21 Amazing Benefits of Hot Yoga for Women


Now, one may wonder what’s the difference between Hot Yoga and conventional yoga! Well, the difference lies in the environment. A Hot Yoga class is conducted in a heated room, where the temperature lies somewhere between 90-120 degree. A lot of people prefer a Hot Yoga session over the other normal forms of yoga. But what are the associated benefits with Hot Yoga? This article provides you with just the same. Listed below are 21 benefits of Hot Yoga for women. These are as follows:

Hot Yoga for Women: 21 Health Benefits


hot yoga for women

Heat and muscles

When the muscles are warm, they are less likely to become strained. The high temperatures thus enable the body to be more flexible. This is why all exercises first call for a warm up.


We use diaphragmatic breathing during a yoga practice, which links the body’s movement with the breath. This increases the body’s supply of oxygen and oxygenates the tissues.


Sweating flushes toxins and impurities from the body. But heavy sweating can dehydrate your body if you do not drink sufficient water.

Burns calories

Hot yoga is known to burn calories and warms the muscles which helps in burning fat easily. Hence, if you are looking to lose weight, hot yoga is the best thing for you.


Sweat out the toxic acidity

Emotional stress, pollution, tobacco, alcohol, drugs and a poor acidic diet all result in toxic acidity in the body which not only dehydrates the body but also causes our skin to age quicker, but all of this can be sweated out in a Hot Yoga class.

Blood flow

The blood circulation during sweating subsequently increases which helps in sweating any dirt resting on the surface layers of the skin. Also, as you sweat, your skin pores open up and flush out ammonia, urea, water, sugar, salt and minerals from the body.


When you make different postures during Hot Yoga, you push out the detoxifying affects your body has gained at the time of sweating. This further creates a healing process in the body.

Nervous system

Hot Yoga contributes excessively in your emotional well-being by harmonising the nervous and endocrine, or hormonal systems.

Mental strength

Regular Hot Yoga classes can help to calm the mind and increase mental clarity. For this, you need intense focus and concentration. This will also help in lowering the cortisol levels and reduce stress.


Hot Yoga has also proven to be of help for people who have been suffering from insomnia or depression by making you feel calm and concentrated. This usually happens because of lack of exercise and imbalances in your body’s chemistry which is improved by Hot Yoga.



Hot Yoga allows your muscles to expand and contract to a much greater extent because of the external heat of the class, as compared to other forms of yoga. This is thus recommended as the best practice for athletes, dancers, trainers or anyone else who wants to improve his/her flexibility.

Heart Health

Hot Yoga reduces the risk of high blood pressure which is linked with heart disease. The heated environment is thus helpful in reducing risk of hypertension.

Glowing skin

Hot Yoga results in more oxygen coming in contact with the skin, thus giving your skin a natural glow. It increases the circulation of your body comparatively more than that by yoga in normal room temperature.

Low impact

Hot Yoga is a low impact workout that strengthens your body so that you ca be active and strong at the same time. Thus, instead of making you feel sore, this low impact workout makes you feel strong.

Full Body Workout

If you are someone who wants the most value out of every workout, Hot Yoga is perfect for you. After the class, it makes you feel like your whole body has been worked on.

Improves focus

The more regular you are, more beneficial it proves to be. After some time, you eventually develop tremendous determination and focus and this is reflected in to your daily life.


Promotes healing

The postures you make can help you to heal old injuries or prevent them from occurring in future. In case you are suffering from excessive back pain, Hot Yoga may prove to be of help to you.

Improves strength

When you hold your poses for a long period of time during Hot Yoga, the muscles associated with the postures are strengthened. Thereby, this provides you with a full body strength.

Relaxed body

The heavy sweating during Hot Yoga will allow you to reach a new level of relaxation. Though, many people may not believe it but you feel comparatively more relaxed after a Hot Yoga class than that after conventional yoga.

More Challenging

We all know how challenging Hot Yoga can be. So, there is nothing to be surprised if you find something that is almost next to impossible in a Hot Yoga class.

Better Life

The main purpose of yoga is to provide you with a better and healthy lifestyle. While performing Hot Yoga, you are not only learning about your body but also about your mind and soul as a whole.

These were some of the main benefits of Hot Yoga. Though, you may find it a bit difficult initially, but eventually your body gets used to it.