How To Glam Up With Your Daughter?


Having a teenage daughter could be a bit of a challenge, because they are growing up very fast. They are also very selective on what activities they choose to do with you.

One such activity that you could use, is to try out makeup with your daughter. This could be a bit tricky because your daughter may be a bit apprehensive at first. You’ll need a plan to do it right. Here are some tips on how to glam up with your daughter.

how to glam up with your daughter


Make These Activities Enticing

If you are going to try out makeup with your daughter, it is important that you make these activities exciting. Remember that your daughter is a teenager now,  and she has a life of her own. She has her own schedule, her own activities that she would want to focus on.  

If she is going to spend the day with you trying on makeup, you should make it as fun as possible. Make an activity out of it. Buy some snacks, watch a movie, or cook a nice dinner for the both of you. 


You could even make some health shakes that you could share during every makeup session. If you want to make a large batch of health shakes, you could store them in plastic containers for future use.If you want quality plastic containers, it is a good idea to invest in packaging pouches manufacturer Logospack.  The company specializes in creating very efficient plastic containers, and could sell them to you at a very affordable rate

Remember that aside from teaching your daughter how to use makeup, you could use this time to bond and know more about each other. 

Teenage girls often become less close with their parents, so having a weekly routine where you get to spend time with one another is a good thing.

Get Her Started Properly

Remember that your daughter is just starting to use makeup. This means she wants to try out every makeup she could get her hands on. However, not all makeup is created equal. There are some that are of the best quality, while there are some that are very subpar. 

When it comes to using makeup, it is important that you teach your daughter proper skincare first. Remember that makeup is meant to amplify and hide blemishes. However, if you want to make your skin truly beautiful, proper skincare is key. As a rule, you should teach your daughter how to properly moisturize her skin. You should also use various creams that will help brighten dark spots. Skincare could get a bit expensive if you buy them piecemeal. It would be better if you buy them in bulk, and store them in flexible plastic containers.

Invest In Safe Makeup

Aside from getting quality makeup, it is also  key that you invest in safe makeup as well. Before you invest any money on your makeup kits, it is very important that you invest in safe makeup. Remember that you will act as your daughter’s guide into the world of makeup. 


As a rule, it is important that you do your research first, Don’t use makeup with bad reviews. It might be tempting to buy cheap makeup, however, you should remember that you and your daughter will be putting the product on your faces. If you don’t invest in good quality makeup, you might get infections or allergic reactions later on.

This is especially true, if you are ordering your makeup online. Make sure that the companies that you are buying from are legitimate. They should also have affiliations with FBABEE. Any company that works with FBABEE, is top quality Amazon shipping from China and delivers your products as promptly as possible.

Invest In Artificial Eyelashes

If your daughter wants to make her eyes look great, you should teach her how to use artificial lashes. While she could curl her own eyelashes, it would usually take a bit of time and skill to learn. By using artificial eyelashes, you and your daughter could just put them on very easily.

Just be careful about what types of artificial lashes that you use. Remember that artificial lashes are going to be put directly on the eyelashes. This means the lashes should be as safe as possible. If you are going to invest in artificial lashes, you should try starseed lashes. These types of lashes are some of the best in the world, and are both safe and very easy to use.

With extensions, the hardest part is the first 48 hours after applying them, as she must avoid taking a shower or deep washing her eyes. After that, it requires low maintenance. Natural looking lashes last up to 10-15 days, make sure you brush and wash them with light cleansers regularly.

Make These Sessions A Regular Thing

If you want to form a strong bond with your daughter, it is important that you make these activities a regular thing. This will make the sessions a part of your weekly activities. 


It is a great idea to set a specific time for every week. That way, should you or your daughter need to do something else, you could just reschedule your sessions.

Don’t Be Too Pushy

While your makeup sessions should be a part of weekly activities with your daughter, this does not mean that you should have your make up sessions with her all the time. There will be times where she won’t want to hang out with you, and that is normal. Teenage girls will always want to spend time with their friends, so you should let her make plans that don’t don’t involve you.

Let Your Daughter Choose Her Own Style

While your daughter should look to your guidance, this does not mean she should limit her style. Remember that your daughter is just starting to come up with her own style. 

This means that she should not be afraid to try out new kinds of styles. You  are having these sessions to teach your daughter how to properly put on makeup, so you should let her experiment.


If you are planning on trying on new makeup with your daughter, you should have a plan. Remember that she may be a bit apprehensive about hanging out with mom. With these tips, you’ll be able to glam up with your daughter.