a mood-uplifting tool and can help people suffering from depression or anxiety. It helps reduce stress and relieves people by making them feel more positive and energetic. Mainly aromatherapy has been reported to improve the symptoms of depression and anxiety; this method of obtaining relief has been used over centuries in Asian countries.


Jasmine essential oils can also be used as a sedative; they help calm the mind and relieve stress. It helps you to sleep better. The sedative effects of jasmine tea odor were studied in 2005, which indicated that even low intensity of jasmine tea odor had shown soothing effects in the body.


People who have insomnia reported feeling better after using jasmine essential oil. The use of jasmine oil also releases a chemical in the brain called GABA which relaxes the brain and relieves stress which helps you sleep more effectively. This research conducted by Dr. Bryan Raudenbush in 2020 examined the sleep pattern of 20 individuals over three nights after the use of aromatherapy. It concluded that people slept more easily at night, woke up feeling very relaxed, and were alert throughout the day after using jasmine essential oils.

Increase Arousal

Using jasmine essential oil has increased blood pressure, oxygen saturation rate and breathing rate, which has resulted in increased behavioral arousal. People have reported feeling more alert and aroused after using jasmine essential oil.



Jasmine essential oil can be seen as a skincare agent for ages. The antiseptic property of jasmine oil can help cure a lot of skin problems such as acne and psoriasis. It also helps moisturize and hydrate your skin; hence if you have dry skin using jasmine essential oil is the best option for you. It is also very appropriate for you if you have sensitive skin and it can also help cure minor injuries such as scratches. Jasmine essential oil is also used as an anti-aging product as it is good for wrinkle-free skin.

Boosts Concentration

If you have an important test and are finding it difficult to concentrate, using jasmine essential oil is the best option. You can apply it by diffusing it in your room, adding it to your bath water or applying it gently on your skin. Jasmine oil helps in increasing your body’s arousal and relieve stress. People have reported waking up more attentively and being more alert throughout the day after using jasmine oil.

Stimulates Sexual Desires

Aromatherapy has been used since ancient times as it helps increase libido and improve sexual desires. Essential oils also play a role in helping men in supporting premature ejaculation and enhance their sexual activity. The smell of essential oils such as jasmine helps stimulate the pituitary gland, which awakens sexual desires. Using jasmine essential oil in your relationship will help make you feel more confident, experience self-love and connect more emotionally through the process.

Reduces Coughing and Prevents Coughing

The effect of jasmine essential oil can help loosen the phlegm that, prevents clogging, and helps with coughs and colds; it also clears out the nasal and respiratory tract, which reduces snoring. If you diffuse the jasmine essential oil throughout the night, you will undoubtedly experience uninterrupted sleep.


jasmine essential oil contains antibacterial properties that help fight infections and protect you from allergies. Jasmine essential can also help treat minor injuries such as a scratch; you can dilute it and apply it gently to your skin.

Improve Immunity and Fight Infections

Jasmine essential oil helps fight harmful bacteria, boosts immunity, and prevents sickness, viral infections and fungus. It also helps clear your nasal passage and respiratory tract by inhaling or diffusing jasmine essential oil in your room.


Benefits Women’s Health

Jasmine essential oil has been seen to help ease the process of childbirth by strengthening contractions and shortening the duration with also decreasing the amount of pain. Many women suffer from anxiety and depression after giving birth, and using jasmine essential oil can help uplift the mood and improve the symptoms of depression and anxiety. It also helps deal with postpartum pregnancy by decreasing the sign of stretch marks and low body energy and increasing breast milk production. Aromatherapy can also help with menopause symptoms such as depression, anxiety and hot flashes.